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Pet Care Market Trends & Quora Audience Insights

Since the pandemic, the pet care market has experienced several notable trends. First there was a surge in pet adoptions as people sought companionship and emotional support during periods of isolation. The increased demand for pets has led to a flourishing market for pet products and services.

With more time spent at home, pet owners have prioritized the well-being and overall health of their furry companions, resulting in an increased emphasis on premium pet food, organic and natural products, and innovative pet technologies such as smart collars, automated feeders, and interactive toys.

The pandemic also accelerated the adoption of digital solutions such as telemedicine and virtual pet care services. Pet owners have turned to remote consultations, video calls, and online platforms to seek veterinary advice, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions. This shift has not only provided convenience but also allowed for timely access to veterinary care, especially in areas with limited physical access to clinics.

Another significant trend is the rise of e-commerce in the pet care industry. Online pet supply retailers have experienced significant growth as consumers increasingly turn to digital platforms for purchasing pet food, accessories, medications, and grooming products. The convenience of doorstep delivery and a wide range of product options have fueled this shift towards online shopping.

Millennials account for many recent changes seen in pet care, as they blur the lines between children and pets as “pet parents.” This shift has led to a surge in friendly pet stores like cafes, salons, and pampering spots. Beyond traditional accessories, millennials desperately seek advanced VIP pet care solutions, such as pet wearables and treat-dispensing video bots. 

Lastly, there has been a growing focus on pet wellness and holistic care. Pet owners are investing in preventive healthcare measures, such as regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and dental care, to ensure their pets’ long-term well-being. Additionally, alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and CBD-based products have gained popularity as pet owners seek comprehensive and natural approaches to pet health.


Global pet care market stats & trends

The pet care market has witnessed a transformation in recent years, driven by increased pet ownership, a shift towards digital services, and a heightened focus on pet health and well-being. The pet care market hit $280 billion last year, per Global Market Insights, and is expected to reach $550 billion by 2032, boasting a robust CAGR exceeding 7%.

More people around the world now have pets, with the number of pet-owning households increasing from 56% to 68% in the last 30 years, according to the American Pet Products Association. Dogs remain the most popular pets globally, with expenditures on dog care reaching $57 billion in 2022 and anticipated to rise to $105 billion by 2030.

Pet owners are increasingly turning to e-commerce platforms for convenience across various pet needs. In 2022, e-commerce accounted for $97 billion of global household and pet care purchases, according to Statista. The forecast also indicated a 20.44% annual growth rate, leading to an estimated market volume of $11.20 billion by 2028.

North America dominates pet healthcare, generating $225 billion, while Europe is predicted to be a $60 billion market by 2032.  Pet insurance is on the rise, as veterinary expenses have seen a 10% increase in the past year, resulting in higher costs for pet care, according to CBS News


Pet care advertising market outlook

The pet care advertising market is set to undergo major changes, driven by several emerging trends. Data-driven marketing will become increasingly important as advertisers leverage digital platforms to effectively target and personalize their campaigns. This is strongly tied to the rise in mobile-centric advertising, with consumers spending more time on their devices. 

Moreover, the introduction of immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will offer fresh, engaging ways for pet product brands to connect with consumers. 

Content marketing has emerged as a key strategy, providing valuable and engaging information to pet owners to build brand authority and foster deeper connections. 

Finally, with pet owners interacting with brands across multiple platforms, the development and execution of integrated omnichannel advertising strategies will be crucial to ensure a consistent brand experience. 

The future of pet care advertising will be more personalized, technologically advanced, and harmonized, paving the way for an exciting new era of customer engagement.


Pet care advertising – digital trends & examples

With pet services, reviews, and advice all readily available online, almost a third of all pet sales worldwide are expected to take place online by 2026, according to Euromonitor International. To keep up with the trend, pet care advertisers must leverage digital advertising channels. Here are a few winning strategies.

Emotional storytelling

Advertisements often focus on telling emotional stories that resonate with pet owners. These narratives highlight the bond between humans and their pets, emphasizing themes like companionship, love, and loyalty.

Influencer marketing

Pet care brands are increasingly collaborating with popular pet influencers on social media platforms. These partnerships involve influencers promoting products or services to their dedicated followers, leveraging their credibility and reach in the pet community.


Advertisers are tailoring their messages and creatives to specific pet owners, taking into account factors such as the pet’s breed, age, and health requirements. Personalized ads can create a stronger connection with consumers by addressing their unique needs and preferences.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

As environmental concerns grow, pet care brands are highlighting their commitment to sustainability, often emphasizing eco-friendly materials, recyclable packaging, and ethical sourcing of ingredients to appeal to environmentally conscious pet owners.

User-generated content

Brands are encouraging pet owners to share their experiences and content featuring their pets on social media platforms. This user-generated content is then utilized in advertising campaigns, fostering a sense of community and authenticity.

Health and wellness focus

Advertisements now focus more on promoting products and services that contribute to the overall health and well-being of pets. This includes highlighting the nutritional value of pet food, the benefits of regular exercise, and the importance of preventive care.


