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Diwali Marketing Trends & Quora Audience Insights

Diwali is a time for vibrant lights and widespread celebrations in India. This is also the time when Indians go into a frenzy of shopping and gifting, leading to a spike in consumer activity. Understanding the key trends in consumer behavior during Diwali is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their market impact. 

In India, 91% of consumers now purchase online via their phones, emphasizing the need for mobile payment options and optimized apps to enhance customer satisfaction, per The Future of Commerce. With the growing trend of mobile-centric e-commerce, businesses need to offer seamless mobile shopping experiences. 

Diwali shopping typically sees a 20-25% increase in consumer spending, driven by attractive offers and discounts across various sectors such as fashion, automobiles, and consumer electronics. Additionally, the Indian retail sector reports that festive months from August to December contribute to nearly 30-40% of annual sales, highlighting the significance of this period for businesses, according to​ Shiprocket

With consumers increasingly inclined towards online shopping, businesses need to strategically plan their digital marketing efforts to capture this bustling season. This article outlines the latest Diwali trends, focusing on insights into the Fashion, Automobile, and Consumer Tech sectors, to guide businesses in crafting effective strategies for the festive season.

2024 Diwali shopping trends & outlook

Diwali 2024 is set to drive significant consumer activity in India, with vibrant celebrations translating into increased spending across key sectors. Deloitte’s 2024 Global Automotive Consumer Study highlights a shift towards electric vehicles, driven by sustainability and connectivity preferences, especially during the festive season. The Indian Retail Industry reports a 20-25% increase in fashion and jewelry sales, with a blend of traditional and modern designs appealing to consumers. Additionally, the India Brand Equity Foundation notes a 30% growth in consumer tech purchases, reflecting the festival’s impact on the adoption of gadgets and smart home devices. 

Key Diwali 2024 Trends on Quora: Celebrating, shopping, and gifting

As Diwali approaches, there is a spike in related questions on gifting, food, home decor, fashion, and buying among users on Quora. It is easily noticeable that Quora users look forward to sharing their festive experiences, finding guidance for trending topics, and coming together to spread the cheer.

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is marked by eco-friendly celebrations, with many opting for LED lights, natural rangoli colors, and biodegradable decorations. Gift exchanges focus on personalized items like customized chocolates and artisanal sweets. Traditional practices such as lighting oil lamps, performing pujas, and wearing ethnic attire remain central, while sustainability and community celebrations gain prominence. This blend of tradition and modernity reflects the dynamic nature of Diwali festivities in India​.

A considerable number of Quora users prefer in-store shopping, yet display strong price sensitivity and cautious spending habits. Consumers are inclined to wait for sales and prioritize saving before making purchases, highlighting their emphasis on financial planning and value for money. This suggests that businesses should adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy that blends the tangible benefits of in-store experiences with attractive online promotions and sales events, effectively catering to both traditional shoppers and those who are budget-conscious.

Quora user shopping and spending behaviors 

Online vs. in-store 


prefer shopping online


prefer shopping in-store

Full price vs. sale shopping


would buy a product now at full price


would wait for the product to be on sale

Saving vs. spending


save up and wait to buy products


will sacrifice other spending to buy products sooner

Popular Diwali shopping topics on Quora

Every year during festive season, we see a substantial surge in views on Diwali-themed content on Quora. Internal Quora data gives a glimpse into what Quora users are interested in buying around key shopping seasons like Diwali. While fashion (clothing and apparel) reigns supreme in terms of question volume, smartphones take the cake for user interest, with over 5 times more followers than the closest competitor, laptops . Notably, consumer electronics see a significant surge with Diwali approaching, while traditional Diwali gift categories like gold and jewelry show a smaller but persistent interest.

Cars and Automobiles


1.8M Questions



280.8K Questions

Electric Vehicles


137.7K Questions



2.4M Questions



394.3K Questions

Kitchen Appliances


79.2K Questions

Household Appliances


135.9K Questions

Clothing and Apparel


841.1K Questions

Women's Fashion and Style


186.9K Questions

Men's Fashion and Style


159.7K Questions



103.1K Questions



44.8K Questions



119.5K Questions

MoM % growth in Diwali shopping questions

During the festive season, the number of Diwali-related questions on Quora increased by 4 times, along with a 2x increase in questions about gifts and a 20% increase in shopping-related questions. This suggests Quora is a go-to platform for Diwali shopping research.


