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What is entertainment marketing?

The entertainment industry represents a massive and rapidly growing opportunity for advertisers. With entertainment commanding such a huge and increasing share of consumer attention and spending, it is more important than ever for brands to have a presence in this space. Whether through advertising in entertainment apps, partnering with media platforms, or promoting through celebrity influencers, entertainment partnerships allow brands to engage massive audiences in a relevant and impactful environment. 

Quora Ads provides an ideal entertainment advertising opportunity, enabling brands to connect with entertainment enthusiasts during their moments of peak interest, such as movie premieres, album drops, and award shows. With expert targeting options, Quora Ads allows entertainment brands and their marketing partners to reach engaged audiences at scale.

In this article, we’ll discuss the latest digital advertising trends in entertainment marketing, as well as the opportunity for entertainment advertisers to script success on Quora.

Entertainment marketing strategies on Quora

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Entertainment industry trends and insights

The global entertainment market represents a massive opportunity, with revenues continuing to climb at a rapid pace. According to Statista, the worldwide entertainment app market alone is projected to reach $53.13 billion by 2027, growing at a 10.64% CAGR from 2022-2027. 

For brands seeking to engage today’s entertainment-oriented consumers, these trends underscore the importance of integrating advertising into multimedia entertainment environments. As entertainment continues to claim a greater share of consumers’ time and attention, advertising placed contextually within entertainment content represents a highly effective way for brands to reach targeted audiences during relevant moments. Entertainment advertising also allows data-driven targeting and attribution unequipped in traditional linear television. For advertisers, the growth in entertainment advertising signals an unmissable opportunity to connect with consumers immersed in multimedia entertainment across platforms.

3 Hours 18 Min

Time US adults will spend per day watching digital video in 2024


Projected average Entertainment revenue per download in 2024

$50 Million

Paid app revenue in the Entertainment market in 2022

12.21 Billion

The number of downloads in the Entertainment market in 2022

Entertainment advertising market outlook

Entertainment advertising spend is booming right alongside overall entertainment revenue growth. PwC predicts that global advertising revenue will rise from $763.7 billion to $952.6 billion, representing a 4.5% CAGR between 2022 and 2027. This trajectory puts advertising on a path toward becoming the first of the three major E&M categories to reach $1 trillion in annual revenue.

In the US, the bellwether market, entertainment advertising spend will eclipse subscription revenue for the first time in 2023. Similar inflection points have already occurred in Australia and the UK, underscoring the rise of advertising in entertainment monetization. As traditional TV advertising stagnates, digital and streaming platforms are driving entertainment ad growth.

Entertainment digital ad dollars (in billions)

To capitalize on this shift, brands should focus ad spend on digital and streaming platforms where entertainment consumers are highly engaged. Targeting ads contextually to relevant movie, TV, music, and gaming content helps connect with audiences when they are most receptive. Ad-supported streaming tiers also provide access to highly targeted audiences.

Looking ahead, AI and generative AI will reshape entertainment advertising. Personalized recommendation algorithms used by Netflix and Spotify demonstrate the power of AI to match relevant ads to individual interests. And generative AI can automate and optimize the creative advertising process. Brands that embrace these technologies will more effectively influence consumer behavior.

Ultimately, with entertainment advertising undergoing rapid digital transformation, advertisers must stay nimble. Adapting messaging and media strategies to capitalize on leading streaming platforms, leveraging precision targeting, and experimenting with emergent tech will position brands for success. The companies that evolve along with entertainment consumption habits will capture consumer attention.

Benefits of Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment marketing offers numerous benefits for brands seeking to engage audiences and drive results:

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Enhanced credibility and trust

Seamless brand integration and endorsements lend authenticity and credibility to brands, fostering trust among viewers.

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Reaching cord-cutters and younger audiences

Leveraging digital platforms allows brands to connect with elusive demographics not reached by traditional advertising.

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Increased brand awareness

Strategic product placement can expose brands to large, engaged audiences, boosting recognition and recall.

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Consumer engagement and loyalty

Compelling brand integration experiences align with entertainment properties, creating emotional connections that drive brand loyalty and advocacy.

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Measurable results and ROI

With the right strategy, entertainment marketing delivers trackable metrics such as brand awareness, engagement, and sales lift, demonstrating tangible impact.

