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Effectively targeting intent-driven audiences for a vaccination PSA campaign

Quora Internal Data


Quora Internal Data

About GlaxoSmithKline
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer.




Their Goal

Disseminate vital information about vaccinations to a relevant audience

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people across India were and are concerned about whether they should continue with routine vaccinations or if they should be delayed. To clear concerns and queries, and create awareness around vaccines, GSK —a leading pharmaceutical company, took the initiative to provide vital information on the importance of timely vaccinations.
Since Quora has a user base of over a 100 million people in India, you find an unimaginable number of queries every single day —unlike any other platform.
Mayank Khaneja

Mayank Khaneja

Group Head-Paid Media


Their Solution

Add Quora to their media mix

Quorans are always asking questions and seeking the right answers, and this time GSK wanted to be the ones to answer them. This made GSK and Quora a match made in marketing heaven and an inevitable addition to GSK’s media plan as it is only one of the few intent-based platforms that offers pinhole targeting.
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Their Creative

Intent-based text and image ads shown seamlessly

Quora offers ads in text and image formats. GSK took advantage of the two as these ads natively integrate into Quora’s feed. Clicks on these ads led an exhaustive FAQ section of GSK's website, leading to higher website visits & direct enquiries.

Their Advice

Utilize the Quora ad features and targeting to your advantage

As Quora has an audience of more than 100 million people in India alone, you can find an unimaginable number of queries on the platform every single day - something that cannot be said about any other platform. Using a combination of tactics through Quora Ads can help you connect your message with a high-intent audience that is actively researching topics related to your solution.

Their Results

High CTRs and great CTVs

The campaign yielded successful results, making Quora a promising platform for GSK to spread awareness —both, about vaccinations and the brand. An effective spread of awareness led to higher impressions. GSK also generated high CTRs at a good click-to-visit rate (CTV), which was comparable to other search platforms and higher than display networks — holistically achieving media goals and making the campaign a success.
Since search intent is a valuable metric and Quora is an intent-based platform, I recommend Quora for advertising — whether you're running a performance-oriented or an awareness-related campaign.
Mayank Khaneja

Mayank Khaneja

Group Head-Paid Media

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