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Getting started resources

Set your campaigns up
for success.

Visit our resources library for Quora Ads tips, guides, and best practices.

Campaign Best Practices

Learn about the Quora Ads campaign structure and optimizing your ads for the best results.

Video Ads Best Practices

Leverage visual tips and real client references to create effective Quora video ads.

Promoted Answers Playbook

Use these tips to write Promoted Answers that resonate with our audience and deliver results. 

Quora Ads Success Checklist

Ensure your campaigns are optimized for scale, measurement, and long-term success.

Quora Ads targeting

Quora Ads offers a variety of targeting options, giving brands the ability to connect with customers in the right place at the right time.

contextual targeting

Topic Targeting: Position ads alongside questions and feeds tagged with specific topics.

Keyword Targeting: Deliver ads next to questions that include your keywords.

Question Targeting: Place ads on specific questions and serve tailored messages to a hyper-targeted audience.

contextual targeting Website Traffic Targeting: Reconnect with customers who visit Quora after visiting your website.

List Match Targeting: Make the most from your email list; target leads, exclude existing customers, or build Lookalikes.

Lookalike Targeting: Scale your existing audiences by finding users similar to your website visitors or email lists.

contextual targeting  

Interest Targeting: Deliver ads to users who engaged with specific content on Quora.

Keyword History Targeting: Send your message to users who read questions with your specified keywords.

Question History Targeting: “Follow up” with potential customers by delivering ads to users who read specific questions about your products, industry, or competitors.

Answer History Targeting: Retarget users who have read your Promoted Answers—or any other answers on Quora—so you can return to this audience with a strong follow-up message to deepen engagement or drive conversions.

contextual targeting  

Broad Targeting: Deliver ads to the largest possible audience on Quora.

Auto-targeting: Quora’s machine learning system will automatically determine the best targeting configuration to optimize for efficiency and performance over time.

Determine your objective

Strategize based on

There is no “one-size fits all” strategy with Quora Ads. Mix and match targeting strategies to acheive your goals.

Build brand awareness

Connect with users based on what they’ve engaged with using Website Traffic Targeting, Interest Targeting, and Question History Targeting.

Drive traffic

Reach larger audiences with Broad Targeting, Interest Targeting, and Topic Targeting.

Boost conversions

Target users actively conducting research with Topic Targeting, Keyword Targeting, and Question Targeting.

Marketing on Quora Playbook iPad Cover

Playbook: Marketing on Quora

Unlock the power of Quora’s leaned-in, curious audience. This comprehensive playbook equips you with the strategies and best practices to drive impactful marketing campaigns on Quora. With actionable tips and real-world examples, you’ll come away with the knowledge to craft campaigns that captivate Quora’s audience and propel your marketing objectives forward.

Quora Ads Formats

Communicate your story the way it was intended with Quora’s range of advertising formats.


Bring your brand’s story to life: Captivate a high-intent audience with sight and sound.

Getting started is simple: Easily repurpose existing video content to launch brand awareness campaigns and/or double-down on performance efforts.

contextual targeting   Make a First Impression: Image Ads make your brand visually stand out on Quora’s text-based platform. Build Recognition: Combine your business’s colors, imagery, and messaging for a cohesive brand experience customers will remember.
contextual targeting   Native & Noticeable: Promote your message in organic Quora conversations with minimal disruption to the user experience. Launch in Minutes: Text ads only require copy and a landing page, giving you more time to optimize your campaigns.
contextual targeting  

Topic Targeting: Supercharge your Stories: Pair Quora answers with Quora Ads’ targeting suite for targeted distribution.

Amplify Existing Content: Repurpose your blog and website’s content as Quora answers to extend their mileage.

Build Thought Leadership: Gain authority and establish trust by showcasing your brand’s industry expertise on Quora.

contextual targeting  

Leaned-in Leads: Connect with customers the moment they’re researching solutions and capture their intent directly on Quora.

Capture On-site: Native Lead Gen Forms let customers securely share their information without ever leaving Quora. Less friction, more leads.

Access Leads with Ease: Download lead lists from the Ads Manager or through our Zapier integration.

Ad best practices

Quora Ads Best Practices

Your ads can tell your brand’s story and drive impact on your business. Discover how you can leverage Quora to promote your business by visiting the Quora Creative Best Practices guide.

Learn how to utilize Quora Ads to inspire loyalty, create a following, and generate revenue.

Measuring performance

The Quora Pixel

Create, measure, optimize, and re-engage your audience with the Quora Pixel.

The Quora Pixel delivers insights that help you optimize your campaigns’ performance to reach your goals. Measure conversions, build Website Traffic Audiences, and more by installing the Quora Pixel today.

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