By staying attuned to entertainment industry trends and crafting authentic experiences, brands can unlock the full potential of entertainment marketing to engage audiences, build credibility, drive loyalty, reach new demographics, and achieve measurable results.

Types of entertainment marketing strategies

As an entertainment industry professional looking to market your brand, content, or talent on digital platforms, there are several strategies you can employ to engage audiences and promote your offerings. Some of the most effective types of entertainment marketing strategies for digital platforms include:

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Content marketing

Create high-quality, engaging, and informative content that aligns with your brand’s message and appeals to your target audience. This could include articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, or interactive content that showcases your expertise, provides behind-the-scenes insights, or offers valuable industry knowledge. By consistently delivering valuable content, you can attract and retain a loyal audience while establishing your brand as a thought leader in your niche.

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Influencer partnerships

Collaborate with influential users or thought leaders in the entertainment industry to create co-branded content or sponsor their existing content. This strategy can help you tap into their established audience and credibility to reach new potential fans or customers. When selecting influencers to partner with, consider their relevance to your niche, engagement rates, and overall brand alignment.

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Interactive campaigns

Engage your target audience by creating interactive campaigns that encourage participation and sharing. This could include quizzes, polls, contests, or challenges related to your entertainment niche. By providing entertaining and interactive experiences, you can foster a sense of community and encourage users to actively engage with your brand.

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Targeted advertising

Utilize the targeted advertising options available on various digital platforms to reach your ideal audience. Many platforms offer sophisticated targeting capabilities based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. By carefully defining your target audience and crafting compelling ad content, you can maximize the impact of your advertising efforts and drive meaningful results for your brand.

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Social media marketing

Leverage the power of social media to connect with your audience, share your content, and build a strong brand presence. Develop a social media strategy that includes regular posting, engagement with followers, and the use of relevant hashtags and trends. Consider platform-specific features to create unique and engaging experiences for your followers.

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Cross-platform promotion

Maximize your reach by promoting your content and campaigns across multiple digital platforms. This could involve repurposing content for different platforms, using platform-specific features to drive traffic to your main content hub, or collaborating with other brands or influencers to extend your reach. By leveraging the unique strengths of each platform, you can create a cohesive and effective cross-platform marketing strategy.

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Event sponsorship

Sponsor or participate in online events, such as virtual conferences, webinars, or live-streams, that are relevant to your entertainment niche. This can help you gain exposure to a targeted audience, showcase your expertise, and build relationships with potential partners or customers. Look for events that align with your brand values and offer opportunities for meaningful engagement with attendees.

By employing a combination of these entertainment marketing strategies on digital platforms, you can effectively reach and engage your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive measurable results for your entertainment brand. Remember to continuously analyze and optimize your strategies based on performance data and audience feedback to ensure long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Best practices for creating an entertainment marketing strategy

Crafting effective and engaging ads is crucial for successfully promoting brands in the entertainment world. The creative should fit the placement and tell a compelling story.

Video ads 

Video ads can capture attention and emotion through sight, sound and motion. But they require thoughtful strategy and execution.

Entertainment video ads checklist

Keep videos short and snappy for social and mobile feeds.

Ensure clear brand messaging while retaining viewer interest.

Align production value and style to the placement.

Lead with an intriguing hook in the first few seconds.

Leverage captions to complement the visuals.

Read our Video Ads Creative Best Practices guide for more tips.

Image ads 

Visuals should stop scrollers in their tracks. But surrounding elements impact results.

Entertainment image ads checklist

Use eye-catching, high-quality photographs.

Keep text succinct yet impactful.

Showcase products, situations, or emotions.

Test different compositions and text.

Ensure branding is clear but not overwhelming.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your message makes sense without the image.

Certain placements on Quora are text-only, so Image Ads that win these placements will automatically convert to Text Ads.

Steps to a successful entertainment ad campaign

Launching an effective advertising campaign within entertainment requires careful planning and execution across these key steps:

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Set goals and KPIs

Begin by defining your campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track. Potential entertainment advertising goals include driving brand awareness, increasing purchase intent, capturing new leads, or boosting sales.

