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The real estate market, renowned for its colossal size and traditional practices, is undergoing a revolutionary transformation driven by technological advancements. These innovations have not only led to the creation of groundbreaking products and services such as smart homes, virtual property tours, AI-driven property management platforms, and blockchain-based transactions but have also completely redefined the landscape of the real estate industry.


Global real estate market stats & trends

The global real estate market is projected to reach $613 trillion in 2023 with residential real estate dominating at $498 trillion, as per the projections of Statista. This trajectory is anticipated to continue with an annual growth rate of 3.5%, culminating in a market volume of $729 trillion by 2028. Likewise, the proptech industry is witnessing significant growth as the pandemic propelled the adoption of digital technologies like virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, and online search platforms. Finally, the surge in remote work has also reshaped housing preferences, according to research conducted by the Columbia Business School. The impact of this shift is not limited to the commercial real estate sector, it also extends to the housing market. 

These trends underscore the need for real estate advertisers to align strategies with evolving consumer expectations in the industry landscape. Advertisers who recognize and adapt to these shifts will be well-positioned to engage a changing market and harness the potential of the real estate and proptech sector.


Real estate & proptech advertising market

In the wake of a recovering market and shifting consumer preferences, real estate advertising strategies are undergoing a transformation. Challenges such as targeting first-time and second-home buyers, coupled with the rising prominence of online listings and social media platforms, are reshaping how advertising resources are allocated. 

In a survey by The Close, 48% of real estate agents agreed that social media ads were their most effective form of advertising. The survey also found that posting on social media got real estate agents 38% of their new clients. The customer journey for home buyers and sellers is evolving with the rapid digitalization in the world today. Nearly all home buyers today (96%) use online tools when searching for a new home,  according to a report by the National Association of Realtors

Amid these changes, online advertising and social media platforms play a critical role in fueling innovation and revolutionizing the landscape of real estate advertising.


Real estate advertising – digital trends & examples

Real estate agents are increasingly leveraging image and video content to showcase properties in creative and engaging ways. By utilizing these formats, agents can create visually captivating content that highlights the unique features and selling points of properties. 

Agents can showcase stunning imagery, video walkthroughs, and even drone footage to offer virtual tours and give potential buyers a more immersive experience. By leveraging captivating images and video content, real estate agents can tap into the power of visual storytelling to connect with their audience, build trust, and ultimately drive interest and inquiries for the properties they represent.

Image ads best practices for the real estate industry

Captivating visuals play a vital role in catching the attention of potential buyers and creating a memorable impression. By following these best practices, you can create image ads that effectively showcase properties and drive engagement.

High-quality images

Use professional-quality images that accurately represent the property’s features and highlight its best attributes. Ensure the images are well-lit, properly framed, and showcase the property in its best light.

Capture the essence

Focus on capturing the unique selling points and key features of the property. Highlight elements such as architectural details, spacious rooms, scenic views, or attractive amenities.

Composition and staging

Pay attention to the composition of the image, ensuring that it is visually appealing and well-balanced. Consider staging the property with tasteful decor and furniture to help potential buyers envision themselves living there.

Consistent branding

Incorporate your branding elements, such as logo, colors, and fonts, into your image ads to maintain a consistent and professional brand identity.

Clear and concise messaging

Include concise and impactful text overlays or captions that highlight the property’s key features, location, or unique selling points. Keep the messaging clear, easy to read, and relevant.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Include a strong and compelling call-to-action that prompts viewers to take the desired action, such as contacting the agent, scheduling a showing, or visiting a website for more information.

Video ads best practices for the real estate industry

Video ads have the power to immerse potential buyers in the property and evoke emotion. In addition to the image ads best practices above, the following tips will help you create engaging and impactful video ads.

Define the purpose

Determine the key messages and story you want to convey to potential buyers. Plan the shots, sequences, and transitions to ensure a coherent and engaging video.

Showcase the property

Highlight the property’s best features and amenities. Take viewers on a virtual tour, showcasing each room, the outdoor spaces, and any unique selling points. Use smooth camera movements and transitions to create a seamless viewing experience.

Keep it concise

Attention spans are limited, so keep your video ad concise. Aim for a duration of under one minute, focusing on the most compelling aspects of the property. If necessary, create shorter teaser videos to generate interest and drive viewers to a longer-form video or listing.

Tell a story

Showcase the property’s lifestyle and how it can enhance the potential buyer’s life. Use voiceover narration or on-screen text to provide context and information about the property and its location.

