Ad Format

Video Ads

Stand out on a text-based platform and captivate your audience with sight and sound.

Video Ads Specs

Bring your brand to life

Launch brand awareness campaigns and/or double-down on performance efforts.


3-60 seconds

Film Format


Aspect Ratio



1280 x 720 pixels

Call to Action

Choose from 16 available CTAs

Come join brands telling their story with video!

Unique ad types like Promoted Answers drive traffic and boost conversions for marketing campaigns and now with video, brands can more effectively tell their story.

We have always had more video assets than static ones, and Quora supporting video ads helps us showcase our Brand Videos.

Swapnil Kumar

Associate Manager – Performance & Brand Marketing

Benefits of Video Ads

How video magnifies your marketing

Set your story in motion with video campaigns that build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and connect with high-intent customers.

Bring your brand’s story to life

Express yourself while increasing understanding of your products and services

Getting started is simple

Easily repurpose existing video content you’re already running on other platforms

Some stories are best told through video

Entertainment, travel, automotive, and CPG brands shine on this immersive medium

Video is how your customers want to engage with you

88% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2022.

See our Video Ads announcement

Read the Video Ads Overview and Spec List

Quora Video Ads Best Practices

Define your objective

Your video content will vary depending on if you’re targeting users in the awareness, consideration, or conversion stages.

Open with a bang

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, so it’s crucial to make the first few seconds count.

Place your brand at the center

Have your logo visible within the video and repeat your name multiple times throughout the ad to improve brand recall.

Caption your content

Captions are not required, but we recommend them to improve accessibility and ensure your video makes sense without audio.

Show, don’t tell

You’re using video for a reason. Let users experience your brand first-hand and limit text to the most powerful moments.

Inspire action

Compel users to take the next step by choosing from 16 different calls-to-action available on Quora.

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