Brand Safety on Quora

Our brand safety measures build upon the foundation laid by Quora’s Policies to promote a safe advertising experience for users and brands.

We understand brand safety is an important consideration when using a marketing channel. By building a knowledge-first platform, Quora has grown to 400+ million users within an inclusive platform known for providing high-value content. As a business, this means your message will be displayed along with the best content on Quora.

Community norms:

We have strong community norms on Quora to ensure the highest quality standards. Our Platform Policies helps suppress the efforts of bad actors on the site.

Internal Moderation Processes:

We have several human-led and automated processes in place to ensure that low-quality or disrespectful content isn’t shown to users on Quora

Prohibited Content:

We do not display ads on content that would classify as Prohibited Content.

Product Mechanisms:

Users can report low-quality content on the site, which gets reviewed by our moderation team. Our in-product voting mechanisms also help to ensure that the best answers rank highly on question pages. This makes it more likely that your ad will appear next to high-quality content.

Profile Name Policy:

Quora users can choose to use their real names or pseudonyms. However, names that are explicit, adult-oriented, abusive, obscene, or impersonated are not permitted.

Comments on Ads:

Users cannot comment on Text and Image Ads. Businesses using Promoted Answers can choose to disable comments from their answers.

Advertising Features:

We offer location, question, and audience exclusion targeting to prevent your brand message from appearing next to particular locations, questions, and audiences.

Topics Eligible for Ads:

Questions are organized by topics on Quora. Topics that are controversial or fall under Prohibited Content are not eligible for ads to ensure your brand messages only appear next to the highest quality content.

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