Match the audio

Choose appropriate background music that complements the mood and style of the video. Ensure the audio is clear and balanced, allowing viewers to hear any voiceover or narration clearly.

For more tips, read our video ads creative best practices.


Steps to a successful real estate ad

The following checklist will help real estate advertisers reach their target audience and maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Understand your target audience.

Conduct market research to identify the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your ideal customers. Identify their pain points, desires, and motivations related to homebuying.

Define your advertising goals.

Clearly define the objectives you want to achieve through your campaign. Examples could include generating leads, increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or promoting specific properties.

Establish your budget.

Determine the financial resources you are willing to allocate to your advertising efforts. Consider factors like duration of the campaign and the cost-per-click or cost-per-impression rates.

Develop compelling creatives and copy.

Create visually appealing and attention-grabbing ad creatives that align with your target audience’s preferences. Craft persuasive copy that communicates the unique selling points of the properties or services you’re advertising.

Test and iterate.

Experiment with different ad formats, images, headlines, and calls-to-action to identify the most effective combinations. Utilize A/B testing to compare the performance of different creatives and copy variations.

Monitor and optimize performance.

Regularly track the performance of your real estate advertising campaigns. Analyze metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). Make data-driven adjustments to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Continuously refine your strategy.

Stay updated with the latest industry trends and changes in consumer behavior. Learn from the successes and failures of your past campaigns to refine your future advertising strategies.

Remember, success in real estate advertising often requires an iterative approach, so don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt your tactics based on the insights you gain along the way.


Real estate advertising on Quora

Quora offers a unique opportunity for real estate advertisers to connect with individuals who are actively researching real estate-related topics. By identifying and engaging with this audience, advertisers can tap into a pool of highly motivated prospects seeking information, guidance, and solutions in the real estate realm.


Popular real estate topics on Quora

Quora is home to a vast user base researching real estate, home buying, mortgages, and a wide range of related topics.

The following real estate related topics saw large spikes in content views year-over-year as Quora users came to the platform to conduct research.


  • Mortgage Brokers +508%
  • Residential Leases +271%
  • Real Estate Rentals +261%
  • Rent +241%
  • Leases +229%
  • Tenants +196%
  • Luxury Homes +185%
  • Housing Prices +184%
  • Landlords +181%
  • Apartment Rentals +169% 
  • Home Loans +45.4%
  • Medical Examinations +147%
  • Apartments and Flats +142%

Quora’s global real estate audience stats



The United States boasts a dynamic real estate market, offering a rich array of properties ranging from urban condos to sprawling suburban McMansions and vast rural estates. It’s a sector deeply ingrained in the American dream, reflecting aspirations of homeownership and investment. As the country’s housing market continues to evolve, so does the way Americans seek information and engage with real estate.

Search for a home begins online for a lot of Americans and even more so among Quora users. Quora users in the US are 56% more likely to use property, real estate, or renting apps and websites. Moreover, they exhibit a notable trend when it comes to real estate ownership, being 46% more likely to own a property other than their primary residence. An impressive 61% of Quora users in the US are homeowners. Among them, 39% hold a single property and 21% own two or more.

Popular real estate questions on Quora in the US

Quora stands out as a preferred destination for aspiring homebuyers and renters alike to gather information essential to making informed decisions in their real estate endeavors. Below are some of their most prevalent questions.

Get your brand’s message in front of 147 million monthly unique visitors on Quora in the US.




The European real estate sector is dynamic, reflecting the region’s transformation and the increasing importance of sustainable, innovative, and accessible housing solutions. It plays a pivotal role in shaping urban and rural environments while contributing significantly to economic growth.

Quora serves as an interactive forum where European users express fervent interest in real estate topics. GWI data indicates that European Quora users are 56% more likely to own properties beyond their primary residence, with 63% owning at least one property and 24% owning two or more. This vibrant engagement extends to the digital realm, with Quora users being 76% more likely to utilize property, real estate, or renting apps and websites.

Popular real estate questions on Quora in Europe

Quora stands at the forefront of real estate and housing-related discussions, offering a prime platform for industry experts and businesses to uncover essential insights into customer preferences. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by European users, shedding light on their keen interest in real estate matters.

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Real estate in India embodies a dynamic landscape, where aspirations, investments, and the quest for a place to call home converge. As the nation’s consumers navigate the intricacies of property ownership, the Indian real estate market showcases a remarkable blend of traditional values and modern innovation. The sector has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation, driven by factors such as rapid urbanization, demographic shifts, and evolving consumer preferences.

