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Quora’s holiday shopping audience

Quora’s high-intent audience is on the platform conducting research for their holiday shopping plans. They like to gather information and make informed decisions before buying.

I research a product online before buying it

I trust what online reviews say about products / services 

Quora users pay attention to the ads they see online.

I tend to buy brands I have seen advertised 

Brand discovery via paid media

While consumers may be more cautious with their spending due to economic uncertainty, most still plan to shop for the holidays—and they may also be willing to invest in higher-quality products that offer long-term value.

How much do you intend to spend on gifts this year?

  • More than last year: 14.6%
  • The same as last year: 53.7%
  • Less than last year: 22.3%

Which of these do you tend to give as gifts?

  • Clothing / shoes: 62%
  • Electronics (including computers and software): 40.5%
  • Health / beauty / personal care items: 37.6%
  • Accessories / watches / jewelry: 29.5%

How people research holiday purchases on Quora

Quora users show high purchase intent around the holidays—and they do their research early on, starting in September every year. They ask different types of questions depending on how ready they are to buy. 

Advertisers can meet this audience wherever they are in the purchase journey by matching ads to intent.

Their questions often fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Figuring out what type of gifts to buy
  • Comparing and selecting the best product
  • Avoid scams and bad products
  • Getting the best deals

Holiday season shopping related content views

Popular holiday shopping related questions

  • When is the best time to start your holiday shopping?
  • Are you shopping online or in store this year?
  • What are some stocking stuffers that aren’t too expensive?
  • What is the best online shopping site for holiday gifts?
  • What is the best online store for last minute holiday shopping?

Shopping and gifting topics see growth during the holiday season

Shopping topics see growth in questions in November.


MoM increase in “Black Friday Sales” content in November 2022


MoM increase in “Cyber Monday” content in November 2022


MoM increase in “Deals and Promotions” content in November 2022

Gifting topics see growth in questions in December.


MoM increase in “Christmas Presents” content in December 2022


MoM increase in “Gifting Ideas” content in December 2022


MoM increase in “Gifts” content in December 2022


Black Friday shopping audience on Quora

Quora users start researching and asking about Black Friday in September every year, with content views peaking in November.

Black Friday related content views

Top Black Friday shopping related questions 

  • Where do I find the best Black Friday deals?
  • What are good Black Friday Shopping hacks?
  • What are the best sites for Black Friday?
  • Are there better deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  • Should I shop Black Friday online or in store for the best deals?

Cyber Monday shopping audience on Quora

Quora users start researching and asking about Cyber Monday in October every year, with a notable spike in interest last year, especially.

Cyber Monday related content views

Top Cyber Monday shopping related questions 

  • What are the best Cyber Monday deals?
  • What are the top 5 websites for Cyber Monday shopping?
  • E-Commerce: What are some tips for making the most of ‘Cyber Monday’?
  • What stores are having Cyber Monday deals?
  • Do you have your eye on anything you must have for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

Christmas shopping audience on Quora

Quora users start researching and asking about Christmas in September every year, with overall engagement growing steadily over time.

Christmas related content views

Top Christmas shopping related questions 

  • What is the best Christmas present ever?
  • What does your teenager want for Christmas?
  • What are good gifts for Christmas when you’re low on cash?
  • What are some good Christmas gifts ideas for moms?
  • Do you give your pets presents for Christmas?

Top holiday gift categories on Quora

Health & Fitness







Apparel & Footwear







Consumer Electronics







Beauty or Personal Care







Home Products








Why add Quora to your marketing mix?

As a question-and-answer forum, Quora attracts a diverse and engaged user base looking for high-quality content and insights. Running holiday ad campaigns on Quora offers several benefits for marketers:

  • Intent: Quora users come to the platform actively seeking solutions to specific problems or looking to make informed decisions.
  • High-quality conversations: Quora has several brand safety measures in place to ensure the quality of content and interactions between users, and a safe advertising experience for brands.
  • Targeted engagement: Marketers can leverage Quora’s ad targeting suite to hone in on specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring their ads reach the right people at the right time.
  • Analytics and tracking: The Quora Ads platform offers robust analytics and tracking capabilities, including the Quora Pixel, allowing marketers to monitor the performance of their ads and optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI.

2023 Quora Holiday Guide

Looking to boost your business for the holidays? Get on the nice list with our 2023 Holiday Guide for seasonal marketing using Quora Ads. This guide includes holiday checklists and timelines, sample ad templates, and case studies showcasing how other brands have achieved success on Quora. Discover how to attract new customers and rack up holiday cheer this season.


2023 Holiday marketing calendar – key dates to connect





Black Friday


Small Business Saturday


Cyber Monday


Giving Tuesday



First Day of Hanukkah


Christmas Eve


Christmas Day


First Day of Kwanzaa


New Year’s Eve


Holiday campaign best practices on Quora

Here are some key creative and targeting considerations to maximize your impact in Q4.

Creative Best Practices

Phrase your headline as a question.

Most of Quora’s content is in the form of questions and answers. As a result, headline sentences with question marks tend to have higher CTRs, especially in feed and digest placements.

Overlay your logo or CTA.

Including a logo or CTA in your image generally improves CTR. This applies to Image Ads used in both prospecting and remarketing campaigns.

Have a clear value proposition.

Your ad creative and form headline should tell users why they should share their information with you and what they would get out of it.

Run A/B tests.

Have a test and learn mindset when starting a new platform. On Quora, we recommend testing at least four different visuals simultaneously to optimize your campaign.

Don’t neglect your text.

Certain placements on Quora, such as question pages, are Text Ad-only. Image Ads that win these placements will convert to Text Ads, so make sure your message makes sense without the hero image.

Targeting Best Practices

Explore your potential reach.

You can type topics and interests into Quora Ads Manager to see potential reach and understand the kinds of users interested in certain topics.

Split up your campaign or ad sets by device.

Targeting users via mobile and desktop? Split them into separate campaigns or ad sets to measure and compare performance.

Utilize Topic Targeting.

Topic Targeting places ads on feeds and questions tagged under your targeted topics. It’s an ideal way to balance scale and contextual relevance.

Install the Quora Pixel.

This is required to run Conversion campaigns or attribute conversions to specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads. The Quora Pixel is strongly recommended to unlock multiple conversion tracking, retargeting, and lookalike targeting.

Create a Lookalike Audience.

Lookalike Audiences take an existing audience and target users who closely resemble them. Test out various precision points for the right mix of precision and volume.


Holiday marketing campaign checklist


Launch awareness campaigns with Image and/or Video Ads for brand visibility

Decide your goals and where you want to drive users on your site
Brainstorm ad ideas and potential questions for a Promoted Answers campaign
Prioritize your budget


Write your Promoted Answers
Create a backlog of 2-3 pieces of creative to refresh on your Image Ads
Write copy alternatives to run tests and optimize throughout the season


Launch conversion campaigns to reach mid- to bottom-funnel users doing product research
Make sure your conversion campaign pixel is implemented and working
Monitor all campaigns to optimize for success
Ensure you have strong, compelling CTAs


Scale up spend on your top performing campaigns 

Monitor campaigns closely to swap out visuals and copy as needed

Keep CTAs clear to make it easy for people to take action

Run any last-minute promotions

Make Quora a part of your marketing plan this holiday season

Running holiday ad campaigns on Quora presents an excellent opportunity for marketers to reach an engaged, high-intent audience in a cost-effective manner. By leveraging the platform’s unique features and targeting capabilities, businesses can create meaningful connections with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions during the holiday season.

Connect with over 400 million monthly unique visitors on Quora this holiday season.

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