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Quora Internal Data

About Tutort Academy
Tutort Academy is an e-learning platform focused on delivering in-demand job-ready skills with self-paced learning in live-online classrooms. Their goal is to guide student development through quality education in AI, ML, Data Science, Software Development, and other fields.




Their Goal

Reach users researching online courses

Tutort Academy’s main goal was to drive high-quality traffic to its website. They identified Quora as a high-intent audience platform that users often rely on when researching new products.
One of the best things about Quora is that the quality of leads is very good. We see high conversion rates from Quora. The high-intent audience has also helped in quality conversions, which is what our eventual goal is.
Manu Agrawal

Manu Agrawal


Tutort Academy

Their Solution

A/B test targeting to reach the right people

To ensure maximum reach and audience engagement, Tutort Academy undertook A/B testing to optimize its targeting by exploring different countries for its campaign. While they primarily leveraged Promoted Answers to highlight the course details and the benefits of upskilling, they added Text and Image Ads to the mix which really helped them get the desired results. Their strategy for reaching the right people was integral to their success. Their targeted approach allowed them to identify the audience most likely to be interested in their courses. A winning combination of contextual targeting options like Question, Interest, and Keyword Targeting along with Audience Targeting enabled them to tap into highly motivated searchers looking for just the kind of courses they are offering.
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Their Creative

Understand the audience’s ask to create relevant communication

Tutort Academy switched between answering different kinds of questions, focusing on those that gave them the opportunity to inform users and to set themselves apart by sharing how they help candidates get the best results. They used Promoted Answers extensively because their main focus was to find and reach users already looking for their products. They made it a point to understand the kind of questions people are asking and made an effort to keep their answers as relevant and informative as possible.

Their Advice

Test the waters and establish thought leadership

Quora will be the best place for you if are looking for a high-intent and qualified audience. Finding success on Quora is all about A/B testing and understanding what works for your brand. Another important aspect is establishing thought leadership on the platform since Quora’s audience is brand loyal.

Their Results

Better performance and high-quality traffic at a low CPC

Tutort Academy's Quora campaign exceeded expectations with a lot of valuable engagement, garnering 15.4 million impressions on their Promoted Answers campaign and 3.2k+ upvotes converting to website visits. Their campaigns have seen an average CTR of 5.9% which is 68% higher than the EdTech industry benchmark on Quora. Some of their answers saw CTRs as high as 11%. With constant optimization support from the Quora team, they were able to reduce the CPC by 50% in the last 3 months of their topic-targeting campaign. The website traffic from the Quora campaign led to high-quality leads. Speaking about the lead quality they said, "We have got maximum brand awareness and conversions from Quora Ads. We see at least 50% better performance through Quora Ads when compared to other platforms." (Metrics reflect Quora Ads performance improvements from Jan 2022 to Feb 2023.)
Quora is our best ads platform and our confidence in it has only increased knowing that the platform’s audience fits our needs perfectly. Their service has been amazing, we’ve gotten personal assistance from our account manager whenever needed. We’ll look to continue finding ways to best utilize the platform.
Manu Agrawal

Manu Agrawal


Tutort Academy
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