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Quora Ad Review: Tips to avoid rejection




Advertising on Quora should result in better experiences for people using the platform and positive results for our advertisers. We want your campaigns to reach the right audience and have your products or services be helpful to people. As a consequence, we have high quality standards for ads and may reject ads that do not comply with these standards.

After you finish setting up a Quora Ads campaign, the campaign will go under an internal review process with our team before you can set it live. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to pass this checkpoint and get your campaign in front of customers.

Common Quora ad rejection reasons


Excessive capitalization, and mixed capitalization in one word, is not permitted.


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Sentences must be grammatically correct and complete. Avoid uncommon abbreviations.

How to find mktg agency?

How do I find a marketing agency?


All sentences must end in a punctuation mark. Do not use unnecessary symbols or spaces.

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Free trial! Sign up today.

Misleading Content

Don’t make competitive claims unless there is third-party verification in your ad or website.

"the best," "leading." "#1," "top," etc.

"Ranked #5 by Forbes..."

Business Name

Do not include qualifiers, tag lines, or descriptions outside of the business name itself. Make sure your business name matches your landing page.

Quora: Q&A Website


Quora for Business

Other ad rejection reasons

Ads can also be rejected if they include:

  • Morbid, violent, disturbing, shocking, sensationalist imagery
  • Affiliate links
  • Adult-oriented images or services
  • Before-and-after imagery
  • Missing Terms of Service/Privacy Policies
  • Personal information (eg: phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Non-English ads or landing pages
  • Political content
  • “Secrets” to wealth or income
  • Incorrect grammar/spelling in images

How long does the Quora ad review process take?

Upon submission, it can take up to 1-2 business days for your ad to be reviewed, with the average time being less than a day.

If we review your ad and determine it does not adhere to our Advertising Policies, an email notification will be sent listing the reason(s) for the disapproval, along with an in-product notification in the Quora Ads Manager platform.

If your ad isn’t approved, you can edit and resubmit it for review.

For more insights into common Quora Ads rejection reasons, visit our Help Center article, Why was my ad disapproved?

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