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Festive Season Marketing Trends & Quora Audience Insights

In India, there’s shopping, and then there’s festive shopping. The festive season has become the most awaited time of the year for both gifting and self-indulgence. Every year, the enthusiasm starts early in the season and there is extensive research that goes into making these big festive purchases. From bargain hunters and product explorers to brand-lovers, all categories of shoppers begin scouring for festive offers and festive discounts on products they’ve been planning to purchase.


Festive season market outlook in India

Last year, the consumer electronics, auto and fashion/jewellery segments lit up during the festive season. Total sales of apparel, footwear and fashion accessories saw an increase of almost 97% in the festive shopping of 2022 compared to the previous year (Omnifynd). And despite all the festive fever, shoppers were discerning about their fashion and jewelry purchases, seeking genuine reviews and recommendations for their planned purchases.

In the vehicle retail space, sales were 28% higher year-on-year (Times of India). In fact, in the months before the festivities started, interested buyers were already gearing up for their most awaited auto purchases.

Another segment in which potential buyers demonstrated peak interest for the year during the festive season was the consumer electronics arena. In this segment, sales of mid and high-end consumer electronics and home appliances jumped around 25-30% in sales volume and close to 50% in terms of values, according to the president of the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (BQ Prime).


Festive season advertising and marketing in India

It’s not surprising then that advertisers jostle around in the competitive market place, vying for customer eyeballs on the entire spectrum of consumables, from cars and other automobiles to consumer electronics, fashion wear and accessories, while marketers begin putting out irresistible festive offers on all their wares, be it a smartphone, laptop, washing machine, microwave or jewellery, clothing, shoes, etc.

According to Financial Express, the festive season typically accounts for 30-40% of the overall advertising expenditure of brands. In 2023, alert online marketers need to aim to use every technology tool in their digital arsenal to showcase the right product to the right customers at the right moment


Advertising on Quora during festive season

The good news is that people on Quora live out their entire festive journey on the platform. They discuss products and brands they are considering, seek inspiration for thoughtful gifting ideas, offer reviews on their online shopping and offline experiences, speculate on upcoming deals they expect and much more.


Festive season calls for shopping for your loved ones

Who do you typically give gifts to?

  • Friends: 76.9%
  • Immediate family members (e.g. parents, siblings): 77.2%
  • Partner / spouse: 56.4%
  • Other family members: 43.1%
  • Co-workers / classmates: 38.8%

Which of these do you tend to give as gifts?

  • Clothing / shoes: 73.5%
  • Accessories / watches / jewelry: 67.9%
  • Electronics (including computers and software): 45.9%
  • Health / beauty / personal care items: 48.5%

How much do you intend to spend on gifts this year?

  • 82.1% said they intend to spend more than or the same as last year on gifts

  • More than last year: 46.4%

  • The same as last year: 35.7%

  • Less than last year: 12.4%

  • Not sure: 3%

India’s festive shopping experience is omnichannel 

While more and more people are opting for the convenience of browsing, purchasing and receiving goods from their favorite online stores


prefer to shop online

Some still like to take advantage of the traditional in-store shopping experience


prefer to shop in-store

Would you shop online or in-store?

  • 68.3% of Quora users prefer to shop online
  • 31.7% of Quora users prefer to shop in-store

Would you buy a product at full price or wait for a sale?

  • 35.6% would buy a product now at full price

  • 64.4% would wait for a product to be on sale

Which of the following do you feel describes you?

  • 56.1% spend time looking for the best deals

  • 55.9% use discount codes or coupons

  • 39.3% use loyalty or reward program

Most importantly, Quora Ads equips businesses with invaluable tools like Video Ads and Promoted Answers, Business Profiles in addition to Text and Image Ads to reach potential shoppers on the platform who are researching their products.

The Targeting options on Quora like Contextual and Behavioural Targeting help with goals like Personalization, Brand Awareness, and Thought Leadership to Driving Traffic and Conversions. Tapping into the platform’s engaged audiences can do wonders for businesses that aim to make the most of the festive season.


Competitive advantage for businesses on Quora this festive season

Crafting a festive season game-plan on Quora, with all the platform’s enablers, has multi-pronged benefits.

Increased user engagement

People are more active and engaged on platforms like Quora during the festive season. Quora sees high engagement on topics related to festive shopping from October to November.

Content views on topics related to festive shopping

Festive Shopping Content Views

High-intent audience

Quora users have high intent and curiosity, actively seeking answers and recommendations. During the festive season, users flock to the platform for product reviews, opinions, and experiences, services they want to buy or gift, making it an ideal opportunity for advertisers to showcase their offerings.

Which of the following actions have you done online in the past month?

  • 35.9% downloaded or used a branded app

  • 36% liked or followed a brand on a social network

  • 33.6% visited a brand’s social network page

  • 64.9% visited a brand’s website

Which of the following do you feel describes you?

  • 36.9% tend to buy brands they have seen advertised

  • 30.4% tend to buy the premium version of products

  • 53.9% tell their friends and family about new products

  • 39.6% wrote a review of a product or service in the week before the survey

Festive season is also the time when businesses tend to increase their advertising budgets to capitalize on the increased consumer spending. In this flurry of spends, Quora offers advertisers a competitive advantage with focused access to its engaged audience who are already in a consideration mindset. Quora users are thorough with their research before making that big purchase.

Which of the following do you feel describes you?

  • 65.7% say they research a product online before buying it

  • 51.8% say they trust what online reviews say about products and services

  • 49.7% say they look for expert opinions before buying expensive products

In the last week, which of these have you watched, listened to, or done online?

  • 43.7% watched a product review video in the week before the survey

  • 33.1% used a price comparison tool in the week before the survey

Targeting options

Quora provides precise targeting options based on interests, behavior, enabling advertisers to connect with their desired audience during festive seasons.

Quora users are more responsive to online ads

% of users who clicked on a promoted/sponsored post on a social network in the month before the survey 

Users responsive to online ads

% of users who clicked on an online ad on the top or side of a website in the month before the survey

Users responsive to online ads

Creative best practices for festive campaigns on Quora


Use festive visuals and messaging

Grab Quora users’ attention during the festive season with visuals and messaging that resonate with their emotions and cultural traditions, using festive colors, themes, and visuals to highlight the festive spirit.

Leverage video ads

Engage Quora users during the festive season with short, attention-grabbing videos showcasing your brand, products, and services in a festive context to increase engagement and drive conversions.

Target Promoted Answers

Take advantage of Promoted Answers on Quora to promote your brand by providing informative and helpful answers to questions related to the holiday season, targeting questions that align with your products or services.

Focus on user value

Provide valuable content in your ads that helps users make informed purchase decisions during the festive season by showcasing how your products or services meet their needs and desires.

Make it personal

People expect experiences that are tailored to them as individuals. Cut through information overload by using personalized messaging based on Quora data and strategies. Guide your target audience to delightful experiences and help them make the right purchases this festive season.


want brands to listen to customer feedback


want brands to make them feel valued


want brands to offer customized/personalized products

Test multiple ad formats

Experiment with diverse ad formats (text, image, video, Promoted Answers) to find what works best for your brand and audience during the festive season.

Use compelling CTAs

Drive conversions and engagement with clear and persuasive calls-to-action like “Shop now,” “Learn more,” or “Get your discount code.”

Advertise on Quora during the festive season in India

Reach an intent-driven audience by creating relevant and creative campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Video ads and Promoted Answers are excellent options to captivate and engage Quora users during this festive season.

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