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Boxing Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas, December 26th. While it originated in the United Kingdom, it is now observed in various countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Europe. 

Boxing Day has historical roots in the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate. Nowadays, it is a time for relaxation, family gatherings, and shopping. Many people take advantage of the numerous sales and discounts offered by retailers on this day. Boxing Day is widely celebrated by people as a day to unwind, spend time with loved ones, shop, and enjoy the festive spirit that continues beyond Christmas Day.

The holiday season is considered the busiest time of year for the retail sector, with a surge in trade typically commencing around Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving (in the United States), leading all the way up to Christmas and Boxing Day. Consumers are eager to find a bargain, especially during the holidays. 

Boxing Day advertising on Quora

Image generated using DALL-E-3 on Poe, Quora’s AI chat app.


of Canadian consumers cited the importance of product prices during the holiday season



of Canadian consumers look for holiday deals to counteract recent cost increases


The Boxing Day sales period is an important part of the Q4 cycle for both consumers and retailers. Consumers are hunting for the best tail-end holiday deals, and retailers are looking to hit their Q4 goals. Capitalizing on this opportunity is a crucial part of finishing the year strong and starting the new one off with success.

Boxing Day sales trends for 2024

What Santa doesn’t bring, Boxing Day will. With each year of Boxing Day shopping, experts anticipate that spending will continue to follow an increasing trend post-pandemic.


of Canadian consumers planned to shop for deals on 2023 Boxing Day

$1,635 CAD

projected average 2023 holiday spend by Canadian consumers on gifts, travel, and entertainment


In addition to door-crasher deals and promotions, recent trends show that consumers are also looking for other qualities in their purchases. Consumers are more and more focused on sustainability and responsibility, and are likely to purchase products that are greener, or come from companies that practice sustainability or support a cause. Likewise, consumers also value convenience, such as same-day shipping and delivery as well as an easy purchase process. A Boxing Day promotion has the opportunity to seal the deal by appealing to these different points.

Plan early for Boxing Day

Boxing Day and the week following Christmas present a huge opportunity for retailers and ecommerce businesses to capitalize on post-holiday shopping demand. However, successful Boxing Week sales strategies require early planning and preparation.

Smart marketers should start planning their Boxing Day marketing ideas like special promotions, email campaigns, and advertising at least 2-3 months in advance. This head start allows time to strategize, create assets like branded Boxing Day email campaigns, coordinate across teams, and ensure your campaigns are ready to deploy at the optimal times when consumers are hungrily searching for opportunities to increase Boxing Day sales. By tapping into the insights and advice shared by industry experts on platforms like Quora’s advertising trends insights, businesses can stay ahead of the curve on the latest consumer behavior and plan promotions that truly resonate. With proper planning, Boxing Week can provide a lucrative revenue boost to cap off the year’s holiday sales.

Boxing Day advertising on Quora

Image generated using DALL-E-3 on Poe, Quora’s AI chat app.

Boxing Day marketing statistics and data

The post-Christmas shopping period presents massive revenue opportunities that businesses can’t afford to miss. Data shows just how lucrative Boxing Week sales strategies can be when executed properly:


of Australians intended to shop for deals during 2023 holiday sales events


of Gen Z respondents in Australia indicated that they expected to shop during the 2023 Boxing Day and New Year’s sales period

With consumer demand continuing to grow, it’s crucial for businesses to invest in strategic Boxing Day marketing ideas like attention-grabbing promotions, targeted Boxing Day email campaigns, and compelling advertising. By staying on top of the latest Boxing Day advertising trends through insights on Quora and other trusted resources, marketers can craft campaigns that really resonate and drive revenue.

Step-by-step Boxing Day marketing tips

The days after Christmas represent a huge revenue opportunity, but capitalizing requires strategic Boxing Day marketing ideas. Follow these step-by-step tips to drive sales during this critical period:

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Plan promotions early

Map out your Boxing Week sales strategies at least 2-3 months in advance. This allows ample time to prep creative, inventory, operations and more.

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Identify top products

Analyze your data to pinpoint which items generated the most demand over previous holidays to feature in promotions.

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Create compelling campaigns

Develop attention-grabbing Boxing Day email campaigns, ads, social posts and more highlighting your very best Boxing Day deals.

