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Quora Chief Revenue Officer Vinay Pandey is featured in the latest report from Global Web Index, Gen Z in the US. The report offers new GWI data on what’s trending with US internet users ages 16-25.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Key insights
  • What matters to Gen Z and how they’re coping in times of crisis
  • Which social platforms are most popular among Gen Z and the types of content that engages them
  • A look at Gen Z’s media behaviors and the content they want to see
  • How Gen Z discovers products and what motivates them to be brand advocates

“It’s clear from the data that there’s a real opportunity for brands to connect with Gen Z on community platforms, but it’s got to be authentic. Without a doubt, that’s what we see from companies that have the most success on our platform. Digging into Gen Z’s values, and understanding what they want to see from brands is the only way to engage them in meaningful conversation, and ultimately win them over.”

Vinay Pandey

Chief Revenue Officer, Quora

“Over a third of Gen Z say that when they find a brand they like, they stay loyal to it, highlighting the importance of winning over this generation. Brands that do this will find themselves more welcome in the communities they engage with. In fact, Gen Z are 66% more likely to want brands to run community forums.”

Jack Seasholtz

Trends Analyst, GWI

Gen Z Statistics

“Polls/questions you want answering”

was the #2 most distinctive content Gen Z posted on social media in the last month.

They are


more likely to want brands to run community forums

Gen Z on Quora

They are


more likely to use Quora


have visited or used Quora in the last month

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