Targeting types

Reach your target audience when they are the most receptive on Quora.

Put your brand in front of millions of people who visit Quora every month looking for solutions.

Quora Ads targeting

Quora Ads offers a variety of targeting options, giving brands the ability to connect with customers in the right place at the right time.

contextual targeting

Topic Targeting: Position ads alongside questions and feeds tagged with specific topics.

Keyword Targeting: Deliver ads next to questions that include your keywords.

Question Targeting: Place ads on specific questions and serve tailored messages to a hyper-targeted audience.

contextual targeting Website Traffic Targeting: Reconnect with customers who visit Quora after visiting your website.

List Match Targeting: Make the most from your email list; target leads, exclude existing customers, or build Lookalikes.

Lookalike Targeting: Scale your existing audiences by finding users similar to your website visitors or email lists.

contextual targeting  

Interest Targeting: Deliver ads to users who engaged with specific content on Quora.

Keyword History Targeting: Send your message to users who read questions with your specified keywords.

Question History Targeting: Follow up with potential customers by delivering ads to users who read specific questions about your products, industry, or competitors.

Answer History Targeting: Retarget users who have read your Promoted Answers—or any other answers on Quora—so you can return to this audience with a strong follow-up message to deepen engagement or drive conversions.

contextual targeting  

Broad Targeting: Deliver ads to the largest possible audience on Quora.

Auto-targeting: Quora’s machine learning system will automatically determine the best targeting configuration to optimize for efficiency and performance over time.


Which targeting type should you choose?

There is no “one-size fits all” targeting strategy with Quora Ads. Mix and match targeting strategies to acheive your business goals.

Build brand

Build brand awareness, credibility, and trust by becoming an industry thought leader.

Drive traffic

Drive traffic to your website, promote marketing content, and increase conversions.

Boost conversions

Influence high-intent prospects searching for solution during their consideration phase.

Build brand awareness

If your goal is to build brand awareness:

Quora is a great way to establish connections with customers and build strong, long-term relationships.

Website traffic targeting allows you to deliver ads to users who visited all, or specific, pages on your website.

Interest targeting helps you retarget users who engaged with specific Quora topics.

With Question History targeting and Keyword History targeting, you can display ads to users who previously read high-intent content on Quora.

Drive traffic

If your goal is to drive traffic:

Boost traffic to a specific website and motivate visitors to take action once they are there.

Broad targeting delivers ads across Quora and gives you the most reach.

Topic targeting balances broad scale and reach while maintaining contextual relevance.

Interest targeting reaches a wide audience by delivering ads to people interested in specific topics.
Boost conversions

If your goal is to boost conversions:

Create highly-relevant advertising tailored to attract and convert high-intent audiences on Quora.

Question targeting allows you to deliver hyper-targeted messages to users researching specific Quora questions.

Keyword targeting can be used to target questions in bulk based on keywords used in the questions.

Topic targeting is a good indicator of relevancy and intent of users across Quora, so it can add additional volume.

By creating a Lookalike Audience from a List Match Audience from a List Match Audience, you can scale campaigns to include users who are similar to your customers, leads, or subscribers.

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