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Quora Internal Data

About Circles Up
Circles Up is a pioneering mental health technology company that is reshaping emotional well-being with innovative online solutions. Situated in the burgeoning online mental health sector, their flagship product is a mobile app that provides round-the-clock access to audio-based support groups. These groups are guided by qualified professionals and focus on various mental health challenges, offering a safe, structured environment for users to connect and find support.




Their Goal

Attract new users in precise demographics

Circles Up aimed to attract highly engaged users who are actively facing life challenges and seeking solutions. The main targets were app installations and high-intent user registrations.
Quora allows us to connect with users at a critical point in their search for mental health solutions. By focusing on providing real value and expert advice within the platform, we've seen unparalleled engagement and retention rates.
Itai Ronel

Itai Ronel

Head of Growth

Circles Up

Their Solution

Tailored strategies for maximum impact

Circles Up employed a strategy of precise targeting on Quora, utilizing the platform's contextual and behavioral targeting capabilities to reach individuals actively researching specific mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. This method ensured that their ads were seen by users most likely to benefit from their services, at the moment they were seeking help.
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Their Creative

Building trust through authenticity and expertise

Circles Up used Promoted Answers on Quora to engage potential users. They crafted responses that addressed common mental health concerns, positioning themselves as experts and building trust. These answers were not just promotional but provided real value, educating users and demonstrating Circles Up’s commitment to mental health.

Their Advice

Leveraging Quora for sustainable growth

"Quora has endless potential for growth for any business. Understand how you can really provide value to Quora users in order to succeed. Leveraging Quora’s targeted capabilities allows us to reach users who are not just looking for information, but are ready to take action."

Their Results

Measuring the Impact of focused efforts

Circles Up achieved remarkable results with their Quora campaign Higher Retention Rate: Users acquired from Quora demonstrated a 50% higher retention rate compared to those from other platforms such as Facebook and Google. This indicates that the users engaged with Circles Up's app were more likely to continue using it over time. High-Quality, High-Intent Users: The targeting capabilities of Quora allowed Circles Up to attract users who were not only interested in their services but were also more likely to engage deeply. This led to better engagement and longer-term usage of the app. Cost Efficiency: The overall Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) on Quora was approximately 15% lower than that on Google and Facebook. Additionally, the quality of customers from Quora was 30% higher, underscoring the effectiveness of Quora in reaching more suitable and engaged users for Circles Up’s services.
With over 120 million views on our answers and a click-through rate thrice the industry standard, Quora's unique environment has been instrumental in our success.
Itai Ronel

Itai Ronel

Head of Growth

Circles Up
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