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Why advertise on Quora?

We’ve all heard the expression “Content is King,” but without the right approach, more content is just more noise. Especially in recent years, companies have turned towards thought leadership as a way to enhance brand reputation, build decision makers’ trust, open the conversation, and help close business. But in a market overflowing with digital content, it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out.

According to Edelman and LinkedIn’s B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study, 66% of B2B decision-makers say the pandemic led to a flood of thought leadership in the marketplace, but amid the overabundance of information, 71% say that half or less than half of the thought leadership they consume actually provides them with valuable insights.

Your future customers want to self-educate before making a decision, but it’s up to businesses to arrive at the right time, on the right channel, to win over their attention.

Enter Quora.

Why should you advertise on Quora?

What makes Quora unique is why people come to the platform. It’s not a search engine and it’s not social media. It’s a high-intent destination somewhere in between—where people conduct research, evaluate products, ask for tips, and learn more about the world.

quora venn diagram

People come to Quora actively looking for answers. With Quora for Business, you can put your brand in front of over 400 million global monthly users searching for solutions before they make a decision.

In addition to having a growing, high-intent audience, Quora works to build a platform and ecosystem that is optimal for readers, writers, askers, and seekers of information. We stand for knowledge and information quality, backed by both machine learning and human moderation that will keep your brand safe. Across 24 languages and over 300,000 topics, Quora personalizes content based on what people want to learn more about, ensuring it is always relevant to them—and that, in turn, your brand’s message is always delivered in relevant contexts.

By contributing to Quora, you can connect your brand with a highly engaged audience and multiply it organically within Quora and beyond through referral traffic and promoted ads.

Unlock a net new audience

On Quora, you’ll connect with an audience you can’t find on any other platform.

Unduplicated reach

Quora US unduplicated reach
Based on the GWI Core Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 surveys of of participating US Quora users.
Quora users are highly-educated with purchasing power.


have an undergraduate degree or higher
Based on the GWI Core Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 surveys of of participating US Quora users.


report a household income of >$85,000

 The Quora flywheel effect


Unlike other platforms where content can get buried or disappear, the knowledge shared on Quora is evergreen. Your answers won’t just be relevant for a day, but for months and years to come. We ensure the information you share is available and accessible in the long term, which means you can drive leads and maintain influence years after writing your first answer. This is referred to as the Quora flywheel effect.

Here are some steps you can take to get your flywheel spinning:

  • Share: Demonstrate your expertise by adding questions and providing unique answers about your industry.
  • Engage: Influence discussions about your brand by engaging users asking about your product or industry through upvoting, commenting, and re-sharing answers.
  • Build Thought Leadership: Develop authority and establish trust on topics by consistently providing valuable answers and a unique point of view. Over time this will lead to more followers and people asking you to answer their questions.

For a primer on our Ads Manager platform and how to structure campaigns, check out our guide, Quora Ads Manager Explained.

Quora is investing in its ad platform

Our team is committed to building a world-class advertising platform for our clients—across performance, measurement, and brand safety. We partner with industry leaders to ensure our clients’ messages are delivered accurately in safe, relevant contexts. Visit our Quora Partner Marketplace to learn how we work with DoubleVerify, IAS, CM360, and more.

We are also committed to continually enhancing and ramping up our ad offerings, most recently launching Video Ads in October 2022. Brands can easily repurpose existing video content to gain first-mover advantage in their industry and stand out on a text-based platform. Learn more about Quora Video Ads.

In November 2022, the Quora for Business team also rolled out a Prepayment solution to eliminate pain points for our India advertisers impacted by the new RBI regulations. We have many more exciting features and partnerships on our roadmap, so stay tuned!

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Visit our Resources Center for more Quora Ads tips, guides, and best practices. Ready to get started? Join top brands building awareness, driving traffic, and boosting conversions on Quora.

Shelagh Dolan
Content Editor, Quora
Shelagh is a Buffalo-based writer, editor, and digital marketer specializing in B2B content strategy.

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