Amidst these shifts and changes, Quora users in India stand as a reflection of the nation’s dynamic real estate ecosystem. Their interests, inquiries, and discussions offer insights into the evolving preferences, concerns, and aspirations of individuals across the country. A staggering 84% of Quora users in India own at least one property. 45% of them hold ownership of a single property, while 39% proudly possess two or more properties. Notably, Quora users in India display a 52% higher inclination towards real estate investments, along with a 36% greater affinity to use property, real estate or renting apps and websites.

Popular real estate questions on Quora in India

Millions of home buyers and renters come to Quora to seek information about prospective properties, locations and housing prices and loan rates. Similarly, many homeowners are actively researching brokers, real estate platforms, property taxes and related topics on the platform. Here are the kind of questions these users are curious about. 

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Southeast Asia

The panorama of real estate in Southeast Asia has been undergoing a remarkable transformation, reflecting a region in constant flux and expansion. As economies flourish and cities evolve, the real estate sector plays a pivotal role in reshaping skylines and lifestyles across diverse nations. From the gleaming skyscrapers of Singapore to the tropical retreats of Thailand, the real estate landscape of Southeast Asia mirrors the fusion of tradition and progress, propelled by a surge in demand and innovation.

The region’s enthusiasm for real estate is apparent on Quora from their engagement with related  topics on the platform. Quora users in Southeast Asia exemplify the region’s interest in the potential that real estate holds with a 66% greater propensity to invest in real estate than the average internet user. In fact, a great majority (77%) of them already own at least one property. These tech savvy users also show a 70% higher inclination to use property, real estate, or renting apps and websites. Harnessing Quora’s platform becomes an essential avenue for real estate professionals to connect with this modern and high-intent, engaged audience.

Popular real estate questions on Quora in Southeast Asia

Quora is a hub for real estate and housing related conversations. Companies and professionals in the industry have the opportunity to understand customer needs and gauge their pain points by analyzing the queries and engaging with them to establish trust. Here is a sneak peek into the conversations related to real estate on Quora.

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Australia & New Zealand

The real estate vistas of Australia and New Zealand have transformed greatly over time, evolving into a dynamic realm where dreams of property ownership intertwine with strategic investments. Amidst this evolution, Quora emerges as a digital forum that provides a window into the evolving sentiments, trends, and inquiries of individuals navigating these intricate property markets. 

Quora users in this region are prudent about their real estate transactions. 57% of Quora users in Australia and New Zealand have already embarked on the journey of property ownership. Highlighting the region’s affinity for real estate, these users are 33% more inclined to explore investment opportunities in the sector. Their tech savvy nature also makes them 29% more likely to engage with property, real estate, or renting apps and websites.

Popular real estate questions on Quora in Australia & New Zealand

As Australia and New Zealand’s real estate markets continue to evolve, Quora emerges as an indispensable platform to connect with an audience deeply vested in the nuances of property ownership and investment, offering a unique space for real estate professionals to engage and foster meaningful discussions. There is a wide range of conversations related to real estate from perfect locations to investment opportunities.

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Middle East & Africa

The real estate market in the Middle East is experiencing rapid expansion, encompassing both residential and commercial sectors. This surge is a testament to the region’s emphasis on economic diversification and substantial investments in infrastructure. The vibrancy of this market is mirrored on Quora, where Middle Eastern users exhibit a strong interest in real estate and housing discussions.
Impressively, Quora users in the region are 76% more inclined to engage with property, real estate, and renting apps and websites. More than three-fourths of Quora users in the Middle East already own at least one property, highlighting the deep-rooted connection between the population and real estate. Furthermore, they are 88% more likely to invest in real estate, underlining the region’s fervent interest and potential for real estate opportunities.
Popular real estate questions on Quora in the Middle East
Inquisitive minds across the Middle East turn to Quora to explore a multitude of real estate topics. Users in this region engage in discussions that shed light on the unique opportunities in the realm of real estate. Here are some of the most sought-after questions about real estate in the Middle East.

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Make Quora a part of your real estate marketing mix

With the real estate market constantly evolving, it is crucial for industry professionals to proactively embrace innovative strategies to maintain relevance and competitiveness. By actively engaging in online forums such as Quora, addressing consumer inquiries, and establishing industry expertise, brands can position themselves as trusted authorities in the field.

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