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Reach millions of technophiles

Quora users have long been fascinated by technology; from the latest iPhones to advancements in artificial intelligence. In fact, 80% of Quora’s India users are technophiles and tech enthusiasts.
Today, over 109M users follow the Technology topic, and content related to technology receives 400M+ views a month. Whether your brand works in STEM education or B2B services, Quora offers a brand-safe place for you to reach your target tech customer.

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Updated November 2021




Behind the screen

When you advertise on Quora, you tap into a vast audience of 300M+ unique monthly visitors — many of whom are interested in technology for work, school, or personal interest. 
60% of Quora’s India users are more likely to be tech natives, and they are actively engaging with the wider tech community:


follow the latest technology trends and news


are interested in tech gadgets


are interested in computers and coding

As our top technology questions show, Quorans are eager to explore new fields or select the best tech products on the market.

Most Viewed Technology Questions in 2021

Meet the decision makers

Quora isn’t just for tech consumers. Decision-makers are increasingly turning to Quora to conduct research, evaluate products, and engage with others in their industry.
Quora’s India users are 51% more likely to be involved in initiating, recommending, ordering, or approving business products and services.
This is evident in the tech topics that trended over the past year on Quora. Between 2020 and 2021, topics like SQL Server Analysis Services and Cloud Backup Services experienced a 1,000+% growth in topic views.