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Holiday campaign best practices on Quora

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Working on your holiday ad campaigns? Here are some key considerations to maximize your impact in Q4.

Creative Best Practices

Phrase your headline as a question.

Most of Quora’s content is in the form of questions and answers. As a result, headline sentences with question marks tend to have higher CTRs, especially in feed and digest placements.

Overlay your logo or CTA.

Including a logo or CTA in your image generally improves CTR. This applies to Image Ads used in both prospecting and remarketing campaigns.

Have a clear value proposition.

Your ad creative and form headline should tell users why they should share their information with you and what they would get out of it.

Run A/B tests.

Have a test and learn mindset when starting a new platform. On Quora, we recommend testing at least four different visuals simultaneously to optimize your campaign.

Don’t neglect your text.

Certain placements on Quora, such as question pages, are Text Ad-only. Image Ads that win these placements will convert to Text Ads, so make sure your message makes sense without the hero image.

Targeting Best Practices

Explore your potential reach.

You can type topics and interests into Quora Ads Manager to see potential reach and understand the kinds of users interested in certain topics.

Split up your campaign or ad sets by device.

Targeting users via mobile and desktop? Split them into separate campaigns or ad sets to measure and compare performance.

Utilize Topic Targeting.

Topic Targeting places ads on feeds and questions tagged under your targeted topics. It’s an ideal way to balance scale and contextual relevance.

Install the Quora Pixel.

This is required to run Conversion campaigns or attribute conversions to specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads. The Quora Pixel is strongly recommended to unlock multiple conversion tracking, retargeting, and lookalike targeting.

Create a Lookalike Audience.

Lookalike Audiences take an existing audience and target users who closely resemble them. Test out various precision points for the right mix of precision and volume.

Want more tips like this?

We just published a free playbook, Holiday Marketing on Quora, about this year’s trends, campaign planning strategies, and creative best practices that will make your holiday campaigns shine on Quora.


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