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The video game industry has quickly become one of the most popular and influential forms of entertainment. Video games can be played from the comfort of your own home using a console or PC, and they can even be played while on-the-go using a handheld device or cloud technology. Multiplayer games connect us, single-player games immerse us into new worlds and party games bring us together. Unlike passively watching a movie or a TV show, video games guide us into their world through immersive and interactive gameplay. Players are given the ability to shape their own unique experiences rather than just observe it. 

Gamers on Quora are everywhere. They’re constantly asking questions, actively sharing opinions, and are always on the lookout for the next highly anticipated game to play. As an advertiser, you can unlock the power of gaming on Quora by following two important steps. 

Leverage communities of like-minded gamers

Content across Quora is categorized by Topics that describe the subject of any given question or post. Users can follow and interact with Topics that they’re interested in to receive personalized content directly to their Quora feed. With Quora’s Topic Targeting, gamers can be targeted based on the device that they use to play video games (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile), the type of video games they commonly play (multiplayer, single-player, co-op), and even as granularly as the very games they enjoy most (specific game titles, individual genres or by different game studios). This is an extremely powerful feature for advertisers to leverage as users can be reached based on a collection of Topics they’re most interested in, and the ones they interact with most. Topics help ensure that the right message is being served to the right gamers. 

How do gamers on Quora play video games?

53.8% use a game console

53.2% use a personal PC or a laptop

26.3% use a handheld gaming device

Based on the Q1 2022, Q2 2022, and Q3 2022 GWI Core survey of participating US Quora users.

Join the conversation

Users who come to Quora are actively looking for answers. They’re a high-intent audience who are looking to learn something specific, not passively scroll. Gamers are frequently posting questions about upcoming video game releases and device technical requirements. They’re often looking for game and console recommendations, strategic game guides, storyline explanations, and even information on what the best gaming subscription service is. Answering popular questions, posting important information and engaging with the gaming community on Quora offers the opportunity to build rapport with gamers and influence their decision-making. There’s always an interesting gaming related conversation to chime into, and a marketing opportunity to seize.

Want to promote a current game release?

Capture attention using Image Ads.

Want to raise awareness for an upcoming game?

Show off a short game trailer using Video Ads.

Want to highlight a new gaming service?

Share the details with a Promoted Answer.

Want to build an email list for beta testers?

Capture emails using Lead Gen Forms.

Popular gaming questions on Quora

Internal Quora Data

48.1% of US Quora users are interested in gaming. With more than 300 million monthly unique visitors, Quora is the ideal network to level up your marketing game and reach our involved community of gamers. The button-smashing opportunities are endless! 

Based on the Q1 2022, Q2 2022, and Q3 2022 GWI Core survey of participating US Quora users.

Vince Mercuri
Associate Customer Success Manager, Quora
Vince is a Montreal-based marketing and business development professional with experience in building strategic partnerships and managing advertising campaigns.

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