Diwali (Deepaavali festival)


Gifting Ideas






Online Shopping

YoY % growth in Diwali festive content views


Holiday Shopping


Gift Giving




Diwali (Deepaavali festival)



Diwali Shopping Trend: Cars and automobiles

The festive period typically accounts for about 40% of annual vehicle sales, driven by attractive offers and discounts, per Economic TimesBuying a vehicle during the festive season in India involves both logical and emotional considerations. Extensive research on features and prices is common, but cultural preferences for auspicious purchase days also play a significant role. 

In this competitive landscape, brands leverage consumer behaviors and preferences highlighted by recent data: 40% of consumers use loyalty programs, 53% trust online reviews, and 54% share information about new products with friends and family. The readiness to invest in high-value items, indicated by a 35% preference for full-price purchases, highlights the importance of strong customer relationship management and strategic marketing during this peak season.

Quora is a one-stop destination for car enthusiasts.

Quora serves as a hub for automobile enthusiasts, offering a platform for diverse discussions and insights on various types of vehicles. Whether users are interested in electric vehicles, Cars, or motorcycles, Quora provides valuable information and peer recommendations to guide purchasing decisions.

Here are some key data points that highlight the automobile interests expressed by Quora users:


planned to purchase a car during the last Diwali season


planned to purchase a motorcycle


planned to purchase an electric-powered scooter

Top car and automobile questions on Quora in India

Trending car and automobile topics on Quora during the festive season

During Diwali, there is a significant surge in interest on Quora for car-related information in India. This is evident by a 174% increase in questions about car recommendations compared to the previous month. There’s also a substantial increase in general inquiries about cars in India (106%). Users engage more in exploring options for cars, motorcycles, and electric vehicles, reflecting the trend of making significant purchases during auspicious times and leveraging festive discounts and offers.

Popular car and automobile topics on Quora


Car Recommendations


Cars in India


Scooters and Mopeds




Used Cars


Car and Automobile Advice


Car Care

Diwali Shopping Trend: Fashion and jewellery


The Indian fashion market is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to reach USD $115-125 billion by 2025, according to the Times of India. Fashion brands are increasingly leveraging social media for marketing and engagement and investing in digital technologies like virtual try-ons, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Despite the continuous shopping opportunities offered by e-commerce, the annual festive season witnesses a surge in activity. 

To capitalize on Diwali shopping fever, fashion brands plan their strategies well in advance, utilizing festive offers, discounts, and digital tools to enhance customer targeting. 

Quora is the go-to platform for Diwali fashion enthusiasts.

Quora serves as a vibrant community where fashion enthusiasts gather to exchange advice, share trends, and discuss the latest in the fashion industry. The platform is particularly active during festive seasons like Diwali, as users seek out the best deals and latest styles. With a diverse user base deeply engaged in fashion, Quora provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

Here are some key data points that highlight the behavior of fashion enthusiasts on Quora:


are interested in fashion


planned to purchase jewelry during the last Diwali season


spend time looking for the best deals on fashion item


use discount codes or coupons

Top fashion and jewelry topics on Quora in India

Quora data shows a notable rise in interest in Diwali fashion and jewelry shopping. Queries about gemstones, fashion jewelry, silver, and diamonds have all increased, indicating a strong consumer focus on accessorizing for the festive season. There was also a modest growth in women’s fashion and style queries, reflecting ongoing engagement with festive trends. Overall, there’s a clear uptick in interest in enhancing Diwali celebrations with fashionable and precious items.

MoM % growth in Diwali fashion questions




Fashion Jewelry






Women’s Fashion and Style


Fashion Jewelry







Content views on topics related to Fashion and Jewelry

Fashion and Jewelry content views graph

Diwali Shopping Trend: Consumer tech

A study by Deloitte highlights that 64% of consumers still plan to buy tech gadgets for the holidays, emphasizing their importance in remote work and virtual communication. Increased home time due to the pandemic has also spiked demand for devices providing entertainment and connectivity. Despite inflation and economic uncertainties, consumers prioritize tech purchases during the festive season. 

