Boost conversions

Target, inform, and convert leads without leaving Quora

Influence high-intent prospects searching for solutions during their consideration phase.

Become the solution to your customers’ questions.

Provide direct answers to anyone asking about your business, products, or services to acquire cost-effective leads researching your industry.
Get people to take action

Engage an invaluable audience.

Quora ads allow businesses to connect during the research and consideration phase of the buyer’s journey and influence future decisions.

Quora’s users are informed decision makers looking for information. Prime customers with a Quora answer, deliver relevant ads besides content they’re reading, or capture their intent on the spot with Quora’s Lead Gen Forms.



Find shopping enthusiasts who find products, follow brands, discuss products, and purchase products online.


Quora users

Two thirds of Quora users use the internet to research products and brands.


More likely to be a stakeholder

Place ads in front of key buyers. Quora users are 34% more likely to be senior decision makers at work.


More likely to oversee purchases

Quora users are 49% more likely to oversee IT, telecom, & technology business purchases.

Your time to shine

Establish a reputation for expertise.

Build authority and trust by providing unique answers to questions about your industry.

With the “Quora flywheel effect,” quality answers receive more engagement and higher distribution. Leverage content you already have to impart your brand’s knowledge to an audience of knowledge-seekers.

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The perfect balance

Deliver your message in a premium environment.

Quora’s top priority is quality content and user trust, so you’ll only appear alongside content that meets that high bar and aligns with your brand.

Since Quora’s early days, we’ve set mechanisms in place to ensure the platform feels safe and inclusive for all members. Even as we have grown to a community of more than 300 million monthly visitors, our systems ensure quality doesn’t degrade with scale. As a business, this means you can be confident that your message will only appear next to the highest quality content on Quora.

Quora is one of our highest-quality channels. Organic traffic coming from Quora has the highest visit-to-subscription conversion rate of any of our acquisition channels, and leads from Quora ads convert at 4-5x our other social channels.

Saranya Babu

Vice President of Marketing

Make it count

Measurable outcomes.

Quora Ads makes it easy to measure the ROI of your campaigns. Track conversions in the Ads Manager through the Quora Pixel, or measure performance with one of our third-party partners.
We understand data is key to determining the return on your ad spend. Whether you are measuring on-site conversions or app installs, you can find a reporting solution that suites your business. Install the Quora Pixel for convenient conversion tracking, or integrate with one of our industry-leading partners for additional performance tracking.
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