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Identify target audiences

Conduct audience research to determine who you want to reach with entertainment ads. Look at demographics, interests, behaviors, and media consumption habits to identify relevant targets. Entertainment advertising allows precise targeting based on first and third-party data.

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Choose thoughtful placements

With your goals and audiences defined, select appropriate entertainment advertising placements. Evaluate reach, costs, targeting capabilities, and audience fit for different options.

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Craft engaging creatives

Develop compelling ad creatives optimized for the placements. For video ads, focus on concise storytelling and strong hooks. For display ads, use arresting visuals and minimal text. Ensure consistency across creatives but tailor messaging and style to each platform.

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Set campaign parameters

Determine campaign length, media budget allocation, bids and pricing, targeting settings, attribution tracking, and performance benchmarks based on your goals. Entertainment advertising allows flexible budgets and extensive targeting.

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Monitor and optimize

Track campaign performance in real-time using your defined KPIs. Monitor engagement metrics and attribution to identify high-performing placements, audiences, and creatives. Refine targeting and creative elements to improve results.

Remember, advertising success requires an iterative approach, so don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt tactics based on the insights gained along the way.

Getting started with entertainment marketing on Quora

Quora offers a compelling platform for entertainment advertising with its knowledge sharing model. Entertainment fans frequently turn to Quora for opinions, recommendations, analysis, and discoveries related to their favorite movies, shows, games, or creators. This creates a prime opportunity for relevant brands.

Placing ads alongside relevant entertainment topics allows you to reach consumers immersed in that interest. During Oscars season, conversations surrounding the academy awards spike, making it an optimal time for movie studios, streaming services, and brands related to film and entertainment to run Quora ads showcasing nominated titles, promotions around watching the awards, limited time special offers, and more.

With avid entertainment enthusiasts and contextually-relevant targeting, Quora grants brands an effective way to engage entertainment-loving consumers. Quora ads get your brand in front of the right audiences during their key entertainment moments and topics of interest.

Quora’s entertainment audience by category

Quora has a sizable audience of entertainment enthusiasts. This large volume of entertainment-focused traffic provides a ripe opportunity for brands in this vertical.


Quora has cultivated an engaged community of music fans within its audience base. This makes the platform highly appealing for music brands aiming to reach and resonate with musically-minded consumers.

A majority of Quora users express interest in music, with 66.1% classifying music as one of their interests on the platform. This demonstrates the broad appeal of music content and discussions on Quora. Music enthusiasts flock to Quora to engage with the subject they love.

These users are highly active in their music engagement too. In the past week alone, 67.9% of Quora users watched a music video on a device. Over half (57.8%) also streamed music through an on-demand streaming service in the last week. To capitalize on this shift, brands should focus ad spend on digital and streaming platforms where entertainment consumers are highly engaged.

Taylor Swift related content views on Quora

Quora music lovers also care about quality experiences, with 41.0% saying they prefer listening to music through high-end audio equipment and software. And 31.9% are avid concert-goers, claiming to be always on the hunt for new live music events. This data paints a picture of Quora’s audience as actively engaged music fans who regularly listen, watch, discuss and experience music across platforms. 

For music brands, Quora provides a pipeline to these enthusiastic and discerning consumers. Precise ad targeting enables connecting with fans during relevant music moments and interests.

Popular music questions on Quora

OTT/Streaming services

Quora has cultivated an engaged audience with heavy daily engagement on OTT and streaming services. This presents a major opportunity for brands in this space looking to connect with streaming-focused consumers during relevant moments.

The vast majority (96.9%) of Quora users utilize on-demand streaming services like Netflix. 70% also have active pay TV cable subscriptions, underlining the platform’s audience as cord-cutters blending both streaming and traditional TV. This dual-use indicates an audience balancing digital on-demand and live linear viewing.

In terms of devices, 65.6% of Quora users watch streaming services on a phone or tablet, showing strong mobile engagement. However, TV sets remain popular too, with 61.3% using them to view streaming content as well. This demonstrates streaming flexibility across devices and a wide reach of users.

Image generated using Poe, Quora’s AI chat app.

This audience is also highly active in their streaming habits, with 60.8% of Quora users tapping into a streaming service daily. Streaming has become a major daily entertainment source for most Quora users. Quora users have embraced on-demand viewing as part of their regular routines.

