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Chitkara University

Attracting new aspirants with alumni-backed insights
12M+ impressions
on Promoted Answers

Quora Internal Data

6% CTR
on Promoted Answers

Quora Internal Data

About Chitkara University
Chitkara University is a NAAC A+ accredited and UGC-entitled private university located in Rajpura, Punjab, India. Founded in 1997, the university offers undergraduate programs, post-graduate programs, and doctoral programs in nearly all major disciplines including engineering, management, pharmacy, health sciences, nursing, hospitality, mass communication, architecture, liberal arts, psychology, and counseling, law, art & design, and education. Today, with more than 1000 faculty members and 25,000 students from 28 countries, the university has a diverse human capital on campus, and creates an impact on future global citizens through groundbreaking research, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative curricula, and strategic collaboration with industry partners.




Their Goal

Raise awareness and increase consideration for their MBA program

Chitkara University understands tapping Quora’s active user pool is a great way to reach a large audience of potential students and their parents. The team collaborated with Quora to raise awareness and aid their vision of being a globally recognized university promoting academic excellence through interdisciplinary applied research and increased consideration among prospective students.
Quora is a powerful platform, and Chitkara University recognized the immense value that it brings. It effectively helped us engage with the new audience that actively consumes insightful content, and the university could tap into a vast pool of potential students and their parents. The distinguishing ad format—Promoted Answers—has been a catalyst for us to effortlessly appear to potential students researching universities and programs, increase awareness, and reach a large audience.
Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Digital Marketing Director

Chitkara University

Their Solution

Answering different types of queries and targeting the right Topics

The team found success in using Promoted Answers to drive awareness on Quora. Their campaign focused on two types of queries: generic questions related to placement packages and hostels, as well as specific questions about the MBA program. Chitkara leveraged Topic Targeting to reach users engaging in topics related to MBA, campus placement, and college advice.
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Their Creative

Promoting Answers from high-trust sources

Chitkara’s unique strategy was to promote answers written by their alumni. This added credibility to the answers and aspiring students were able to learn from the first hand experience of the alumni. All their queries about the admission process, placement, campus life, and overall Chitkara experience were answered with trustworthy information, leaving more of an impact on prospective students researching the university before applying.

Their Advice

Strive for authenticity

Quora’s native Promoted Answers is the perfect format if you want to increase brand awareness and reach a highly engaged and relevant audience. Work on how you can make your answers more impactful and authentic to your audience and you will be able to see increased traffic on your website and generate high-quality leads easily and quickly.

Their Results

Increased reach and brand awareness

By targeting the right topics and using Promoted Answers to their advantage, Chitkara University crossed 12 million impressions in a matter of five months. They also managed to achieve a CTR of over 6%, which is two times the benchmark of the higher education category on Quora. Quora’s high-quality traffic has expanded Chitkara University’s upper funnel base and increased consideration, in turn increasing the number of leads and applicants.
Quora has been a great addition to our marketing and advertising efforts and has proven invaluable, strengthening our outreach to prospective students.
Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Digital Marketing Director

Chitkara University
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