While economic conditions might make consumers more cautious, there is a notable willingness to invest in premium products. GWI data shows that 32% of Quora users tend to buy the premium version of products, and 65% research products online before buying them, illustrating a blend of value-driven and quality-conscious shopping behaviors.

Overall, the consumer tech market’s robust demand during the holiday season highlights the ongoing reliance on technology for work, communication, and entertainment, driving the need for reliable, high-quality devices.

Tech enthusiasts prefer Quora.

The consumer tech market continues to witness substantial growth and innovation, particularly in the mobile and wearable device sectors. As manufacturers push the limits of design, functionality, and user experience, consumer interest in these devices remains high, driven by their essential role in modern life. According to a report by Statista, the global consumer electronics market is expected to grow by 7.3% in 2024.


of Quora users planned to purchase a mobile during the last Diwali season


planned to purchase a microwave oven


planned to purchase a smart home appliance, smart home product or smart TV


planned to purchase a refrigerator

Popular holiday consumer tech topics on Quora

Diwali triggers a surge in Quora tech inquiries, with smartphones leading the charge (up over 200%!). Laptops follow closely (up 40%). This points to Diwali shopping research, with a focus on mobile tech. Kitchen appliances also jump (up 78%), hinting at Diwali gift-giving or upgrades.


Smartphone Shopping


Smartphone Recommendations


​​Laptop Shopping


Laptop Advice




Mobile Phone Recommendations


Kitchen Appliances




Household Appliances


Microwave Ovens


Consumer Durables


Air Conditioners


Microwave Ovens




Laptop Advice

Content views on topics related to Consumer Tech products

Consumer Technology Products content views graph

Content views on topics related to home appliances

Home Appliances content views graph

Quora Diwali marketing strategy

Quora provides a unique platform for businesses to connect with potential customers through its vast and engaged user base.

Here’s how Quora can help elevate your Diwali marketing strategy:

quora ads lightbulb icon

Audience Insights

Quora’s detailed data analytics offer deep insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trending topics. Understanding what your audience is interested in allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

quora ads more stories icon

Engagement and Interaction

Quora allows brands to directly engage with users by answering questions, participating in discussions, and sharing valuable content. This interaction builds trust and establishes your brand as an authority in your industry.

quora ads book icon

Content Marketing

Utilize Quora to share informative and engaging content related to your products and services. Well-crafted answers and posts can drive traffic to your website and increase brand visibility.

quora ads megaphone icon


Quora offers advertising options tailored to your marketing goals. From image ads and video ads to Promoted Answers, you can reach a highly targeted audience interested in your products.

Diwali marketing campaign best practices 

To captivate your audience and drive engagement, incorporate these innovative strategies into your Diwali ad campaigns:

quora ads draft icon

Interactive Storytelling

 Create interactive ads that allow users to engage with the content. Use features like swipeable stories or clickable elements within the ad to make the experience more immersive.

quora ads eye icon

Augmented Reality (AR)

Integrate AR into your campaigns to offer virtual try-ons for fashion items or virtual tours of car interiors. This technology can create a unique and engaging experience for your audience.

quora ads microphone icon

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encourage your customers to share their Diwali moments with your products on social media. Host contests where the best submissions get featured on your platforms or win prizes. This not only boosts engagement but also builds community and trust.

quora ads video play icon

Personalized Video

Use personalized video ads where the content is tailored to the viewer’s preferences and past interactions. This personal touch can significantly enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

quora ads Tribe icon

Thematic Campaigns

Develop campaigns that revolve around cultural stories and traditions associated with Diwali. Highlighting the emotional and cultural aspects of the festival can create a deeper connection with your audience.

Add Quora to your marketing mix this Diwali

As Diwali 2024 approaches, the insights from Quora provide a valuable guide for businesses looking to maximize their impact during the festive season. By understanding consumer behavior, leveraging advanced technologies, and creating resonant advertising campaigns, brands can build deeper connections with their audience and drive significant engagement.

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