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10 Bots marketers should try on Poe




Poe is Quora’s platform that lets people ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with AI-powered bots.

On Poe, users have the ability to chat with multiple bots all within the same platform. This includes not only the big-name bots like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Claude+, but also thousands of custom, user-created bots that each have special skills and knowledge. You can browse through thousands of bots within Poe’s Explore Bots page, to see all the different use cases and possibilities.

For marketers, access to a diverse range of bots can dramatically enhance their productivity and outcomes. Whether you need creative inspiration or a way to streamline operations, there is likely a bot on Poe that can improve your workflow and performance.

Here are ten custom prompt bots every marketer should try.


RephraseFrog rephrases your copy into 30 different styles and tones. Use this bot to generate new ideas or come up with different copy options for A/B testing.


Articlebot generates articles optimized for search engines based on a provided topic.


If you’re experimenting with AI image generation in your content, use the Midjourney bot to create detailed prompts for you to input into Midjourney.

Pro-Tip: You can add aspect ratio parameters to your Midjourney prompts to specify sizes for hero images, email banners, social creative, and more.

Poe prompt

Midjourney output


The BrandMagic bot will help bring your brand to life, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance an existing brand. This bot will help you outline a framework for key brand elements such as name, logo, voice, and positioning statement, as well as deep dive to develop any of these elements in detail.


Seeking campaign inspiration? The MktCaseStudyGPT bot offers a list of references for marketing campaigns and brand activations based on a topic, industry, or product category you provide.


If your role includes community management, Reviewbot will help you stay ahead by providing genuine and empathetic responses for any positive, mixed or negative reviews people leave for your business.


The LinkedIn bot creates powerful thought leadership posts based on your idea. LinkedInfluencer era loading…


Boring presentations be gone! TemplateMaker47 will create a compelling slide deck template for you based on a given topic.


Learn programming basics in no time with HTMLMachine, an HTML5 bot that can help you with front end development. This bot explains how to use HTML to achieve your desired outcome, as well as provides examples. Use it to make quick fixes or changes on your website without needing to wait for a developer.


If you’re using AI to generate music for your audio or video content, the MusicGen bot will create detailed prompts to input into MusicGen AudioCrafter

Poe prompt

Paste it into Audiogen

Audio output file

Is there a use case you’d like to try but you can’t find the right bot? Poe allows you to easily build your own bot with simple prompts—no code needed! Create your own bot on Poe.

Poe is available on the web at poe.com and in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Shelagh Dolan
Content Marketing Manager, Quora

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