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Consumer Tech Market Trends & Quora Audience Insights

In the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal, it’s a necessity. As tech-savvy consumers hungrily seek out the latest information and trends, advertisers are presented with a unique opportunity to tap into a highly engaged audience. Quora for Business stands at the forefront of this opportunity, offering a platform where curiosity meets expertise, and where your consumer technology ads can reach the decision-makers and enthusiasts who matter most.

Quora’s user base is a diverse community of professionals, hobbyists, and those simply looking to make informed purchasing decisions. By leveraging Quora Ads, you can position your consumer technology brand as a thought leader and a solutions provider in the midst of these meaningful conversations. Whether you’re launching a cutting-edge gadget, promoting an innovative app, or looking to amplify your existing products, Quora Ads provide a targeted approach to connect with your audience, build brand authority, and drive engagement in a space where high-intent users are already exchanging knowledge and insights about the tech world.

Global consumer tech market stats & trends

The global consumer technology market is on an upward trajectory, with spending on both traditional and emerging technologies forecasted to reach $505 billion, registering a growth of 2.8% year-on-year according to Statista. Emerging technologies, which include sectors such as augmented and virtual reality headsets, drones, on-demand services, and robotic systems, are significant contributors to this growth.

According to Statista’s consumer electronics market forecast, the market is set to continue this positive trend, with an expected annual growth rate of 2.99% from 2024 to 2028. This sustained growth is indicative of the market’s response to continuous innovation and the integration of technology into daily life.

The shift towards digital purchasing is also evident in consumer behavior, as online sales are predicted to represent 33.5% of the total revenue in the consumer electronics market by 2024. The convenience and accessibility of online shopping platforms are likely driving this trend, suggesting that e-commerce strategies will be crucial for businesses in this sector.

$1,046 Billion

The revenue generated in the Consumer Electronics market worldwide In 2024

$486.7 Billion

The largest segment within the Consumer Electronics market is Telephony, with a market volume of $486.7 billion in 2024


The amount each person approximately contributed in 2024 to the total revenue in the Consumer Electronics market

According to Statista, the volume of consumer electronics is projected to hit 9,014 million pieces by 2028, with an expected volume growth of 1.6% in 2025 alone. This forecast suggests that on a per capita basis, each individual will contribute to the consumption of approximately 1.1 pieces of consumer electronics in 2024, reflecting the deep penetration of these devices in consumer lifestyles.

Statista data shows that in the United States, specifically, the demand for smart home devices is a major force in the consumer electronics market. The rising interest in home automation and interconnected devices is shaping the landscape of consumer electronics, with smart home technology standing out as a key area of growth.

For marketers utilizing platforms like Quora Ads, these insights provide a clear message: targeting the tech-savvy consumer who is increasingly investing in consumer electronics can be highly effective. Crafting campaigns that resonate with the interests of these consumers, particularly those inclined towards innovative and smart home technologies, can potentially yield significant returns. Aligning advertising strategies with these market trends and consumer behaviors, especially focusing on digital channels where a significant portion of sales are taking place, can help brands stay relevant and competitive in this dynamic market.

Consumer tech advertising market outlook

The consumer technology advertising market has been exhibiting robust growth in recent years. According to Statista, the US computing products and consumer electronics industry allocated a substantial $9.87 billion towards digital advertising within the nation in 2019. This investment reflects the importance of digital platforms in reaching contemporary consumers. The trajectory for this sector’s ad spend was on an upward curve, with projections estimating that by the end of 2021, the spending would have soared to nearly $15 billion, underscoring a significant growth in the industry’s commitment to digital advertising. Moving forward, according to Wordstream, 94% of small businesses plan to increase their marketing spending in 2024. This is evidenced by the fact that between 2023 and 2024, there was a 10% growth rate in digital marketing budget spending across businesses.


Consumers are 155% more likely to look up brand-specific terms after being exposed to display ads


Customers are 70% more likely to make a purchase from a retargeting ad


Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%

This growth in digital advertising expenditure is further supported by the widespread ownership and use of smartphones in the United States. According to Infinite Dial, a staggering 88% of the US population over the age of 12 owns a smartphone. This translates to approximately 250 million individuals who are potential recipients of digital advertisements through their personal devices. The ubiquity of smartphones offers marketers a fertile ground for reaching a broad audience through digital channels.

