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Post-pandemic health

90% of Quora visitors seek new ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, and with some post-pandemic normalcy returning, we are seeing unique trends among Quora’s India users.

From online health services to personal health, Quorans are adapting to new services and norms created by the pandemic. Businesses are increasingly coming to Quora as a result, with more health organizations writing answers and using Quora Ads for their brand initiatives.

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Updated January 2022




Trends in Telehealth

Online citizens are continuing to use the internet to source medical information and conduct research for health purchases. Quora users in particular are using the platform to learn about diets, medications, and specific ailments.


use the internet to research health issues and products


more likely to have checked health symptoms online


more likely to have purchased medicine or pharmaceutical items online in the past month


more likely to have purchased health insurance online

With 53% of Quora’s Indian users being interested in personal health, medical institutions like Apollo Hospital Group recognized the demand for accurate medical information. Apollo Hospital’s team partnered with their medical experts to answer health-related Quora questions, then used Quora Ads to deliver this content to more users. Gaurav Phogat, Apollo Hospital Group’s Digital General Manager, shares, “Quora has been a high-quality platform for triggering conversations, spreading accurate health information & empowering users to ask us the most critical questions for their well being.”

Healthy lives are happy lives

While the pandemic caused a spike in health-related content views on Quora, users were interested in health long before COVID-19, and their numbers continue to rise.

54% of Quora’s India users define themselves as health-conscious, and they are proving it through their lifestyles.


exercise at least once a week


play sports


are interested in health drinks or food

78% of Quora visitors also encourage others to lead healthy lifestyles, which is reflected in 2021’s trending health questions. These questions combined have several thousand followers and hundreds of answers. Professionals and individuals alike have taken to the platform to share advice and personal stories about their health journeys, creating an evergreen community of health enthusiasts on Quora.

Most Viewed Health Questions in 2021

Brands in the health industry are finding opportunities within these conversations, with businesses like GSK and Onco.com using Quora to reach a high-value, health-conscious audience. Your business can also join the conversation by writing answers or leveraging Quora Ads to deliver tailored ads to your target customer.

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