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Understanding the nuances of each up-and-coming generation is crucial for marketers aiming to stay ahead of the curve. Generation Z—the cohort born between 1997–2012—is the new frontier, with distinct traits that require a thoughtful approach to digital marketing strategy. Marketers targeting Gen Z audiences know the challenge: this generation is characterized by their social media expertise, resistance to traditional ads, and craving for authenticity above all else. 

In a marketing landscape obsessed with youth culture, Gen Z is the undisputed star of the show.  This generation is digitally native and wields significant influence on purchasing decisions both now and in the future. So, how can marketers crack the code and connect with these audiences authentically? Enter Quora.

Understanding Gen Z: Audience trends & values

Gen Z stands at the forefront of a changing world, marked by their distinctive values and characteristics that are reshaping industries and social norms. They are innately tech-savvy, not just using technology effortlessly but also demanding seamless digital experiences that integrate smoothly into their daily lives. Authenticity is at the core of their values; they gravitate toward transparent and genuine marketing, rejecting the inauthentic and embracing the real. Their socially conscious mindset drives them to champion ethical and environmentally friendly brands, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Moreover, as visual content lovers, Gen Z engages more naturally with videos and images, favoring platforms and communications that speak in the vibrant visual language they prefer.

Below we’ll explore their values in more depth, as well as how brands should shape their Gen Z marketing strategies accordingly.

1. Social and environmental responsibility

Trend: Generation Z is passionate about the planet’s future and social equality. They are advocates for sustainability, ethical production, and brands that take a stand on social issues.


of Gen Z users on Quora would pay more for an eco-friendly product


say they always try to recycle


are interested in environmental issues

This socially conscious generation’s dedication to environmental causes extends beyond personal actions. They also demand similar accountability from the brands they support. A majority of Gen Z users on Quora want brands to be socially responsible and adhere to sustainable practices.

Brand roles according to Gen Z users on Quora

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Promote sustainability

Highlight your brand’s eco-friendly practices and products.

Support social causes

Align your brand with relevant social causes and demonstrate genuine commitment through actions, not just words.

Be transparent

Be open about your business practices and strive for ethical operations.

2. Technological integration

Trend: This generation is tech-native, with a strong inclination towards mobile devices, AR, and AI. They expect a seamless digital experience and are quick to adopt new technologies.


of Gen Z users on Quora are mobile dependent


say they like to be the first to try new things


used AI tools in the last month


more likely to buy new tech products as soon as they are available

Gen Z users are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for an array of purposes, showcasing their innovative spirit and tech-savvy mindset. From leveraging AI to streamline daily tasks and assist with coding, to exploring AI-powered tools for learning new languages and for travel and fashion recommendations, their utilization of AI spans diverse domains.

Reasons for using AI tools (Gen Z users on Quora)

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Take a mobile-first approach

Ensure all content and campaigns are optimized for mobile devices.

Innovate with tech

Incorporate AR, VR, and AI into your marketing strategies to create immersive experiences.

Utilize personalization

Use data to personalize the customer experience, from product recommendations to tailored content.

3. Entrepreneurship and flexibility

Trend: Gen Z shows a strong entrepreneurial streak and is attracted to flexible career paths, indicative of a broader shift toward the gig economy.

According to a survey by the Workforce Institute, 53% of Gen Z respondents found being their own boss beneficial. This indicates a desire for independence and the opportunity to pursue their own ventures. Moreover, 55% appreciate the flexibility of the schedule offered by the gig economy. This aligns with their desire to have control over their work-life balance and the ability to adapt their work to their personal commitments.

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Highlight flexibility

Showcase how your products or services can facilitate a flexible lifestyle.

Engage with aspirations

Create content that inspires and informs about entrepreneurship and self-improvement.

Collaborate with young entrepreneurs

Partner with young influencers who embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Mental health awareness

Trend: There is a growing openness about mental health in this generation, and they value emotional well-being and brands that support it. 44% of Gen Z users on Quora feel comfortable talking about their mental health. They are also more likely to follow mental health influencers on social media compared to older generations.

Followers of mental health influencers on social media

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Promote well-being

Offer products or services that support mental health and wellness.

Create supportive content

Provide helpful resources that address mental health concerns.

Practice empathy

Ensure your marketing campaigns are sensitive and considerate of mental health issues.

5. Diversity and global outlook

Trend: This cohort is the most diverse yet, with a strong sense of global citizenship and an expectation for inclusivity and representation.


of Gen Z users on Quora expect brand ads to promote diversity and inclusivity


want brand ads to be relevant to their identity

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Embrace diversity

Ensure your marketing campaigns reflect a diverse range of people and lifestyles.

Use inclusive messaging

Use language and imagery that is inclusive and respectful of all audiences.

Take a global perspective

Craft campaigns that acknowledge and celebrate cultural differences.

6. Interactive and immersive content

Trend: Gen Z enjoys co-creating content and engaging with brands through interactive media and immersive experiences.

Quora’s Gen Z community is passionately engaged with emerging technologies, consistently leading the way in both adoption and utilization. Their fascination with emerging technologies, particularly Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), is evident. A significant portion of this dynamic demographic is actively considering incorporating VR products into their lives within the next year


of Gen Z users on Quora say they are excited about AR & VR


are likely to purchase a VR product in the next 12 months

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Encourage participation

Create campaigns that invite user interaction and co-creation.

Invest in interactive tech

Use interactive technology like AR and VR to engage users in novel ways.

Gamify experiences

Incorporate game mechanics into your marketing to increase engagement and fun.