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Use urgency and scarcity

Incorporate countdown timers, limited inventory notifications and other scarcity tactics to stoke shopper FOMO.

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Retarget site visitors

Stay top-of-mind by retargeting recent site visitors with tailored Boxing Day advertising across different platforms like Quora.

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Prepare for demand spikes

Ensure your ecommerce infrastructure and supply chain can handle potential surges to maximize increase Boxing Day sales.

By following these step-by-step best practices, you’ll be equipped to truly capitalize on post-holiday shopping momentum. And for even more innovative tips, tap into the boxing day marketing insights shared by industry experts on sites like Quora.

Boxing Day advertising on Quora

Going beyond organic marketing, retailers can get extra exposure for their Boxing Day deals by making use of Quora’s network of over 400 million monthly unique visitors. Retailers can get their voices heard in organic discussions about Boxing Day, holiday shopping, and related topics on Quora.

Quora is where people come to share their experiences, recommendations, and insights about different deals, discounts, and products offered by retailers during Boxing Day and other holiday events. Quora offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach influential consumers as they research holiday shopping options and make purchasing decisions.

Hot Boxing Day and retail topics on Quora





Online Shopping


Popular Boxing Day questions on Quora

How to run a successful Boxing Day Day ad campaign

Introducing a sample Quora Ad campaign you could run to give your Boxing Day promotion an extra boost. We recommend running one campaign in two phases.

Phase 1 – Awareness 

To build brand and product awareness in the lead-up to Boxing Days, we recommend running a week-long Traffic campaign using Broad Targeting. This configuration will promote your ads widely across Quora to get maximum impressions.

Format: Image Ad

Objective: Traffic

Audience: All genders, Canada

Additional Targeting: Broad targeting, all placements, mobile + desktop

Timeline: December 14–December 24

Pro-Tip: Make sure your message makes sense without the image. Certain placements on Quora are text-only, so Image Ads that win these placements will automatically convert to Text Ads.

Phase 2 – Boxing Day Promo

At the start of Boxing Day, swap out your creative for messaging that showcases your special promotion.

We recommend changing the creative—rather than setting up a new campaign—because Quora’s machine learning algorithm has already started optimizing the existing campaign over the last week.

Timeline: December 25-26

Frequently asked questions about Boxing Day marketing on Quora

What are Quora Ads?

Quora Ads is a self-serve advertising platform that lets you run native ads to over 400 million people on Quora around the world. Quora Ads help businesses create brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, connect with high-intent customers, and build thought leadership in their industry.

What are the different types of Quora Ads?

Quora’s current ad offerings include Promoted AnswersText AdsImage AdsVideo AdsLead Generation Forms, and App Installs. Of these ad formats, Promoted Answers are exclusive to Quora and cannot be found anywhere else. They pair the longform nature of Quora’s knowledge-rich answers with its powerful ad targeting suite.

When should I start planning my Boxing Day promotions?

The most successful Boxing Day marketing ideas require early preparation – at least 2-3 months in advance. This allows ample time to plan creative, marketing channels, operations and more.

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day (December 26th) is a holiday celebrated right after Christmas, particularly in the UK, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth nations. It’s a huge shopping day that kicks off the end-of-year Boxing Week sales strategies.

How can I stand out from competitors on Boxing Day?

Develop attention-grabbing creative highlighting your very best deals as part of your Boxing Day email campaigns. Use urgency and scarcity tactics. Retarget recent site visitors across channels with tailored Boxing Day advertising. And think through a seamless customer experience. Check Quora for innovative takes from marketing pros.

What channel is Quora Ads?

Quora Ads is a paid social channel for advertisers to run native ads to over 400 million monthly unique users on Quora. Specific ad placements vary depending on targeting selections, but generally include different locations such as topic feeds, user feeds, question pages, and Quora email digest.

Focus your Boxing Day campaign on what matters to Quora users

These are some of the most influential factors driving Quora’s audience to make online purchases:




Easy online purchase process


Quick delivery


Commitment to sustainability


Supporting a cause

Make Quora a part of your marketing plan

Including Quora in your Boxing Day marketing plans can expose your brand to a massive audience discussing and sharing their experiences, recommendations, and insights about these special sales events. This valuable user-generated content can help you understand customer preferences, gather feedback, and tailor your marketing strategies to better meet their needs, ultimately driving engagement and sales during Boxing Day and beyond.

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