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About Grip Invest
Grip is an investor-first, technology-driven, transparency-focused digital investment platform for curated non-market linked alternative investment opportunities across the entire risk-reward spectrum that best cater to an investor’s wealth creation.




Their Goal

Leverage Quora for growth and investor acquisition

Grip Invest's mission was to captivate high-intent investors on Quora, propelling website registrations by showcasing its unique investment offerings.
Launching our campaign on Quora was a strategic move that paid off beyond expectations. The platform's ability to connect us with a high-intent audience resulted in not just increased visibility but tangible leads that exceeded our targets.
Ved Agarwal

Ved Agarwal

Chief Marketing Officer

Grip Invest

Their Solution

Precise Targeting: The key to reaching high-intent investors

Grip Invest crafted a tailored approach, harnessing a combination of topic and keyword targeting to engage an audience deeply interested in investment advice, corporate bonds, and real estate investing. By meticulously choosing topics and keywords related to alternative investment funds and their competitors, Grip Invest was able to segment the audience, boosting conversions through this strategic diversification.
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Their Creative

Engaging investors with compelling creatives

The advertising strategy employed by Grip Invest was text-centric, with an 80/20 text-to-image ratio, ensuring the message was clear and direct. Advertisements featured eye-catching headlines such as "Don't pay an EMI, Earn it!" and emphasized the platform's unique selling points, including the exceptionally high return on investment of 16%, to captivate potential investors.

Their Advice

Tailor your message and know your audience

Grip Invest's success was not just due to the targeting but also the compelling message that was specifically designed for their audience. The key takeaway for similar campaigns would be to understand your target audience deeply and craft a message that resonates with their investment goals and aspirations.

Their Results

Transforming clicks into leads with exceptional conversion rates

The campaign was a resounding success, achieving a stellar conversion rate of 1.3%, translating to over 1200 leads within the span of 90 days. Grip Invest's focused campaign on Quora led to a significant increase in website registrations, demonstrating the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy.
Quora has been instrumental in scaling our investor base and driving our growth trajectory.
Ved Agarwal

Ved Agarwal

Chief Marketing Officer

Grip Invest
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