With such a large portion of its audience regularly streaming across devices, Quora grants streaming brands direct access to engaged cord-cutting consumers. Advertisers can target Quora users based on their streaming platform usage, preferred devices, genres, and more for relevance–allowing for tailored messaging during moments of peak interest and engagement.

Popular OTT/streaming service questions on Quora


Podcast listeners comprise a significant portion of Quora’s audience. This presents opportunities for podcasters and podcast advertisers hoping to reach engaged listeners during relevant moments on the platform.

In terms of time spent, 51.1% of Quora users have listened to podcasts for up to 1 hour, showing light to moderate engagement. However, 25.3% demonstrate heavier engagement, listening for over an hour. Advertisers will have their podcast advertising to reach both light and heavy podcast listeners on Quora.

36.5% of Quora users listened to a podcast in just the last 7 days, showing consistent weekly adoption among over a third of users. For 34.9% of the audience, podcasts are their preferred audio format, out of music, radio, etc. Podcasts have gained a solid fan base within Quora users. And Quora’s podcast audience takes action based on ads, with 18.4% of users saying they’ve discovered a brand through a podcast ad. This openness presents opportunities for brands to be discovered by unique audiences.

Image generated using Poe, Quora’s AI chat app.

With such strong podcast listenership and engagement, Quora offers podcasters a way to interact with their target audience outside their show. For podcasts and podcast advertising, Quora provides direct access to an audience already primed for audio storytelling and ads during relevant listening moments on the platform. Brands can capture their attention while topics are top of mind.

Popular podcast questions on Quora


Gaming represents a major interest among Quora’s audience, presenting prime opportunities for game publishers and related brands to engage these users. Game advertisers should take advantage of gamers’ presence and participation on Quora.

43.6% of Quora users express interest in gaming, showing it appeals to nearly half of the audience. Over half (51.9%) own a gaming console, demonstrating ownership as well as interest. Gaming brands can target Quora users based on gaming interests and behaviors.

In terms of gaming devices used, 52.9% use a personal computer or gaming laptop for playing games. An even larger portion (77.8%) use a smartphone for mobile gaming. This demonstrates high levels of engagement across multiple platforms like PC, console, and mobile. Advertisers can target Quora gamers based on their preferred gaming devices and habits.

Image generated using Poe, Quora’s AI chat app.

And the audience is eager for more gaming content and hardware, with 66.4% interested in purchasing new gaming consoles. There is strong intent to buy among Quora’s gamers, and brands can capitalize on this opportunity by highlighting new gaming gear and titles.

With such prominent gaming interest and multi-platform engagement, Quora allows game brands to connect with their target audience outside of traditional channels. Advertisers can reach gamers based on interests, behaviors, and devices used for tailored, relevant messaging. For any brand in the gaming ecosystem, Quora delivers access to an engaged audience primed for gaming.

Unlock the power of gaming on Quora

Gamers on Quora are everywhere. They’re constantly asking questions, actively sharing opinions, and are always on the lookout for the next highly anticipated game to play. Taking the opportunity to connect with gamers on Quora will help your brand reach high scores. Check out the Quora US Gaming Audience page to learn more about reaching this passionate community of players.

Get your brand’s message in front of over 400 million monthly unique visitors on Quora.

Quora’s global entertainment audience stats


With their robust engagement across entertainment and hobbies, US consumers on Quora present prime opportunities for relevant brands.


A striking 87.9% of US Quora users exhibit higher likelihood to discuss books online, showing deep engagement with literature. This passionate readership provides a compelling audience for publishers and book clubs to target with new release promotions, events, author Q&As, and special offers that motivate this book-loving crowd.

In just the past week alone, 94.7% of US Quora users had listened to an audiobook via a mobile device. With such strong recent audiobook adoption, brands have an opportunity to reach enthusiastic audiobook fans during relevant moments. Tailored promotions of new titles and free trials can effectively capture the attention of these mobile listening enthusiasts.


Music interest and engagement is widespread, with 74.9% of US Quora users classified as music lovers. Music brands have an opportunity to connect through Quora ads when fans are immersed in music content. Concert promotions, new release announcements, and streaming deals can all drive action among music’s loyal listeners.

