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Amazon Prime Day Advertising Insights

This summer’s Amazon Prime Day 2023 was a resounding success, surpassing previous records and setting new milestones. The two-day shopping extravaganza took place on July 11th and 12th, and it proved to be the biggest Prime Day event to date. The total sales during this period reached an extraordinary $12.7 billion, with over 375 million items purchased worldwide.

Prime members played a significant role in driving the success of Prime Day The event offered an extensive range of deals across various categories, including Home, Fashion, and Beauty, which emerged as the top-selling deal categories. Notably, independent sellers, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, experienced tremendous success, with this Prime Day being the largest ever for them on Amazon’s platform. 

As we look ahead to Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days in October—the unofficial “Part 2” of Prime Day— sellers need to take advantage of the massive opportunity presented by this two-day sales event.

Amazon Prime Day sales trends for October 2023

For Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, taking place October 10th and 11th, experts anticipate strong sales of holiday gifts and seasonal items as shoppers look to get a head start on their holiday shopping. Categories like toys, electronics, kitchen appliances, and home goods are likely to see some of the deepest discounts. Advertisers selling products in these categories will want to promote their deals and offerings to capture market share during this competitive sales period.

In addition to price-focused deals and promotions, retailers may also look to capitalize on emerging shopping trends. Sustainability and responsibility are top of mind for many consumers, so advertising greener product options or highlighting a company’s eco-friendly credentials could be a differentiation tactic. Sellers may also want to promote convenience-driven options like same-day delivery to appeal to busy shoppers looking to checkout and receive items quickly.

Amazon Prime Day advertising on Quora

Beyond retailers’ own websites and Amazon itself, Amazon sellers can get extra exposure for their promotions on our network of over 400 million monthly unique visitors who are having organic conversations about Prime Big Deal Days, shopping, and related topics on Quora.

People on Quora share their experiences, recommendations, and insights about the deals and discounts offered by these retailers during Prime Day and similar events. Quora offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach influential consumers as they research holiday shopping options and make purchasing decisions.

Hot Prime Day and retail topics on Quora





Online Shopping



Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days have not only become highly anticipated events for Amazon customers, but they have also sparked rival sales events among competing retailers in recent years. This competition among retailers benefits sellers, who have the opportunity to showcase their products and increase visibility and potential sales.

Amazon competitor topics on Quora






Popular Amazon Prime Day questions on Quora

How to run a successful Amazon Prime Day ad campaign

Here is a sample Quora Ad campaign you could run to give your Amazon Prime Day promotion an extra boost. We recommend running one campaign in two phases.

Phase 1 – Awareness 

To build brand and product awareness in the lead-up to Prime Big Deal Days, we recommend running a week-long Traffic campaign using Broad Targeting. This configuration will promote your ads widely across Quora to get maximum impressions.

Format: Image Ad

Objective: Traffic

Audience: All genders, United States

Additional Targeting: Broad targeting, all placements, mobile + desktop

Timeline: October 2–October 9

Pro-Tip: Make sure your message makes sense without the image. Certain placements on Quora are text-only, so Image Ads that win these placements will automatically convert to Text Ads.

Phase 2 – Amazon Prime Big Deal Day Promo

At the start of Prime Big Deal Days, swap out your creative for messaging that showcases your special promotion. We recommend changing the creative—rather than setting up a new campaign—because Quora’s machine learning algorithm has already started optimizing the existing campaign over the last week.

Timeline: October 10-11

Try Quora Promoted Answers: An ad format you can’t find anywhere else.

Prime Day advertisers can create Promoted Answers and run targeted promoted content to introduce new products and deals to Quora users actively compiling their holiday shopping lists and researching what gifts to buy. By addressing pressing questions, advertisers on Quora can cut through the clutter, build credibility, and directly influence key purchase considerations for the Prime Day season and beyond.

Focus your Prime Day campaign on what matters to Quora users

These are some of the most influential factors driving Quora’s audience to make online purchases:




Easy online purchase process


Quick delivery


Commitment to sustainability


Supporting a cause

Make Quora a part of your marketing plan

Including Quora in your Amazon Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Day marketing plans can expose your brand to a massive audience discussing and sharing their experiences, recommendations, and insights about these special sales events. This valuable user-generated content can help you understand customer preferences, gather feedback, and tailor your marketing strategies to better meet their needs, ultimately driving engagement and sales during Prime Day and beyond.

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