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Tips for writing a strong Business Profile

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Get more from your content with a Quora Business Profile. Business Profiles empower your brand to join conversations around your industry, and let you organically connect with your audience.

Who should have a Quora Business Profile?

Millions of people use Quora every day. A Business Profile should be a top consideration for any brand looking to increase awareness, deepen relationships with their audience, and engage with an active community on Quora. Business Profiles are especially ideal for companies interested in writing as their brand on Quora. Unlike user profiles, Business Profiles can post answers on Quora under a company name, a key benefit for those running Promoted Answers on Quora Ads.

What are the differences between a Business Profile and a user profile?

Unlike individual user accounts, Business Profiles:

  • Can be managed by multiple people
  • Are permitted to use the name of a business for the profile and when participating in conversations on Quora
  • Will be designated as a business with a business icon on the profile image
  • Can define and display industry topics that the business is involved in on the profile page
  • Can define a location for the business visible on the profile page
  • Can be linked to your Ads account for a seamless experience

Quora Business Profile best practices

Quora is optimized to match readers, writers, and knowledge seekers with content that is most useful to them. This makes every view and upvote that much more valuable. To optimize your Business Profile experience, consider the following best practices:

  • Complete your profile. Your profile gives the Quora community explicit signals of your credibility, so it is important to fill out all the available fields. A good profile also helps people find you when they are looking for experts to answer their questions on Quora.
  • Stay connected. Let users know how they can stay in touch by sharing your website or social media links in your profile description.
  • Answer questions about your industry. Your brand has industry knowledge that may not exist on the internet. Showcase your business presence and expertise on Quora by organically answering questions related to your industry or common inquiries you hear from customers. You can also ask and answer your own questions if they do not already exist on the platform.
  • Write useful answers. The best Quora answers are authentic and answer the question asked. Friendly, more casual tones tend to perform better even when coming from a Business Profile, so don’t be afraid to show some personality! Cite sources where necessary, and avoid hyperlinking your business when it is not relevant. Readers should not need to leave Quora to get the answer to their question.
  • Repurpose existing content. If your company has a content team or blog, convert your most successful content into a Quora answer. Just ensure the content is relevant to the question being asked, and use block quotes and citations for any paragraphs copied-and-pasted from your website.

To learn how to create a Business Profile on Quora, check out our Help Center article to get started.


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