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Optimizing your Quora Ads campaigns

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There’s always room for improvement in every ad campaign. Even the best ad campaigns can run into some roadblocks. The key to navigating through these common challenges is proper optimization. Here are some tactics you may find helpful for your Quora campaign optimization goals, depending on where you fall in the performance quadrant.

Improving Performance

Split up your campaigns and/or ad sets by category, device, and/or geography. This allows you to identify which campaigns or ad sets are driving the best performance so you can allocate budget accordingly.

A/B test everything. Run 2-4 ads simultaneously per ad set. Vary ads by headline (statement vs. question), CTA, and/or body copy. Each month, pause and replace underperforming ads.

If your CTRs are high, but conversion rates are low, consider optimizing your landing page experience. We recommend walking through your conversion flow to ensure users have a clear path from ad click, to landing page, to conversion.

If your CTR rates are low, consider refining your targeting to ensure you’re reaching the most relevant audience, or try optimizing your ad copy.

Try different ad formats, whether they be Image Ads, Video Ads, or Promoted Answers.

Increasing Scale

Add additional topics from the suggested topic list, or the “Bulk Add” tool.

Duplicate topics into interests by creating a new ad set, importing a Topic Targeting ad set, and changing the targeting type to Interest Targeting.

Import additional keywords from other ad platforms.

Expand into a broader range of topics. For example, rather than targeting Python (programming language), try targeting Computer Science.

Increase your bid if you’re bidding below the suggested bid, especially for highly competitive ad auctions.

Utilize Broad Targeting, which places your ad in front of the largest possible audience on Quora.

Create Lookalike Audiences to expand your Audience Targeting. A larger target size (ex. 10%) will produce a larger Lookalike Audience size.

Increasing ROI

Consider switching to Conversion Optimized Campaigns, which allows you to bid per conversion. To utilize this feature, you must have the Quora Pixel installed and your account must be garnering 20+ conversions per week.

Evaluate your bids. If you’re overbidding for any ad sets, consider lowering those bids.

Turn off underperforming ads, ad sets, and campaigns. Start at the ad level, then move up to ad sets and campaigns, only turning off entire campaigns if necessary.

If you’re using CPC bidding, be sure to turn off campaigns that have high CTRs but low conversion rates.

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