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Purchase increase

*Quora Internal Data from Feb 2023 - Oct 2023

CPA improvement

*Quora Internal Data from Feb 2023 - Oct’23

About Etiqa
Etiqa Insurance, a pillar of trust in the insurance community, embarked on a digital expedition by harnessing the potential of Quora Ads. With a legacy of safeguarding the interests of its clients, Etiqa recognized the need to pivot to digital platforms to stay ahead in the dynamic insurance market. Their campaign on Quora was designed to resonate with a knowledgeable audience actively seeking insurance insights and solutions.




Their Goal

Expanding reach and amplifying sales

Etiqa set out with an ambitious goal: to significantly increase sales for their travel and health insurance products. Understanding that their target demographic is well-informed and research-driven, the team found Quora Ads presented an ideal platform to engage with potential customers deliberating about insurance-related decisions.
In the realm of insurance, trust and credibility are paramount. Our Quora Ads campaign provided a platform to build that trust by engaging with customers right where their questions are. The effectiveness of our campaign was beyond expectations, with metrics that translated into genuine business growth. Quora's unique environment for advertisers to reach out to a community seeking knowledge was invaluable for our success.
Eugene Goh Jin Kiat

Eugene Goh Jin Kiat

E-Commerce Manager


Their Solution

Precise targeting and A/B testing

The Etiqa team meticulously crafted and tested a variety of ad formats, combining eye-catching imagery with compelling text that highlighted the unique selling points of their products. By utilizing Quora’s granular targeting capabilities, Etiqa identified and reached distinct user segments with interests in travel and health topics, as well as those searching for keywords related to insurance. A/B testing was central to Etiqa's strategy. By creating multiple versions of their ads, they gathered valuable data on user preferences and engagement. This continuous loop of testing, learning, and optimizing helped Etiqa refine their messaging and visuals to better suit their audience, leading to more effective ads.
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Their Creative

Designing creatives that connect and convey

Etiqa's creative approach was crafted to strike a chord with their audience's desire for simplicity and assurance. The ads featured Tiq by Etiqa, a digital platform that simplifies the claims process for your trips with Tiq Travel insurance, and their 3 Plus Critical Illness insurance plan, which boasts a 100% lump sum payout of up to S$300,000 for critical illnesses. The creatives were tailored to be relatable and reassuring, assuring prospective customers that their travel and health insurance needs could be met with ease and confidence.

Their Advice

Embrace experimentation and data-driven decisions

The key takeaway from Etiqa's campaign success was the value of experimentation and making informed adjustments based on data. Their advice to others venturing into digital advertising is to not shy away from testing different aspects of your ads, as this can uncover insights that lead to better performance and a higher return on investment.

Their Results

Realizing goals with measurable outcomes

With the assistance of the Quora Ads team, Tiq by Etiqa achieved remarkable outcomes on the Quora platform. In comparison to their initial launch, they witnessed a substantial 200% increase in overall purchase volume. Moreover, their cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 23%, indicating improved efficiency in acquiring customers, while their click-through rates (CTR) jumped 17%.
The Quora team provided valuable insights that shaped our campaign strategy, helping to identify the right audiences and relevant content trends. Their collaboration and support were instrumental in achieving our campaign success, leveraging their reach within a knowledgeable community.
Vishesh Pillai

Vishesh Pillai

Associate Director

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