Promoted Answers

Make your content work for you with Promoted Answers

Convey your message in a native and engaging format exclusive to Quora.

What are Promoted Answers?

Promoted Answers take your Quora answers to the next level by pairing them with Quora Ads’ targeting suite for targeted distribution.

Promoted Answers Benefits

Go beyond traditional character counts.

Promoted Answers can drive results long after they’re written, allowing you to get more out of answers written today.

Thought leadership

Have a voice in questions being asked about your industry or products.

Evergreen Answers

Content on Quora delivers leads and drives influence for the long term.

Amplify Existing Content

Use content from your blog or website to answer questions on Quora.

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Success Story

Rev acquires new customers with Quora Ads

After adopting Promoted Answers, Rev acquired higher quality leads at lower costs.

Rev builds platforms for transcription, video captioning, foreign subtitles, and document translation. When it comes to Quora, the team’s goal was to prospect potential customers. Their team realized Quorans have intent when researching products and services, so they Promoted Answers to ensure their messages were delivered in a native format.


Increase in traffic

Traffic quality, sessions, and page views from Quora were higher than other channels.

Quora Internal Data


Lower cost

Customer acquistion costs (CAC) decreased 31% after adopting Promoted Answers.

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