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Leveraging Promoted Answers to drive purchases and brand lift
Improvement in CPA and RoAS



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About GenoPalate
GenoPalate is a data-driven, nutrition company that understands their customers at a genetic level and provides the DNA-based nutrition guidance they need to become their healthiest self.




Their Goal

Acquire new customers

GenoPalate is a genetics-based, personal nutrition company. They empower customers with their genetic information and personalized nutritional guidelines and food choices to eat healthy. As a direct-to-consumer brand, GenoPalate’s main focus is to drive purchases.
Because GenoPalate is in the nutrition space, education and trust is incredibly important. Quora's long-form nature gives us the perfect opportunity to build trust, educate the customer, and then drive them to action.
Noah Hardy

Noah Hardy


Their Solution

Strategically retarget and continually test

The GenoPalate team strategically built three different types of campaigns: a primary prospecting campaign that leverages broad audiences, segmented out by gender and device type, as well as two retargeting campaigns for people who have viewed their prospecting ads and website visitors, respectively. When it comes to testing, the team builds new campaigns for every creative test to dedicate a specific budget for each.
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Their Creative

Tap influencers for added authenticity

GenoPalate’s use of third-party influencers boosted performance of both Promoted Answers and video ads. For Promoted Answers campaigns, influencers created answers about 2-3 paragraphs long that linked to the brand’s website 2-3 times within the text. For video campaigns, GenoPalate has seen stronger performance from user-generated content such as influencers’ unboxing their products because of the added authenticity of these recommendations.

Their Advice

Lean into Promoted Answers

It's incredibly important to be platform native on Quora. Leverage Promoted Answers as the primary pillar of your strategy as it is an ideal format for the long-form nature of the platform. Once GenoPalate adapted their strategy to be more focused around Promoted Answers, the team saw a 10x improvement in CPA and RoAS.

Their Results

40% better results than other channels and noticeable brand lift

For the last 12 months, Quora has been GenoPalate’s top-performing platform in terms of scale and cost per purchase, including over Google and Facebook—often by up to 40%. In terms of traffic quality and lead quality, Quora consistently outperforms other channels, providing higher time on site, higher AOVs, and higher conversion rates. As the first company to test out Quora’s brand lift studies, GenoPalate also found that people ages 25-34 showed the strongest lift in favorability and people with annual household incomes between $50k-$75k showed the strongest lift in brand awareness and consideration after seeing their campaigns on Quora.
Quora is our favorite platform to advertise on right now!
Noah Hardy

Noah Hardy

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