Consumer tech advertising market – digital trends and best practices

The consumer technology advertising market is constantly evolving, driven by digital trends and best practices. To stay ahead in this dynamic landscape, marketers need to be aware of the latest trends and adopt best practices to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

Several sources provide valuable insights into these trends and best practices. For example, a Semrush report explores how new technologies are changing consumer behavior and offers strategies for marketers to leverage these technologies in their campaigns. Additionally, an article by Business News Daily highlights the importance of authentic long-form content and other technological trends that small businesses should take advantage of. By staying informed and implementing these digital trends and best practices, marketers can maximize their advertising efforts in the consumer technology market.

Furthermore, the influence of video content on consumer purchasing decisions cannot be overstated. Wyzowl‘s 2021 statistics reveal that a substantial 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being persuaded to make a purchase after viewing such content. This demonstrates the power of video as a medium for explaining complex software features and benefits in a digestible format, which not only educates potential customers but also significantly drives conversions.

Marketers in the consumer technology space should consider leveraging Quora as a platform for sharing valuable content, including explainer videos. By doing so, they can effectively engage with a community interested in detailed knowledge and discussions, potentially lower their CPC compared to more competitive platforms, and increase the likelihood of influencing purchase decisions through educational content.

D2C Advertising on Quora

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are consistently at the forefront of technology and in leveraging new trends to reach their audience. Quora’s question-and-answer format allows D2C brands to showcase their expertise on relevant topics, building authority and trust among potential customers. Check out Quora’s D2C Insights to learn more about being a part of the conversations that matter most.

Steps to a successful tech product ad campaign

Launching an effective advertising campaign within consumer tech requires careful planning and execution across these key steps:

Identify your target audience

When launching a consumer technology ad campaign, it’s crucial to research the demographics, interests, and behaviors of tech enthusiasts and early adopters. For example, you might focus on millennials and Gen Z who are interested in cutting-edge gadgets and follow tech influencers.

Highlight unique features and benefits

To capture the attention of potential customers, emphasize what sets your product apart in terms of functionality, design, or user experience. For instance, showcase your smartphone’s advanced camera capabilities or your laptop’s ultra-slim profile.

Create engaging visual content

Using high-quality images and videos to showcase your product in action is essential for attracting interest. Develop sleek product demos highlighting your smart home device’s voice control features to engage potential customers.

Optimize for relevant keywords

To improve your ad’s visibility and reach, research and incorporate keywords related to your product category, features, and target audience. Include phrases like “best gaming laptop” or “wireless charging” in your ad copy and landing pages.

Run retargeting campaigns

Retargeting campaigns allow you to serve targeted ads to users who have previously interacted with your website or ads. For example, show ads for your fitness tracker to users who visited your product page but didn’t make a purchase.

Test and refine ad creative

Experimenting with different ad formats, images, copy, and calls-to-action can help you identify top performers. A/B test static vs. video ads promoting your new virtual reality headset to optimize your campaign.

Implement post-purchase nurturing

Engaging customers with helpful onboarding content, surveys, or loyalty programs can help drive retention. Send new customers a series of how-to emails to get the most out of your home security camera system and keep them engaged with your brand.

Monitor and adjust based on analytics

Regularly reviewing ad performance data allows you to optimize targeting, placements, and budgets for better results. Reallocate spend from underperforming display ads to high-converting social media campaigns for your noise-canceling headphones to maximize your ROI.

Remember, advertising success requires an iterative approach, so don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt tactics based on the insights gained along the way.

Consumer tech advertising on Quora

Advertisers in the consumer electronics and computing products industry could leverage Quora Ads to reach a tech-savvy audience, making it a strategic component in their overall digital advertising initiatives. The platform’s ability to target based on user interest could be particularly beneficial, ensuring that the advertisements are not only seen but are also relevant to an engaged audience.

The innate curiosity about tech among Quora users is evident, and goes beyond passive consumption; it’s an active engagement that fuels discussions, debates, and knowledge-sharing on the latest tech trends and products. 

Advertisers can harness this interest by engaging in these conversations through thought leadership content and targeted ads that speak directly to tech enthusiasts eager to learn and discuss new technology. By contributing meaningful content and advertising on Quora, you can influence these well-informed users at the most critical stage of their buying journey.

58% of Quora users are confident using new technology.


of Quora users are interested in technology


of Quora users own a smartphone


of Quora users own a PC or laptop


of Quora users have engaged in gaming


of Quora users research a product online before making a purchase

Popular consumer technology questions on Quora

Unlock the power of gaming on Quora

Gamers on Quora are everywhere. They’re constantly asking questions, actively sharing opinions, and are always on the lookout for the next highly anticipated game to play. Taking the opportunity to connect with gamers on Quora will help your brand reach high scores. Check out the Quora US Gaming Audience page to learn more about reaching this passionate community of players.