7. Gaming and entertainment

Trend: Gaming is a significant part of their entertainment, with esports and interactive platforms being particularly popular.


of Gen Z users on Quora are gamers


are interested in sports

Gen Z users on Quora also delight in leisurely pursuits such as indulging in music and binging the latest TV series. However, their interest extends beyond mere leisure, they demonstrate a robust purchase intent when it comes to entertainment. A significant portion of this demographic invests in premium services for TV, music streaming, and hobbies like reading.

In the last month:


paid for a subscription to a movie or TV streaming service


purchased a subscription to a music streaming service


paid for music downloads


purchased an e-book

Action points for Gen Z marketing strategy:

Engage through gaming

Explore advertising within gaming environments or esports sponsorships.

Interactive storytelling

Utilize narrative-driven content that resonates with the gaming community.

Connect where your audience

Be present on platforms where gaming native conversations are happening, like Twitch or Discord.


By aligning marketing strategies with the values and trends of Gen Z, brands can create meaningful connections that resonate with these influential demographic groups. The key is to be authentic, flexible, and tech-forward in your approach.

Unlock the power of gaming on Quora

Gamers on Quora are everywhere. They’re constantly asking questions, actively sharing opinions, and are always on the lookout for the next highly anticipated game to play. Taking the opportunity to connect with gamers on Quora will help your brand reach high scores. Check out the Quora US Gaming Audience page to learn more about reaching this passionate community of players.

How to market to Gen Z on Quora

Quora is a popular platform among younger generations, surpassing many other social platforms in this demographic representation.

Percentage of users that are Gen Z

There is a discernible trend in media consumption habits across different generations. Genn Z users on Quora exhibit a notable usage of mobile devices and a heightened engagement with social media compared to their older counterparts. 

Daily time spent online on media across generations 

This presents an opportunity for brands to capitalize on increased online presence and interaction with this demographic through targeted advertising strategies.

Why Quora is uniquely positioned to win Gen Z

  • Information hub: This generation uses the internet as their primary knowledge source. Quora, with its focus on in-depth answers and discussions, aligns perfectly with this search for credible information.
  • Diverse perspectives: Gen Z values open dialogue and multiple viewpoints. Quora provides a forum for this, giving them access to a wide range of opinions beyond their immediate social circles.
  • Trust in expertise: With heightened skepticism towards advertising, these generations turn to platforms where real people demonstrate expertise. Quora’s emphasis on quality answers fosters trust in brands that offer genuine value.

Gen Z marketing strategy on Quora

As Gen Z becomes an increasingly influential demographic, marketers are honing in on platforms where this generation spends much of their time—like Quora—looking for advice, insights, and community. 

To effectively engage with this audience, here are some essential tips for advertising to Gen Z on Quora:

Find your niche

Quora thrives on specific topics. Identify areas where your brand’s expertise naturally intersects with the interests of your target audience.


Tap into 'Why?' and 'How?' questions:

Gen Z wants to understand how things work and why things matter. Focus on questions that seek explanations, comparisons, or dive into motivations.


Be the solution, not the salesperson

Offer insightful answers that address pain points and answer questions without being overly promotional. Position your brand as a helpful resource.


Quality, always

Proofread meticulously. Back up answers with links to credible sources. This builds your brand’s reputation as knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Interact and engage

Actively participate in the community by answering questions and contributing to discussions, which can build trust and rapport.


Focus on value

Provide useful information or solutions to problems, emphasizing how your product or service can genuinely benefit them.


Try Quora Ads

Our ad offerings allow you to connect with a highly engaged audience at all stages of the funnel. Prioritize interests and questions, keeping ad copy focused on problem-solving rather than pure promotion.


Tactical tips for reaching Gen Z

Write long-form answers

Gen Z users appreciate detail. Don’t be afraid to write extended answers demonstrating in-depth knowledge. Include relevant links, examples, and visuals to boost engagement.


Tell a story

Facts are great, but stories stick. Illustrate your answers with anecdotes, case studies, or even hypothetical scenarios that resonate with younger audiences.


Leverage visuals

Use eye-catching images and videos, as Gen Z prefers dynamic and engaging visual content.


Optimize for search

Use relevant keywords in both questions you ask and your answers to increase visibility within Quora and via external search engines.


Use "People Also Ask"

This Quora feature shows related queries to your topic. Target a few of these questions strategically within your answers to expand your reach.


Collaborate with micro-influencers

Identify Quora users with followers in your niche. Invite them to contribute answers for your Space or brand questions, widening your exposure.


Successful Gen Z Quora marketing examples

Tech Companies: Brands like Salesforce explain complex tech concepts, or compare products in response to user questions build credibility.

Lifestyle Brands: Offering advice on style, hobbies, or life skills aligns brands with young consumers seeking guidance as they define their personalities. Tanishq effectively used Promoted Answers to convey their message.

Mission-Driven Brands: Quora is a great place to highlight a brand’s social impact and values, resonating with socially conscious younger generations.

Writing from a Quora Business Profile

Grammarly: Grammarly consistently offers detailed writing advice on Quora, building their reputation as an authority on grammar – a key concern for students and young professionals

Duolingo: Their Quora presence is full of answers debunking myths about learning a new language, reflecting the brand’s fun approach and appealing to those exploring the world.

Make Quora a part of your Gen Z marketing strategy

While Quora isn’t the sole key to understanding Generation Z, it’s an effective tool when used with purpose. Emphasizing knowledge and authentic engagement, brands can build strong ties with this influential group. Quora offers a real chance to connect with future trendsetters—when approached with care, brands can learn from and resonate with Gen Z on this platform.

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