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As India’s Independence Day approaches, Quora becomes a hub of enthusiastic discussions, reflections, and celebrations. With topics ranging from the nation’s rich history to engaging in current affairs and the excitement of Independence Day sales, Quora users actively participate in conversations that highlight the significance of this momentous day. In this blog, we explore the trending topics, hot questions, and audience insights surrounding India’s Independence Day.

Trending topics on Quora around Independence Day

The passion for learning and sharing knowledge about the country’s past is evident through the engagement on these topics.

History of India


Independence Day (India)


Curiosity about India’s history and roots

As Independence Day nears, users on Quora seek to understand the significance of this special day and the events that led to India’s independence. Questions about how India gained its independence, interesting facts about the freedom struggle, and the major events of the Independence Movement are frequently asked.

Participating in the celebration

Quora users eagerly anticipate participating in Independence Day celebrations across the country. They explore unique ways cities celebrate the day without fireworks, seek recommendations on witnessing live celebrations, and ponder how they can contribute to their country’s betterment while celebrating. The discussion also extends to celebrating Independence Day in the workplace, fostering a sense of patriotism among employees.

High purchase intent during Independence Day

In addition to cultural and historical discussions, Quora users exhibit strong purchase intent during Independence Day, especially regarding online sales and deals. According to a recent GWI survey of participating Quora users in India, 61% of respondents prefer waiting for products to go on sale, making Independence Day sales a highly anticipated event. Brands can leverage this consumer behavior and engage with their target audience through Quora Ads, tapping into the excitement and curiosity surrounding this special occasion.

Trending questions about Independence Day sales on Quora

The enthusiasm for shopping during Independence Day is evident in the popularity of questions related to online sales and deals. Users seek information about electronic sales, and the best deals on e-commerce platforms.

Connect with a passionate audience on Quora this Independence Day

Based on the GWI Core survey, Quora users in India exhibit strong online shopping behavior, with a significant percentage shopping or browsing for products online in the last week. Additionally, they are responsive to advertisements on social networks and websites, indicating a receptive audience for brands looking to make an impact during this festive period.

In the last week…


shopped or browsed for products online


 watched a product review video


clicked on a promoted post on a social network


clicked on an online ad on a website

Quora users embrace India’s Independence Day with passion and curiosity, engaging in diverse discussions about the nation’s history, celebrations, and current affairs. This dynamic platform offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with a highly enthusiastic audience through Quora Ads, tapping into heightened purchase intent during Independence Day sales. As the nation celebrates its freedom and unity, Quora serves as a virtual stage for knowledge sharing, appreciation of heritage, and a reminder of the continued journey towards progress and prosperity.


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