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Shopping trends dominating India’s 2022 festive season

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Quora users do their research—and the festive season will be no different

Quora users are more likely than users from other platforms to research their purchases online. Over two-thirds (67%) of Quora users in India conduct online research before making a purchase.

Online research before a purchase

GWI Core April 2021 to March 2022 survey of participating Quora users in India

Quorans revamp their wardrobes for the festive season

Research for holiday shopping and gifting starts as early as September in India, and fashion plays a big role in festive traditions. 67% of Quora users in India prefer to gift clothing and accessories during the winter holidays. Views on Quora’s fashion and shopping content spike right before the major Indian festivals. Fashion topic views peak in December as people look for advice on what to wear and where to shop.

Views on content related to fashion and shopping

GWI Core 2021 survey of participating Quora users in India, Internal Quora Data August 2021 to December 2021

Top fashion & retail questions

Quorans celebrate in style

Quora users prefer being a step ahead when it comes to following fashion and shopping trends. In fact, fashion and shopping are among the most viewed topics during the festive period in India. Conversations range from staying in the know about the latest fashion trends to finding the best sites to score holiday deals.

Have a bright festive season on Quora

With the holiday season beginning, our users have already started researching their holiday shopping wishlist. There is no time like the present to get started on your Quora Ads campaign and begin reaching this engaged audience. Need some seasonal inspiration? Visit our resources center or download our new guide, Holiday Marketing on Quora.
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Neha is an India-based marketing professional experienced in helping global brands and agencies achieve market growth.

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