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Intel vPro's brand awareness content campaign in association with Carat. Winner Afaqs Brandstoryz 2023 I Super category - Brand initiatives I Category - Best use of Quora I Bronze winner
1.5x CTR
on Video ads

Quora Internal Data

0.74% CTR
Image Ads CTRs
above category benchmark

Quora Internal Data

About Intel vPro
The vPro business unit of Intel is designed with the B2B audience in mind. This specialized segment of Intel provides comprehensive solutions for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in large enterprises, offering a range of products that cater to the specific needs and demands of the modern IT landscape. The vPro platform is built to maximize productivity, minimize computing disruptions, and provide a high degree of control and management over a company's IT infrastructure.




Their Goal

Increased brand preference leading to higher opt-ins

Intel vPro strives to increase brand preference leading to higher opt-ins. The primary objective is to reach out to top IT decision-makers, driving both familiarity and preference for Intel vPro, and establishing it as a platform of choice. Understanding that these IT decision-makers don’t spend much time thinking about PCs, but recognize that PCs are a critical tool for business, Intel vPro aimed to position its products as an integral part of the 'catalog' of end-user devices acceptable within a company. To achieve this, Intel vPro identified that despite the availability of multiple assets and materials to understand the product, there was a gap in knowledge and many related questions in the minds of their target audience. Leveraging Quora's platform, Intel vPro aimed to bridge this gap. They identified top questions posed by their target audience and provided them with appropriate and targeted information to increase their product understanding and preference.
Platforms such as Quora offer us an opportunity to drive thought leadership. More importantly these conversations are not one way conversations but two way which makes the entire process way more interactive.
Apurva Jani

Apurva Jani

Marketing Director

Intel India

Their Solution

Sharp dual-level targeting to ensure high brand consideration

Intel vPro utilized Quora's advanced targeting options to ensure a highly focused campaign. With a primary focus on IT decision-makers, all campaign assets were specifically targeted to this audience. Quora's behavior and topic targeting allowed Intel to reach users based on their activity and the topics they showed interest in, thereby increasing the likelihood of high engagement. Other IT Ops specialists, such as IT managers, directors of network infrastructure, directors of infrastructure services, IT operations managers, and VP/executive directors of IT, were also included in the targeting. These professionals were exposed to Intel’s vPro media campaign, ensuring a wide reach within the relevant professional community. This dual-level targeting approach, leveraging both behavioural and topic-based criteria, ensured high brand consideration and a targeted reach into the right audience segments.
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Their Creative

Leverage display & video ads to highlight product USPs

Intel vPro empowers IT professionals, enabling them to accomplish more than ever with a single platform. This platform is truly Built for Business. Engineered to support a multitude of tasks, Intel vPro keeps businesses running smoothly. It's designed to preemptively stop attacks, remotely manage, upgrade, and restore every device, minimize computing disruptions, and maximize productivity. All these capabilities enable IT professionals to do more, often unnoticed by others. With Intel vPro, IT professionals are better equipped to manage everything, freeing time for other crucial aspects of their work. While praises might not be sung in the office, these professionals are seen, their hard work is acknowledged, and their efforts are applauded. Intel’s strategy included deploying visually captivating and highly engaging Image Ad and Video ads. Keeping Quora's creative best practices in mind, Intel planned various creative themes that accentuated the product's unique selling points. These creatives were strategically targeted at relevant topics and keywords, leading to above-category benchmark click-through rates (CTRs).

Their Results

Above benchmark CTRs for driving high-intent traffic to their website

Intel's campaign outperformed expectations with a click-through rate (CTR) approximately 50% higher than the category benchmark. This achievement demonstrated the compelling nature of their creatives and the efficacy of their targeted approach. Moreover, the campaign generated over 8.4 million video views, indicating strong interest and resonance within the target audience. The most notable success of the campaign was the significant increase in the quality of traffic to Intel's landing page. Users engaged proactively with the videos and banners, reflecting high intent.
Our experiences have been positive as we continue to explore platforms like Quora to drive data backed and intent backed marketing approaches.
Apurva Jani

Apurva Jani

Marketing Director

Intel India
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