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Lunar New Year Marketing Trends & Quora Audience Insights

Are you ready to capitalize on the seasonal shopping spike?

As the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year approaches, advertisers in the retail, entertainment, and travel industries have a unique opportunity to connect with audiences on Quora. This festive season brings about increased interest in topics like shopping for gifts, exploring entertainment options, and planning travels. Here’s why advertisers should leverage Quora Ads during Lunar New Year and how they can maximize their impact.

Lunar New Year gifting trends

Lunar New Year are synonymous with gift-giving and shopping sprees. Retail advertisers can capitalize on the excitement by creating Quora Ads that focus on gift ideas, exclusive promotions, and personalized recommendations. Questions related to fashion and gifting during the New Year can be effectively targeted to reach users actively seeking inspiration for their festive purchases. Here are examples of relevant questions that advertisers can target during the festival:

Gifting is a big part of the Lunar New Year tradition. In a recent survey by Global Web Index, 68% of Quora users showed an inclination towards purchasing gifts for friends and family; and 62% said they would buy gifts for themselves.

Here are the popular gifting items that Quora users are spending on for the Lunar New Year:

Gifts purchased by Quora users for Chinese New Year 2024

While shopping for gifts is a key focus, many people also celebrate by decorating their homes for the festivities.


of Quora users plan to decorate their house with flowers, lanterns, and more for the Chinese New Year

Ads targeting questions related to Lunar New Year home decorations, or fashion and beauty tips can resonate with users seeking to refresh their style and surroundings for the celebrations. Here are examples of some relevant questions:

Lunar New Year travel trends

For travel advertisers, Lunar New Year marks a peak period for travel plans and experiences. Creating ads that address questions related to travel and culture can capture the attention of users looking for travel inspiration and guidance. Promoting special packages or exclusive deals during this season can further enhance the appeal. Here are some questions travel advertisers can target:

For the 2024 Lunar New Year,


of Quora users plan to take a vacation either domestically or abroad


of Quora users plan to travel to visit friends and family

Lunar New Year entertainment

A timeless tradition for any festival is gathering with your family and friends to celebrate together. For the Lunar New Year likewise, over two-thirds (67%) of Quora users are planning a reunion dinner to enjoy the festivities. Crafting Quora Ads that highlight exclusive events, discounts, or special broadcasts can attract users actively planning their festive entertainment.

The festive season is a time when people seek entertainment options for family gatherings and celebrations. Advertisers in the entertainment industry can target questions like

Quora ad formats and best practices for Lunar New Year

Image and video ads

Visual content is crucial in these industries. Showcase products, travel destinations, or entertainment options through visually appealing image ads or video ads to grab attention.

Promotional offers

Highlight timely special promotions, discounts, or exclusive deals in your ad copy to entice users and drive conversions.

Localized targeting

Tailor your ads to resonate with regional preferences and cultural nuances. Consider different customs and traditions across regions to make your campaigns more relatable.

Timing is key

Schedule your ads to align with peak shopping, travel planning, and entertainment decision-making periods leading up to the New Year.

Interactive content

Consider creating interactive content like polls, quizzes, or surveys related to the New Year. This can enhance user engagement and make your brand memorable.

Quora Ads offer a powerful platform for advertisers in shopping, retail, entertainment, and travel to connect with users during the Lunar New Year celebration. By aligning campaigns with topics relevant to the festive season and implementing best practices tailored to each industry, advertisers can make the most of this opportunity to engage, convert, and create lasting impressions during this joyous occasion.

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