OTT/Streaming services

Cord-cutting is also popular in this market, with 98.1% of US Quora users actively streaming TV and movies on services like Netflix. Streaming brands can showcase new and exclusive content to this audience that has fully embraced on-demand video entertainment.


Gambling and betting websites also see 55.9% higher usage among US Quora consumers. Gambling brands can turn to contextual Quora ads to get in front of these users during their active research and browsing moments, promoting special deals and incentives to motivate high-intent audiences.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in the US

Get your brand’s message in front of 147 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the US.



European users are actively engaged across entertainment, presenting key opportunities for relevant brands in industries like music, gaming, streaming, and podcasts to reach audiences. This engagement is ideal for brands to connect with through timely, targeted ads during moments of interest.


There is a strong musical appetite to capitalize on. Music has appeal among 65.6% of European Quora users. Music brands can promote concerts, new releases, and deals to these music fans while their interest is piqued on Quora and engagement is high. 

OTT/Streaming services

The vast majority are digital entertainment fans. Streaming services also see wide adoption among Europeans, with 97.8% of Quora users streaming movies and shows. Streaming brands can highlight new exclusive content and promotional offers to further engage these active cord-cutters while streaming is top of mind. 


As the console gaming market grows in Europe, publishers have an opportunity to influence purchase decisions by connecting with gamers during key moments of consideration. Gaming consoles have potential for growth in Europe, with 57.3% already interested in purchasing one. Game publishers can promote new console launches and showcase launch titles to motivate purchases among gamers during purchase consideration moments.

There is strong mobile gaming adoption on Quora as well. Smartphones are already a popular gaming device, used by 65.7% of European Quora users for mobile play. Mobile game publishers can target these on-the-go players with new title announcements and in-game promotions and offers. 


There are already weekly entertainment habits for Quora users in Europe. Podcast listenership is also strong among Europeans, with 51.6% spending up to an hour weekly listening to podcasts. Podcasters can raise awareness of new shows and episodes among these receptive listeners while browsing Quora during natural listening times.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in Europe

Get your brand’s message in front of 48 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Europe & the UK.




Indian Quora users show high engagement with on-demand entertainment, offering brands myriad opportunities to connect with audiences immersed in topics like streaming, music, gaming, and podcasts.

OTT/Streaming Services

An overwhelming majority (98.6%) of Indian users prefer streaming services for TV and movie viewing. Streaming brands should highlight new Indian original series and films to further engage these digital viewers who have fully embraced on-demand video.


Music interest is also high in India, appealing to over two-thirds (66.6%) of Quora users who say that they are interested in music. Music brands can promote concerts, soundtracks, and streaming deals to organically connect with both new and existing fans during their time on Quora.


Smartphones are hugely popular for gaming in India, used by 86.6% of Quora users. Mobile game publishers should target this audience open to discovering and engaging with new titles on-the-go. Mobile gaming is surging in popularity, and brands can take advantage of this opportunity through Quora’s engaged audience.


New format opportunities are growing on Quora. Podcast adoption is growing, with close to one-third (32.1%) of Quora users in India having listened to podcasts just last week. Indian podcasters can promote their shows through Quora ads to build awareness among new Indian listeners drawn to the medium.


And overall, over two-thirds (67.8%) of India Quora users go online to consume video content. Video platforms can highlight their robust Indian content catalog to relevant consumers immersed in digital video. This presents a major opportunity for video platforms to expand their reach in the Indian market by tailoring their content and marketing to these engaged video viewers.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in India

Get your brand’s message in front of 100 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in India.


Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia represents an exciting and rapidly growing market for entertainment brands looking to engage digitally savvy consumers. With increasing internet penetration and adoption of smartphones across the region, the opportunities for brands in the gaming, video streaming, and music sectors are immense. Quora provides a compelling platform for entertainment companies to promote their content and services to this engaged audience.


With mobile device usage continuing to rise rapidly across Southeast Asia, the opportunity to engage consumers through their smartphones and tablets has never been greater. An overwhelming 91.4% of Quora users in the region use a smartphone for gaming. This presents a prime avenue for gaming companies and app developers to promote their content and connect with an engaged audience.

