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Post-pandemic health

Waves of people converged online seeking answers during the COVID-19 pandemic, turning Quora into a hub for information and community. Immunologists and researchers operated Spaces to dispel misinformation, parents exchanged homeschooling tips, and individuals came together to discuss lockdown life around the world.

Now, more than two years into the pandemic, we see normalcy gradually returning. Health was a popular topic among Quora users long before the pandemic, and moving into 2022 we see more Quorans re-focusing on their overall health.

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Updated January 2022




Act fast!

A survey conducted by Global Web Index found that 54% of Quora users are interested in personal health, with leading interests including fitness, beauty, and diets.

However, for the Quora community, being “interested” in personal health isn’t enough. Rather than passively reading health content, Quorans are taking action and committing to healthier behaviors.


seek new ways to lead a healthier lifestyle


encourage others to lead healthy lifestyles


check ingredients & nutritional information before purchasing food


exercise at least once a week

A large population of users are going the extra mile to advocate for healthier lifestyles, which is evident in 2021’s trending health questions. These questions combined have several thousand followers and hundreds of answers. Professionals and individuals alike have taken to the platform to share advice and personal stories about their health journeys, creating an evergreen community of health enthusiasts on Quora.

Most Viewed Health Questions in 2021

Online life lines

Despite the world returning to moderate normalcy, one pandemic trend remains virtual.

Online citizens are continuing to use the internet to source medical information and receive telehealth services. Quora users in particular have used the platform to learn about general health, specific ailments, and medications.

Online research is another key theme for Quorans, with 83% of users saying online information or recommendations are important when deciding to buy medicine for everyday ailments. They are also:


more likely to research online before purchasing health insurance


more likely to have checked health symptoms online


more likely to have researched online before purchasing medicine or pharmaceutical items in the past month

or brands in the health space, this offers a prime opportunity to engage with with health-conscious individuals. Institutions like the USC Keck School of Medicine already recognized the demand for accurate medical information, and are using Quora to build their reputation as industry thought leaders.