Winning strategies for consumer tech advertisers on Quora

Promoted Answers: Headphone Zone

As India’s first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones and personal audio devices, Headphone Zone turned to Quora with the goals of becoming an industry thought leader and influencer.

As a brand dedicated to helping consumers, Headphone Zone focused on crafting answers that educate users on different products. Their answers have detailed comparisons of various audio devices and their key features. Answers were also posted through Headphone Zone’s Business Profile. This built the brand’s reputation as a subject expert and added credibility to their answers.


Image Ads – Nokia Phones

Nokia Phones sought to leverage Quora to increase web traffic, improve high-quality visits (HQV), and build brand awareness among consumers.

Nokia Phones, a brand under HMD Global, is an innovative global leader creating critical networks and technologies to bring together the world’s intelligence. When Nokia Phones’ India team came across Quora, they were actively seeking new channels to boost traffic to their website. With help from the experts at Wavemaker, a Top 5 global media network under GroupM, Nokia Phones leveraged Quora to achieve a 3x increase in high quality visits (HQV), and the highest HQV versus other display channels.


Get your brand’s message in front of over 400 million monthly unique visitors on Quora.

Quora’s global consumer tech audience stats


Quora’s US audience is a prime target for consumer technology brands, with 80.8% owning a PC or laptop and 98.5% owning a smartphone. This highlights the ubiquity of computing devices among Quora users and indicates a significant market for related products and services. Advertisers can strategically position their offerings within Quora’s rich content ecosystem, where users actively seek advice, recommendations, and technical know-how.

With 63.4% of Quora’s US users interested in technology, the platform becomes a fertile ground for launching new products and sharing tech insights. Advertisers can harness this interest by creating content that informs and sparks curiosity around their brand, and by engaging with the Quora community, brands can drive discussions and generate buzz around their offerings. For instance, the gaming industry has also seen exponential growth, and 90.8% of Quora’s US users have used a device for gaming. This presents a significant opportunity for gaming hardware manufacturers, game developers, and e-sports brands to connect with a highly engaged audience.

56% of US Quora users are confident using new technology.

Before making a purchase, 68.8% of Quora’s US users conduct online research, underscoring the importance of a strong online presence. As an advertiser, your brand can become an authoritative voice by providing valuable content and engaging with potential customers. Quora provides an ideal platform to connect with users during their decision-making process.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in the US

Get your brand’s message in front of 147 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the US.



Quora’s European user base is a prime demographic for consumer technology brands, with 78.6% owning a PC or laptop and 96.2% owning a smartphone. This reflects a substantial market on Quora for advertisers looking to promote software, hardware upgrades, mobile devices, apps, and accessories.

The keen interest in technology among 56.1% of Quora’s European users presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with a community eager to learn about the latest tech trends and innovations. By participating in the conversation on Quora, brands can cultivate a following of tech enthusiasts, thought leaders, and influencers. This engagement allows brands to showcase their expertise, build trust, and drive meaningful interactions with their target audience.

The gaming industry is one example of a large audience on Quora, with 88.5% of European users having engaged with gaming devices. This opens up opportunities for gaming hardware producers, game publishers, and accessory companies to showcase their products and engage with dedicated gamers.

64% of Quora users in Europe research a product online before buying it.

When making purchasing decisions, 63.6% of Quora’s European users conduct online research, underscoring the importance of a strong online presence for tech brands. Advertisers can leverage Quora’s platform to influence tech-savvy consumers by providing valuable, trustworthy content. This content can guide users through their purchase process and establish brands as authoritative voices in the tech space.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in Europe

Get your brand’s message in front of 48 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Europe & the UK.




Quora’s Indian audience comprises a vibrant and tech-savvy community, with 71.4% of users owning a PC or laptop and 99.1% owning a smartphone. This presents a significant opportunity for consumer technology brands to promote computing products, mobile devices, apps, and services.

Gaming has emerged as a growing aspect of consumer technology, with 94.2% of Quora users in India partaking in this digital pastime. By leveraging the platform’s content-rich environment, advertisers can engage with gaming enthusiasts, share insights, and create buzz around new releases and gaming technology. Quora serves as an ideal stage for gaming device manufacturers, game development studios, and accessory brands to showcase their offerings to a passionate audience.

67% of Quora users in India research a product online before buying it.

