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What are third-party trackers?

Third-party tracking refers to the practice by which a tracker, other than the website directly visited by the user, traces or assists in tracking the user’s visit to the site. Third-party trackers are snippets of code that are present on multiple websites.

Third-party (3P) trackers import Quora campaign traffic to third-party tracking providers. Advertisers who use these providers are able to append trackers to their creatives to confirm the validity of ad traffic delivered by our ad server, such as click and impression tracking, and also receive additional tracking data that is generated by these tracking providers, for a more complete view of your advertising performance and other metrics.

Why advertisers should be using 3P trackers on their ads

Create meaningful insights and optimize your campaigns: Review trends and reporting that provide further insights into the following:

  • Viewability – meaning at least 50% of the ad must be in view for at least one second for display ads, by MRC and IAB standards.
  • Brand safety – keeping a brand’s reputation safe when they advertise online, and in practice, this means avoiding placing ads next to content that may be considered “brand unsafe”, i.e. adult content, alcohol, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language and violence etc.
  • Fraud protection – identifying invalid traffic, or impressions generated by bots or any form of nonhuman traffic.

How to get started with Quora’s 3P trackers

First, get started with the Quora Pixel*. Quora’s Pixel offers enhanced reporting, however, you can also validate metrics with a third-party measurement partner for greater accuracy and assurance.

Quora Ads Manager is currently integrated with the following 3P tracking partners:

Please reach out to one of these partners to set up an account for third-party tracking.

Please note the Quora Ads Support Team does not have visibility into our partners’ platforms. If you need assistance with generating tags or checking your tracking URLs, please defer to the respective partner’s support team.

You can keep updated on our most current Brand Safety partners in the Quora Partner Marketplace.

*For more information, you can also refer to our Help Center articles on Quora’s Pixel and our Third-Party Pixel Tracking Partners.

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