Thought leadership through authentic Promoted Answers

Pettable connects people with mental health professionals to assist them through the process of obtaining emotional support animal (ESA) letters for current or future pets. The team leveraged Quora Promoted Answers written by licensed therapists to respond to some of the most popular ESA questions related to different steps in the process, as well as ran remarketing campaigns to generate awareness among people engaged around broader pet topics. The team knew that they could earn traffic and brand awareness at scale on Quora—but what pleasantly surprised them was how well their ads converted new customers.


Pet care advertising on Quora 

Quora provides a space where pet owners and enthusiasts actively seek and share information, making it an ideal platform to showcase expertise and establish brand authority. By strategically targeting relevant topics and questions related to pet care, advertisers can reach a highly engaged audience actively seeking advice, recommendations, and solutions. 

Additionally, Quora’s question-and-answer format allows advertisers to directly engage with users by providing valuable insights, addressing concerns, and promoting their products or services in a non-intrusive and informative manner. This can help build trust, credibility, and brand loyalty among pet owners, ultimately driving sales and fostering long-term customer relationships.











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Veterinary Medicine


Pet Health


Growing pet purchase intent discussions on Quora

With the global pet care industry thriving, organic pet care conversations on Quora are brimming with consumer purchase intent. According to the GWI Core survey from January to September 2023, which involved Quora users worldwide, there was an increase in content views. Moreover, 36% of Quora users express interest in pets and pet care, with 53% indicating a higher likelihood of having acquired pet insurance.

Popular pet care questions on Quora

As users actively pose questions and seek advice on various pet topics, the platform hosts lively discussions around pet care product considerations.

Why choose Quora Ads for pet care products & services?

High-intent audience

Quora Ads uniquely blends social media and search intent, making it a unique platform where advertisers can reach a more leaned-in audience. Users don’t just passively scroll through the feed. Rather, many of them come with an intent to research before making a purchase. While they are searching for products and services, reading reviews about brands or seeking advice from other consumers, advertisers have the opportunity to guide them in their decision-making process.

The strong purchase-intent of Quora users is apparent from their responsiveness to ads. 67% of Quora users surveyed in a recent Global Web Index study were found to have watched an entire online video ad in the past week, compared to only 53% of Instagram or Facebook users. Also, more than a third (36%) of Quora users admitted to buying something they saw in an ad in the past week, but only 28% of X or Reddit users could say the same. The survey also found that Quora users are more likely to click on ads and research what they see in ads compared to other platforms.

Ad behaviors in Past Week

Engaged community 

Quora fosters a community of passionate pet owners who actively participate in discussions and share their experiences. Pet care brands can leverage this engaged community to build relationships with potential customers and address concerns like finding the best pet food near me, pet food storage containers, and other such queries to establish brand authority.

Lower cost

CPMs on Quora tend to remain lower than other major social platforms, giving advertisers more predictable CPMs to bid against. This presents an opportunity for brands to reach engaged audiences without having to dramatically increase budgets.

Ad format versatility

Quora Ads support diverse formats – Text Ads, Video Ads, and Promoted Answers. Findings from ET studies indicate that 98% of daily mobile video viewership comes from Gen Z and Millennials, which fuels video ad growth, and advertisers can choose the format that aligns best with their objectives, delivering dynamic and impactful content tailored to their target audience.

Advanced targeting 

Quora offers advanced targeting options, such as Contextual targeting for specific pet care topics. Audience targeting includes reconnecting with website visitors and leveraging email lists. Behavioral targeting through interests and keywords aligns ads with user preferences, enhancing campaign personalization. Pet care advertisers can build authority over their pet care brands using hyper-targeted demographics and interest strategies, ensuring their message is displayed in contextually relevant environments. 

A recent Global Web Index survey found that Quora users are more likely to find ads relevant, compared to other platform users. Since the audience on Quora already has a high purchase-intent, it is easier for advertisers to influence them in their purchase decisions by making the most of Quora’s advanced targeting solutions. 

Best practices for pet care brands advertising on Quora

Pet care ad creative tips

Image Ads: Maintain brand consistency across your colors, logos, and product shots. We recommend optimize campaigns for cost-efficiency by testing 3-4 engaging images. Depending on your goal and target audience, experiment with creative elements highlighting details such as the strong pet-owner bond.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your message makes sense without the image. Certain placements on Quora are text-only, so Image Ads that win these placements will automatically convert to Text Ads.

Video Ads: Tailor pet care videos for awareness, consideration, or conversion with a compelling intro on pet well-being. Enhance brand recall by showcasing the logo, repeating the name, and using captions for accessibility and coherence. Boost community interaction with Quora’s 16 CTAs for effective engagement in pet care.

Promoted Answers: Prioritize authentic responses for enhanced pet care engagement, avoiding unnecessary reinterpretation of questions. Offer insights considering diverse pet conditions, use hyperlinks sparingly for additional information, and add UTMs to website/blog links for improved engagement metrics.