In the age of information, 67.4% of Quora’s Indian audience researches products online before making a purchase, while 69.4% express an interest in technology. Advertisers can strategically place their products in the spotlight by providing valuable information and answering consumer queries on Quora, thereby guiding potential customers during the critical research phase. By creating thought leadership content and participating in relevant discussions, brands can build credibility and engage with curious minds eager to learn about the latest tech trends and products.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in India

Get your brand’s message in front of 100 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in India.


Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, the mobile landscape is thriving, with 99.6% of Quora users owning a smartphone and 80.9% owning a PC or laptop. This presents an extraordinary opportunity for consumer technology companies and brands specializing in software, hardware, and peripherals to reach an expansive and receptive audience. Advertisers can leverage Quora to showcase their products and services to consumers who are deeply integrated into the mobile ecosystem and constantly looking to enhance their digital experience.

With 96.3% of users having engaged with gaming on a device, Southeast Asia’s Quora community is a hotspot for the gaming industry. Whether for PC, console, or mobile gaming, advertisers can find a highly engaged audience ready to consume content related to the latest games, gaming hardware, and accessories. Interactive discussions and content sharing on Quora can significantly boost visibility and engagement for gaming products and services.

80% of Quora users in Southeast Asia research a product online before buying it.

A passion for technology runs deep in the Southeast Asian region, with 72.7% of Quora users expressing an interest in tech and 79.7% conducting online research before making a purchase. This represents a unique opportunity for consumer tech brands to connect with enthusiasts who are hungry for the latest news, reviews, and insights. By creating compelling content on Quora, advertisers can tap into this interest, engage with a community eager to stay ahead of the curve, and guide well-informed consumers in their purchasing decisions.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in Southeast Asia

Get your brand’s message in front of 29 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Southeast Asia.


Australia & New Zealand

The Australasian market presents a prime audience for consumer technology advertisers, with 85.8% of Quora users owning a PC or laptop and 97.7% having a smartphone. These numbers suggest a wide interest in computing products, mobile devices, apps, and accessories. Quora’s platform allows for in-depth discussions, product recommendations, and user feedback, creating a rich environment for advertisers to engage with a sophisticated audience that values quality and performance.

Gaming consumer tech has a passionate and sizable audience in this region, with 88.3% of Quora users having used a device for gaming. This reveals a thriving community of gamers who are potential customers for tech like gaming hardware, software, and accessories. Engaging with this demographic on Quora can help gaming brands increase awareness, share expert knowledge, and foster excitement about new products and gaming experiences.

70% of Quora users in Australia and New Zealand research a product online before buying it.

With 60.3% of the audience interested in technology and 70.2% performing online research before making a purchase, Quora’s user base in Australia and New Zealand represents a demographic that is continuously seeking to learn more about tech advancements and innovations. Advertisers can leverage this interest by creating content that educates, informs, and sparks discussions on the platform, thereby positioning their brands as thought leaders in the tech space. By engaging with these users on Quora, advertisers can influence the pre-purchase research phase, providing valuable insights that can steer consumer decisions.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in Australia & New Zealand

Get your brand’s message in front of 12 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in Australia & New Zealand.


Middle East

The Middle Eastern market on Quora showcases a promising landscape for advertisers, with 71.9% of users owning a PC or laptop and 98.5% owning a smartphone. These statistics reflect a substantial user base for traditional consumer tech like computing products and mobile devices, also indicating potential growth areas in software, peripherals, applications, and related services. Advertisers can tap into this community by providing expert advice, sharing user experiences, and highlighting the latest innovations through Quora’s discussion-based platform.

The gaming sector has a significant audience within the Middle East, as 92.4% of Quora users have engaged in gaming on a technological device. This high level of engagement offers a prime opportunity for advertisers in the gaming industry, including those promoting consumer tech like games, gaming hardware, and accessories. By engaging with users on Quora, brands can create a community around gaming, share knowledge, and ignite discussions about the latest trends and products.

70% Quora users in the Middle East are interested in technology.

In terms of consumer behavior, 62.4% of Quora users in the Middle East research products online before making a purchase, while 70.2% have indicated an interest in technology. This underlines the importance of a strong online presence for brands, where informative and persuasive content can directly influence the purchasing decisions of a discerning customer base. Advertisers can harness this interest by contributing valuable content on Quora that addresses curiosity, guides consumers during the decision-making process, and positions their brand as a go-to source for tech information and products.

Popular consumer tech questions on Quora in the Middle East

Get your brand’s message in front of 10 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the Middle East.


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