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400 million monthly unique visitors on Quora

Over 400 million unique visitors come to Quora every month looking for answers. Our large, high-intent audience is one of the key reasons why marketers have found success advertising on Quora. 

What makes Quora unique is why people come to the platform. It’s not a search engine and it’s not social media. It’s a high-intent destination somewhere in between—where people conduct research, evaluate products, ask for tips, and learn more about the world. People on Quora are actively seeking solutions, making it a premiere destination for thought leadership content about your company, products, competitors, and industry.

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The knowledge exchange happening on Quora is conducive to people who are receptive to new ideas and discovering new products. In addition to having a growing, high-intent audience, Quora works to build a platform and ecosystem that is optimal for readers, writers, askers, and knowledge seekers. We value information quality above all else, and back it up with both machine learning and human moderation that will keep your brand safe. 

Across 24 languages and over 300,000 Topics, Quora personalizes content based on what people want to learn more about, ensuring it is always relevant to them. In turn, we partner with industry leaders across performance, measurement, and brand safety to ensure your brand’s message is always delivered accurately in safe, relevant contexts. Visit our Quora Partner Marketplace to learn how we work with DoubleVerify, IAS, CM360, and more.

As Quora’s audience grows, we’re continuing to invest in building a world class ad platform and rolling out new ways for advertisers to reach their target customers. Our first advertisers used Topic Targeting to reach high-intent audiences on Quora. Today, we offer 11 different targeting options for our advertisers to mix and match the types that will achieve their unique campaign objectives.

contextual targeting

Topic Targeting: Position ads alongside questions and feeds tagged with specific topics.

Keyword Targeting: Deliver ads next to questions that include your keywords.

Question Targeting: Place ads on specific questions and serve tailored messages to a hyper-targeted audience.

contextual targeting Website Traffic Targeting: Reconnect with customers who visit Quora after visiting your website.

List Match Targeting: Make the most from your email list; target leads, exclude existing customers, or build Lookalikes.

Lookalike Targeting: Scale your existing audiences by finding users similar to your website visitors or email lists.

contextual targeting

Interest Targeting: Deliver ads to users who engaged with specific content on Quora.

Keyword History Targeting: Send your message to users who read questions with your specified keywords.

Question History Targeting: “Follow up” with potential customers by delivering ads to users who read specific questions about your products, industry, or competitors.

contextual targeting  

Broad Targeting: Deliver ads to the largest possible audience on Quora.

Auto-targeting: Quora’s machine learning system will automatically determine the best targeting configuration to optimize for efficiency and performance over time.

Marketers on Quora can install the Quora Pixel to understand the true value of a click and which Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads are driving the best ROI. The Quora Pixel unlocks the true power of Quora Ads Manager by providing access to additional features such as:

  • Performance and conversion data
  • Multi-event conversion tracking
  • Website traffic retargeting
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Measurement partner integrations

For advertisers already leveraging the Quora Pixel to track conversions, we recommend pairing Broad Targeting with Conversion Optimized Campaigns to help Quora automatically target your ads to audiences that are likely to convert.

Finally, our team is committed to continually enhancing and ramping up our ad offerings, with some of our recent launches including Video Ads as well as our new Marketing Partner Program for agencies to manage Quora Ads on behalf of clients.


As Quora’s audience grows and our ad platform matures, we’re committed to developing new features, listening to client feedback, and implementing improvements that will make the Quora Ads Manager our customers’ first choice for full-funnel performance.

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