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Festive auto trends in India 2022

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Quora users are driving towards the festive season

Customers look forward to making big purchases around the festive season. While buying a new car can be daunting, buyers keep Quora as their essential tool through their research process. Quora’s automobile community leverages the platform to know the vehicle history, automobile’s resale value and safety before making the right deal!

Quorans in India begin their automobile research early into the holidays. Topics related to cars and automobiles witness a peak in views prior to the festive season of October, a time before major Indian festivals, with December seeing another rise.

This is the time when people are seeking guidance on what their next automobile purchase should be, with most users looking for reliable and quality motor companies and car models that will provide them with the best service for their money.

Topic views on cars and automobile content

Internal Quora Data, August 2021 to December 2021

Top car and automobile questions on Quora in India

Shifting between luxury and practicality

Quora users like to be in the driver’s seat when researching their automobile options. During the holiday season, content views on Car Buying are at their highest. And with 35% of Quora users owning two or more vehicles, conversations often oscillate between the viability of owning a luxury car and finding the most reliable and quality-assured models.

Car Buying:

Content views
Quora Internal Data

Question count

Answer count

Steer toward the holiday season on Quora

As the festive season begins, Quora users are eager to research their next big car purchase. They are looking into the best ideas for a motor vehicle that will be a gift for the entire family. Now is the time to jump on-board and start your campaign on Quora Ads. 

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