Pet care ad targeting tips

Tailor your strategy for pet care campaigns based on specific goals:

Traffic: To attract a larger audience of pet owners to your brand, consider broad targeting for maximum reach or focusing on specific interests and topics to ensure contextual relevance.

Conversion: Opt for question targeting in conversion-focused pet care campaigns to connect with high-intent audiences. Enhance relevance and intent through keyword and topic targeting. Broaden your pet care audience with 1%, 5%, and 10% lookalike audiences.

Awareness: If pet care awareness is your objective, focus on retargeting through website traffic and interest targeting. Also, target users engaged with high-intent pet content using question and keyword history targeting.

Pet care ad budgeting tips

Starting a Quora campaign with a careful budget spread over at least 8-10 weeks provides you with a distinctive advantage. It gives you extra time to understand how the platform works. You can begin with simple awareness campaigns about pet care products to get a hang of things before smoothly moving on to more advanced strategies for consideration and conversion. Taking it step-by-step over this extended time also lets you adjust your tactics based on important numbers like clicks and conversions. 

Get your brand’s message in front of over 400 million monthly unique visitors on Quora.


Quora’s global pet care audience stats



Quora has witnessed a significant rise in pet care discussions among US users, reaching its highest point in July 2023. During this period, pet owners are actively discussing pet food, pet toys, and pet care brands.

Pet care related content views on Quora in the US

As interest in pet care grows, so does the demand for pet care products such as brushes, toothpaste, grooming wipes, shampoos and conditioners, pet combs, treats and snacks, and shower and bath accessories.

A recent GWI Core January to September 2023 survey of participating Quora users in the US revealed that 51% of Quora users in the US are interested in pets and pet care, and 50% have recently purchased cat or dog food. These users are also 51% more likely to have pet insurance.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in the US

Get your brand’s message in front of 147 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the US.



In Europe, many different pet care brands, both local and from other countries, influence the market. Discussions on Quora reached a surge by September, covering various aspects, from the breed of dogs and dog food to dog toys, as well as broader topics like cats, cat food, and cat toys.

Pet care related content views on Quora in Europe

According to the GWI Core survey from January to June 2023, 37% of participants expressed interest in pets and pet care. Particularly noteworthy is the 74% higher likelihood of Quora users in these countries having purchased pet insurance, underscoring their heightened commitment to safeguarding their pets.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in Europe

Get your brand’s message in front of 48 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Europe & the UK.





In India, pet care has witnessed a burgeoning interest. This has resulted in a surge in content views, reaching its peak in September, showcasing a heightened interest in topics like the best pet food, pet toys, and pet care brands

Pet care related content views on Quora in India

According to the GWI Core survey from January to June 2023, 37% of participants expressed interest in pets and pet care. Particularly noteworthy is the 74% higher likelihood of Quora users in these countries having purchased pet insurance, underscoring their heightened commitment to safeguarding their pets.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in India

Get your brand’s message in front of 100 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in India.


Southeast Asia

Quora has observed a significant surge in pet-related interest within Southeast Asia. This surge in content views related to pets has been remarkable, reaching its peak by September. 

Pet care related content views on Quora in Southeast Asia

The GWI Core survey 2023, spanning January to September, revealed that 48% of Quora users in regions of Southeast Asia are actively engaging with pet-related content. Among these enthusiasts, an impressive 60% express a particular fondness for cats.

Beyond mere interest, the commitment to pet well-being is clear, as users in Southeast Asia exhibit a remarkable 34% higher likelihood of investing in pet insurance.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in Southeast Asia

Get your brand’s message in front of 29 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Southeast Asia.


Australia & New Zealand

In the Australian and New Zealand regions, the same scenario is seen. The Quora users in those regions were actively talking about pet-related topics. Content views on the conversations surged, reaching their peak in September, as per Internal Quora Data, 2023. 

Pet care related content views on Quora in Australia & New Zealand

Moreover, based on the GWI Core survey from January to June 2023, which included Quora users in Australia and New Zealand, 42% of participants expressed interest in pets and pet care, with an additional 37% reporting the presence of pet dogs in their households.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in Australia & New Zealand

Get your brand’s message in front of 12 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Australia & New Zealand.


Middle East

Quora emerges as a dynamic hub for pet enthusiasts in the Middle East, with the Internal Quora Data for 2023 revealing a peak in content views on discussions about pet toys by March, fostering a rich exchange of insights in the evolving realm of pet ownership.

As pet ownership surged, Quora discussions reflected users searching for “pet food near me” and “pet food stores nearby,” showcasing the heightened focus on convenient access to quality pet nutrition.

Pet care related content views on Quora in the Middle East

In addition, in the GWI Core survey from January to June 2023, 24% of Quora users showed heightened engagement with a global surge in pet adoptions. During this period, users not only discussed pet food, but it was also found that 62% were likely to purchase pet insurance.

Popular pet care questions on Quora in the Middle East

Get your brand’s message in front of 10 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the Middle East.


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