The journey towards gender equality has seen inspiring milestones, yet the road ahead is laden with opportunities for further advancement. On Quora, a tapestry of voices—women from varied backgrounds—contribute their insights, guidance, and expertise on a spectrum of subjects central to the empowerment of women. As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8, we shine a spotlight on the vibrant dialogues and queries posed on Quora that echo the spirit of women’s empowerment.

One of the questions that often comes up on Quora is, “What does women empowerment mean to you?” For some, it signifies the establishment of equal opportunities and the fostering of respect for women, while for others, it translates into the autonomy for women to chart their own destinies. 

The discourse on Quora extends to the critical issue of women in leadership roles. Reflective of the findings from the Women in the Workplace 2023 report  by McKinsey, which notes a 65% climb in the representation of women in the C-suite over the past eight years, Quora users discuss strategies to bolster female leadership. One user opined, “Elevating more women to leadership roles serves as a powerful beacon to the younger generation, affirming that no position is beyond their reach.”

Quora is as a hub for women entrepreneurs to recount their journeys, delineate the hurdles they encounter, and offer advice for budding and expanding enterprises. Echoing the GEM 2022/23 Women’s Entrepreneurship report, which states that one in three entrepreneurs leading high-growth, innovative ventures is a woman, Quora offers a podium for these trailblazers. Another Quora contributor advised, “As a woman entrepreneur, embrace confidence and don’t shy away from risk-taking. Remember, even failure is but a stepping stone to greater learning.”

This International Women’s Day, businesses can harness the power of Quora Ads to reach a community that is not just engaged but also empowered. Quora proudly hosts an array of accomplished women, including top-tier corporate leaders and rising entrepreneurs, all of whom add to the richness of the platform’s discourse.

Advertising outlook for Women’s Day

As marketers tailor their campaigns for Women’s Day, the focus is on resonance and relevance. The advertising approach requires a nuanced understanding of the women’s target group (TG), embracing themes that reflect their aspirations, achievements, and challenges.

Campaigns that resonate well are those that tell stories, celebrate diversity, and advocate for inclusivity. Personalization, authenticity, and social responsibility are key elements that marketers are increasingly integrating into their strategies to engage with the women’s TG meaningfully.

Digital advertising trends for Women’s Day

The landscape of digital advertising is continually evolving, with a few trends taking the forefront. Interactive ads that invite engagement, shoppable posts that integrate commerce seamlessly into social media, and video content that tells compelling stories are on the rise.

Additionally, the use of data analytics to understand consumer behavior and AI to personalize ad experiences are shaping how brands connect with their audience. With the proliferation of social platforms, multi-channel strategies are becoming essential for a successful digital footprint.

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Audience Insights – Reaching women on Quora 

Quora distinguishes itself as a nexus for informed and influential women. Compared to the average internet user, the women on Quora are not only more likely to occupy senior or executive management positions but also more likely to be company owners or founders. Their purchasing power is evident with a significant number owning properties and vehicles.

Compared to the average internet user, women on Quora are:


more likely to hold a senior management position (Executive VP, Senior VP, etc.)


more likely to be in executive management (President, Partner, CEO, CFO, C-Suite, etc)


more likely to be company owners or founders

They have purchasing power and own assets.


own one or more properties


have at least one car


have at least one motorcycle

Moreover, these women are engaged in diverse interests ranging from health and sports to technology trends and environmental issues. They are health conscious, keep up with technology trends, and are passionate about environmental issues


are interested in playing or watching sport


follow the latest technology trends and news


care about environmental issues

Quora’s environment, which fosters detailed discussions and knowledge sharing, makes it an ideal platform for connecting with women who are leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts. By tapping into this community, advertisers can engage with a demographic that is not only affluent and educated but also diverse in their interests and influential in their spheres.

Based on the GWI Core Q1 to Q3 2022 surveys of participating global Quora users. Comparisons are to the average internet user.

Women who come to Quora explore themes like

Connecting with a dynamic and influential demographic through Quora Ads

This International Women’s Day, seize the opportunity to connect with an empowered and engaged audience on Quora. Whether your brand aligns with health, technology, environmental sustainability, or leadership, Quora Ads can help you reach the heart of these conversations.

By leveraging the rich insights and targeting capabilities of Quora, you can craft campaigns that resonate with a dynamic community of women leaders and decision-makers. Join Quora for Business today, and let’s celebrate the women who shape our world with campaigns that matter. Start your campaign now and make a meaningful impact this Women’s Day.

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