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Promote your message in organic Quora conversations with minimal disruption to the user experience.
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Text ad specs

Text ads only require copy and a landing page, giving you more time to optimize your campaigns.

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How to create a text ad

Creating a text ad on Quora is easy. Effective text ads can be set up with only a logo, ad copy, and a relevant landing page. The simplicity of this ad format lets you quickly launch campaigns and start reaching Quora’s engaged user base, without the burden of complex ad creation workflows.

This video provides a comprehensive walkthrough of Quora’s advertising platform. It covers the end-to-end process of creating and managing Quora ad campaigns, including:

  • Navigating the Ads Manager interface and campaign setup
  • Selecting ad formats like video ads, text ads, image ads, and Promoted Answers
  • Configuring audience targeting, ad scheduling, and budgets
  • Previewing and submitting ads for review
  • Accessing reporting and optimization tools

Benefits of text ads

While visual ad formats like video have gained popularity, text ads continue to play a vital role in digital advertising on many platforms. Text ads offer several key benefits for Quora advertisers.

quora text ad example placement
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Native, non-intrusive experience

Quora’s text ad placements seamlessly integrate into the platform’s question-and-answer format, providing a native and non-disruptive experience for users. This maintains the organic feel of the Quora environment, making text ads less likely to be perceived as disruptive.
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Contextual relevance

With Quora’s robust targeting capabilities, text ads can be precisely tailored to appear alongside relevant content and user interests. This contextual relevance helps ensure your ads resonate with the right audience.
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Cost-effective scalability

Text ads tend to be more cost-effective than visual formats, allowing you to efficiently scale your Quora advertising efforts. The platform’s self-serve model also makes it easy to test and iterate on text ad creative.
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Versatility across devices

Quora’s text ads adapt well to both desktop and mobile environments, ensuring your messaging reaches users regardless of the device they’re using to access the platform.

By leveraging the unique advantages of text ads on Quora, you can create a cohesive, high-performing advertising strategy that resonates with your target audience.

Where text ads appear

We are always testing new ad experiences and placements with the goal of delivering better value to our advertisers and users, so placements will continue to evolve. Currently, Quora ads appear in the following locations:

Question Pages

Ads will appear below the question and between answers. You can target these locations with all of our Primary Targeting options. Question Targeting can be used to target specific questions.

Please note that question pages only display text ads. If you are running an image ad, it will be converted to a text ad on these pages for optimization purposes.

Topic Feeds

Ads will appear in between questions and below expanded answers. These locations can be targeted with Topic TargetingInterest TargetingKeyword TargetingKeyword History TargetingQuestion History TargetingAudience Targeting, and Broad Targeting.

quora text ad example placement

User Feeds

Ads will appear in between content on users’ personalized feeds. This includes expanded versions of an answer (ex. after a user clicks “Read More”).

Quora Digest

If you opt in for Email Targeting, ads can also appear in users’ Quora Digest newsletters. Ads will appear in between content in the Digest email.

With this placement, please note that ads appear on both web and mobile experiences, and email placements are global unless location targeting is specified.

Text ad design best practices

Test statement and question headlines

Questions are native to Quora and tend to drive higher CTRs.
quora ads answer icon

Use 40-60 characters

of the allowed headline character count.
quora ads book icon

Use correct English spelling and grammar

Avoid title casing and uncommon abbreviations.
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Test different call to action (CTA) buttons

Experimenting with various CTAs can help you identify the most compelling versions of your text ads.
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Use 80+ characters

of the allowed body character count.

Check out Quora’s comprehensive Creative Best Practices article for creating your Text, Image, Video, Promoted Answer, and Lead Gen Ad campaigns.

Connect with users where it matters

Text ad success stories and examples

Discover how brands use Quora to join important customer conversations with text ads.


CounselingNearMe paired question pages with intent-based messging. The results? 66% lower customer acquisition costs and 14x cheaper CPCs.


AdStage was eager to harness the intent of users reading and writing on Quora, and acquired leads at CPAs 2x better than AdWords and Facebook.

Quora users are active participants in conversations about very specific healthcare topics. Being able to find those conversations and promote virtual care services alongside them allows our clients to thoughtfully participate in relevant online discussions and help more customers. For that reason, Quora has become one of our most effective user acquisition channels.

Joel Robinson for Quora Ads

Joel Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

Frequently asked questions about Quora text ads

What are Quora Ads?

Quora Ads is a self-serve advertising platform that lets you run native ads to over 400 million people on Quora around the world. Quora Ads help businesses create brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, connect with high-intent customers, and build thought leadership in their industry.

Which are the three required parts of a text ad?

Quora Text Ads make it simple with just a headline, body text, and a clear call-to-action. Set up your first campaign in minutes and begin sharing your brand’s unique message to our engaged audience. Engage with potential customers and grow your business’s reach with text ads today.

What are the different types of Quora Ads?

Quora’s current ad offerings include Promoted AnswersText AdsImage AdsVideo AdsLead Generation Forms, and App Installs. Of these ad formats, Promoted Answers are exclusive to Quora and cannot be found anywhere else. They pair the longform nature of Quora’s knowledge-rich answers with its powerful ad targeting suite.

What are text ads?

Text ads on Quora are a form of paid advertising where advertisers can create text-based ads that appear on the Quora platform. These ads are designed to blend seamlessly into the question-and-answer format of Quora, allowing advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience interested in a wide range of topics.

Where can my text ads appear on Quora?

Text ads can appear on question & answer pages, topic feeds, home feeds, and the Quora Digest newsletter. These placements apply to desktop and mobile devices. For more information on ad placements, please refer to Where do Quora ads appear?

What channel is Quora Ads?

Quora Ads is a paid social channel for advertisers to run native ads to over 400 million monthly unique users on Quora. Specific ad placements vary depending on targeting selections, but generally include different locations such as topic feeds, user feeds, question pages, and Quora email digest.

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