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A successful campaign on Quora needs the right targeting paired with the right ad creative. In order to help improve your campaign’s performance, here are a few best practices when it comes to creating your Text, Image, Video, Promoted Answer, and Lead Gen Ad campaigns.

Text Ads Best Practices

  • Use 40-60 characters of the allowed headline character count.
  • Test statement and question headlines. Questions are native to Quora and tend to drive higher CTRs.
  • Use 80+ characters of the allowed body sentence character count. Capitalize on your audience’s pain points when you tailor the message. Adjust your message according to where users are in your funnel.
  • Test different CTAs but make it clear what users can expect when they visit your website.
  • Avoid title casing, uncommon abbreviations, and grammatically incorrect sentences.

Image Ads Best Practices

Refer to the Text Ad best practices in addition to the following.

  • Incorporate branding. Consistent brand colors, logos, product shots, and key messaging are more memorable for users.
  • Adopt ad to landing page congruence. Repeated imagery throughout a funnel builds user trust in your brand, reduces friction, and subconsciously reminds the user about the ad-to-site connection.
  • Test 3-4 images per ad set. See more efficient costs and better performance.
  • A/B test different images with different headlines. As you test, you will find which creative elements perform best.
  • Make sure your message makes sense without the image. Certain placements are text-only, so Image Ads that win these placements will automatically convert to Text Ads.

Video Ads Best Practices

  • Define your objective. Your video content will vary depending on if you’re targeting users in the awareness, consideration, or conversion stages.
  • Open with a bang. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, so it’s crucial to make the first few seconds count.
  • Place your brand at the center. Have your logo visible within the video and repeat your name multiple times throughout the ad to improve brand recall.
  • Caption your content. Captions are not required, but we recommend them to improve accessibility and ensure your video makes sense without audio.
  • Show, don’t tell. You’re using video for a reason. Let users experience your brand first-hand and limit text to the most powerful moments.
  • Inspire action.Compel users to take the next step by choosing from 16 different calls-to-action available on Quora.

Promoted Answers Best Practices

  • Quora users respond best to authentic answers. Avoid misinterpreting the question, rephrasing the question, or mentioning your brand when it isn’t relevant.
  • Good answers have general facts and insights that are considerate of cases with different conditions (e.g. “If you’re tall, I recommend X; if you’re short I recommend Y”).
  • Hyperlink only when it’s relevant. Less is more, so only use hyperlinks if they provide additional information or if they’re relevant to the question.
  • Add UTMs to hyperlinks if you include a link to your website or blog. Having UTMs will provide additional engagement metrics.
  • Have well-formatted answers. Avoid excessive formatting such as spaces, paragraph breaks, boldface, italics, etc.

Lead Gen Form Best Practices

  • Refer to the Text Ad, Image Ad, and Promoted Answer best practices in addition to the following.
  • Have a clear value proposition. Your ad creative and form headline should inform users why they should share their information with you and what they would get out of it.
  • Start your test with the absolute minimum set of fields needed and continue to add as you test. More fields increases friction for users, which could result in lower volume but higher lead quality.
  • Set clear expectations. Your confirmation message must tell users what they can expect next and how their information will be used.
  • Compare and test. Run a comparison test with a non-lead gen campaign to learn which campaign objective best works for your goals.
  • Test and optimize your Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, and Promoted Answers.

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