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Godrej Appliances

Godrej Appliances' maximizing aspirational reach: Leveraging Quora's potential to showcase premiumization.
64% lower CPC
compared to consumer durable category average on Quora

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21M+ views
at competitive CPCs of INR 1.6

Quora Internal Data

About Godrej Appliances
Godrej Appliances has been a pioneer in the Indian consumer durable industry, known for creating innovative lifestyle products tailored to the unique needs and preferences of millions of Indians. Each of their products is meticulously designed, engineered, and adapted to the diverse Indian lifestyle and the specific habits and environments in which people live and work.




Their Goal

Drive awareness across premium product categories among high intent users

In the evolving landscape of consumer appliances, Godrej Appliances recognized the burgeoning trend of premiumization driven by increased disposable incomes. Their primary goal was to raise awareness about their premium product offerings across various categories, emphasizing the aspirational aspect of owning high-end consumer durables. They understood that premiumization represented the desire of consumers to acquire high-quality, feature-rich products that elevate their lifestyle. Therefore, they aimed to engage high-intent users actively seeking premium consumer durables and communicate their commitment to offering products that are aspirational and aligned with evolving consumer preferences.
We believe that connecting with our audience on Quora has allowed us to connect better with consumers in their shopper journey while strengthening our brand perception as a trusted expert in the consumer durable domain.
Swati Rathi

Swati Rathi

Marketing Head

Godrej Appliances

Their Solution

A strategic approach to success

To achieve this goal, Godrej Appliances adopted a strategic approach that was entirely focused on premiumization. They began by meticulously identifying relevant queries associated with premium product categories. This allowed them to tailor their content to directly address the specific needs and interests of Quora users actively seeking information about high-end consumer durables. To maximize their outreach and create a more personalized and aspirational experience, the Godrej Appliances team developed distinct content cohorts for different premium products, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. This approach allowed them to showcase their premium offerings within an environment where users were already discussing and aspiring to own high-end appliances, reinforcing their commitment to fulfilling these aspirations. Their strategic approach not only communicated their premium product lines but also underscored their dedication to delivering high-quality, aspirational consumer appliances that align with the evolving desires of their target audience. This strategy engaged users with a penchant for premium products and showcased that owning high-end consumer durables was attainable and within reach.
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Their Creative

Promoted Answers that make an impact

In the realm of creative strategies, Godrej Appliances was resolute in its focus on premiumization. To effectively communicate the aspirational aspect of owning high-end consumer durables, they harnessed Quora's Promoted Answer format. By responding to popular questions within their premium product categories through their Business Profile, they engaged users and positioned themselves as the epitome of aspirational consumer durables. Their responses not only provided valuable insights but also conveyed that owning high-quality, feature-rich products was a tangible aspiration within reach for Quora users.

Their Advice

Clear strategy for Quora Success

Godrej Appliances' success on Quora was rooted in their unwavering commitment to premiumization. Their key strategies focused on communicating the aspirational nature of their high-end consumer durables. They focused on audience-centric approach by identifying and addressing specific queries and topics relevant to premium product categories was paramount. Their content was meticulously tailored to address the aspirations and interests of Quora users seeking high-quality, feature-rich consumer durables. Targeting excellence was at the centre of their strategy where they utilized Quora's targeting features, by focusing on high-intent users actively seeking premium consumer durables. This targeting ensured that their messages reached an audience with a genuine aspiration for high-end products. Contextual engagement was an additional layer where they crafted unique content cohorts for different premium products demonstrated their commitment to delivering aspirational consumer appliances. This approach provided a more personalized and contextual experience for their audience, resonating with the desires of those who aspired to own high-end durables. All of this was achieved via Quora's Promoted Answers ad format, where they positioned themselves as the embodiment of the aspirational consumer durable industry. By engaging with users through valuable responses to popular questions, they conveyed that owning high-quality, feature-rich products was a tangible aspiration that could be realized.

Their Results

Premiumization and building an aspirational product line

Godrej Appliances' resounding success on Quora reflects their mastery in embracing premiumization and crafting an aspirational product line: - They achieved a 50% higher click-through rate (CTR) on their Promoted Answers compared to other ad formats, a clear indication of their prowess in positioning their brand and products as aspirational within the premium consumer durables market. - Their content garnered over a million views, demonstrating the effectiveness of their engagement strategy in reaching a broad and captivated audience that aspired to own high-quality, feature-rich appliances. - The cost per click (CPC) for Godrej Appliances on Quora was an astounding 65% lower than the average CPC for the Consumer Durable category, signaling their ability to engage aspirational consumers cost-effectively and conveying that owning high-end appliances was an attainable aspiration for a wider audience. Their Business Profile answers received a remarkable 21 million+ views, showcasing the brand's extensive reach and the level of engagement they achieved within the Quora community. This solidified their position as an aspirational brand that offered premium products that resonated with consumers seeking to elevate their lifestyles and fulfill their aspirations. Godrej Appliances' remarkable achievements on Quora exemplify their exceptional ability to leverage premiumization and create an aspirational product line that engages and captivates consumers. They have not only met their objectives but have also set a benchmark for other brands looking to communicate the allure of high-end consumer durables and the aspiration of owning such products.
The results we've achieved on Quora have exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuing our journey of engaging with our audience, on this platform.
Swati Rathi

Swati Rathi

Marketing Head

Godrej Appliances
Success comes in all sizes

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