OTT/Streaming services

When it comes to video entertainment, on-demand and streaming services reign supreme in Southeast Asia. An impressive 98.9% of Quora users in the region prefer these streaming platforms over traditional television. With such a high preference for digital video content, brands have a chance to capture consumer attention by promoting through video ads and partnerships with popular streaming services.


Music is another major entertainment interest among Quora users in Southeast Asia. Approximately 79.7% express an interest in music, whether it be streaming songs, downloading, or engaging with music content. Music brands and services can cater specialized promotions and social content to resonate with this demographic.


The internet is the top source for accessing entertainment content of all kinds in Southeast Asia. 72.6% of Quora users in the region go online specifically to watch movies, TV shows, and other videos. When combined with the 71.5% who use the internet to listen to music, it becomes clear that digital entertainment platforms allow unmatched reach to consumers.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in Southeast Asia

Get your brand’s message in front of 29 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Southeast Asia.


Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand represent major growth opportunities for global entertainment brands looking to expand their reach. With high internet and smartphone penetration, Quora users in these countries are highly engaged in digital entertainment and emerging platforms. By integrating messaging into the daily digital habits of this tech-savvy market, brands have a chance to capture significant mindshare and resonate authentically with Quora’s engaged user base across Australia and New Zealand.

Across gaming, video, and music content, the internet is the main source of entertainment for Quora users in the region. Nearly 64% use the internet to watch videos and TV shows. Over half utilize their smartphones for gaming. Digital entertainment brands that integrate promotions into the daily online habits of Aussie and Kiwi Quora users will gain more mindshare with relevant messaging.

OTT/Streaming services

Video streaming has become a prime entertainment activity for the majority of Quora users in Australia and New Zealand. An overwhelming 97.6% of users in the region prefer on-demand and streaming platforms over traditional television. This presents a major opportunity for video content providers to promote new shows and films through partnerships and tailored ads. Reaching this engaged audience through their preferred digital entertainment medium allows brands to capture significant mindshare.


Music is another key interest area among Quora users in Australia and New Zealand. Approximately 63% express an interest in music across streaming, downloads, concerts and more. Music brands have the ability to connect with fans in the region by sharing exclusive content and offerings.


Gaming and esports are on the rise down under. Quora users in Australia and New Zealand are 88.1% more likely to show interest in esports compared to other English-speaking countries. With 59.3% of users playing games on smartphones, mobile presents a key opportunity for game publishers and tournament organizers to reach fans.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in Australia & New Zealand

Get your brand’s message in front of 12 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Australia & New Zealand.


Middle East

The Middle East represents a major growth opportunity for entertainment brands as internet and smartphone adoption continues rising across the region. Quora provides an impactful platform for companies to engage digitally savvy consumers who are highly active in online entertainment. By tailoring promotions to this engaged demographic’s daily habits, brands can capture mindshare and expand their reach in a fast-growing, high-opportunity market through Quora.

OTT/Streaming services

Video streaming platforms have become ingrained in the everyday entertainment habits of Quora users across the Middle East. An overwhelming 99.1% of users in the region prefer on-demand and streaming services for watching films, shows, and other video content. This presents a major opportunity for brands in the digital entertainment space to promote new releases and original content through tailored partnerships and promotions.


Music streaming and downloads are also hugely popular in the Middle East, with 73.1% of Quora users expressing interest in music content. Music brands have a chance to connect with fans by sharing exclusive previews, playlists, and other unique offerings. Music brands should leverage Quora’s platform to share exclusive content and promotions to resonate with engaged music fans across the Middle East.


Mobile gaming continues to gain traction across the Middle East, with 80.9% of Quora users utilizing smartphones for gaming. Game publishers and app developers can capture the attention of this audience by highlighting new title releases, tournaments, and gaming content through mobile ads. Game publishers can effectively expand their reach by running app install and engagement campaigns on Quora targeted to mobile gamers in the region.

Across gaming, video, and music, the internet serves as the pipeline for entertainment consumption among Quora users in the Middle East. 71.7% go online specifically to access videos, movies and TV shows. 59.8% use the internet to stream and listen to music. Entertainment brands should tap into the daily online video and music habits of Middle East Quora users by integrating promotions into relevant content.

Popular entertainment questions on Quora in the Middle East

Get your brand’s message in front of 10 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the Middle East.


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