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Fashion and jewellery insights for Festive season 2023




The Indian fashion market has been growing at a brisk rate and is expected to reach a size of USD $115-125 billion by 2025, according to Times of India. Fashion brands are now largely on social media for marketing and engagement and are exploring e-commerce by investing in digital technologies like virtual try-ons, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Despite the always-on shopping opportunities that e-commerce presents, the annual festive season witnesses a burst of activity in this space, and the buzz is getting louder every year. The 2022 festive season saw an increase of almost 97% in total sales of apparel, footwear & fashion accessories compared to 2021 (Omnifynd).

To leverage the festive shopping fever, fashion brands begin to plan their strategies well in advance. In addition to festive offers and festive discounts, they turn to data analytics and digital tools that enable them to sharpen their customer targeting so that they can claim a larger slice of the online shopping pie.

Quora is home to fashion enthusiasts

Being a knowledge-sharing platform, people come to Quora to seek and give advice on all things and fashion is one of the more popular themes. A GWI survey (October to December 2022) of participating Quora users in India revealed that:


are interested in fashion


used a Lifestyle and Fashion app or website a month before the survey


used makeup or skincare products in the week before the survey


sed hair colouring or styling products in the week before the survey

Fashion topics on Quora spike during the festive season

During the festive season, conversations around fashion and jewellery pick up considerably on Quora. Interest in the Fashion related topics peaked in October during the major Indian holidays and then once again around New Year’s.

Fashion and jewellery related questions on Quora

Upward trend in questions about fashion and jewellery on Quora

Trending fashion and jewellery topics on Quora during the festive season

Here are some popular topics that saw a spike in the number of questions in October 2022 compared to the previous month.

Have a bright festive season on Quora

Engage with Quora’s fashion community, share expert knowledge, and showcase products through Video Ads and Promoted Answers. Leverage the platform’s targeting tools to reach a highly-engaged audience during the festive season in India.

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Neha is an India-based marketing professional experienced in helping global brands and agencies achieve market growth.

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