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HSBC Mutual Fund

Educate investors by making investing less daunting
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Empowering investors and establishing thought leadership
About HSBC Mutual Fund
HSBC Mutual Fund is a global asset manager with a strong heritage of successfully connecting our clients to global investment opportunities. HSBC Mutual Fund India manages Indian equity and debt assets for the last 20 years. They have clear and differentiated product offerings across asset classes. Their local team has the ability to identify and position for global trends well supported by a global perspective on long-term asset prices.




Their Goal

Driving awareness and active engagement on Quora

HSBC MF recognized the vast number of investment-related conversations taking place on Quora, and they set out to position themselves as a leading authority in the field. Their primary objective was to not only drive awareness about their diverse fund offerings in India but also actively engage in discussions related to investing.
Quora's Promoted Answers and Ads have been instrumental in our journey to empower investors and establish thought leadership in the investing realm.
Kailash Kulkarni

Kailash Kulkarni


HSBC Mutual Fund

Their Solution

Simplifying investment conversations

Quora's Promoted Answers provided the perfect platform for HSBC MF to simplify investment discussions and reach a wider audience. The team specifically targeted individuals who were seeking guidance and had questions and concerns about mutual funds. By leveraging Quora Ads, HSBC MF aimed to educate and empower potential investors, making the world of mutual funds less daunting and more approachable. They strategically crafted Promoted Answers around topics such as investments, financial advice, retirement plans, and more, catering to the needs of users actively searching for guidance.
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Their Creative

Innovative strategies to captivate users and establish authority

HSBC MF employed a range of innovative strategies to maximize user engagement and solidify its position as the go-to profile for mutual fund advice on Quora. Through their unwavering commitment to simplifying information, they crafted captivating content and employed visually striking infographics. By transforming complex investment jargon into visually appealing and easily digestible formats, HSBC MF successfully captured the attention of users, enticing them to delve deeper into the world of mutual funds. These creative elements not only fostered a stronger connection with the brand but also facilitated a clearer understanding of investment concepts, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Their Advice

Quora Ads - An invaluable addition to the marketer's arsenal

In the quest to craft engaging content for enhanced consideration, HSBC MF discovered the immense value of incorporating Quora Ads into their media mix. Recognizing the vast user base and active engagement on Quora, they seized the opportunity to tap into this platform's potential. By leveraging Quora Ads, HSBC MF amplified the impact of their creative content and Promoted Answers, reaching a highly targeted audience seeking investment advice and information. Quora Ads enabled HSBC MF to showcase its expertise and establish trust with Quora's knowledgeable community. With the ability to tailor their content to match the specific needs and preferences of Quora users, they not only engaged a wider audience but also garnered increased consideration and engagement with their mutual fund offerings.

Their Results

Fueling growth and engagement

Through their strategic use of Quora Ads and Promoted Answers, HSBC MF's Business Profile achieved remarkable success. They garnered an impressive 25.3 million content views and amassed a dedicated following of 3.3K users who trusted their expertise. By leveraging the power of Quora Ads, HSBC MF not only empowered investors but also positioned themselves as industry thought leaders. Their captivating content, engaging infographics, and tailored approach to Quora Ads allowed them to simplify investment conversations, establish trust, and drive consideration among users seeking mutual fund guidance. The success of their Promoted Answers on Quora showcased the value of Quora Ads in delivering targeted engagement and fueling growth for HSBC MF.
Through engaging content and captivating visuals, we reached a wide audience seeking mutual fund guidance, solidifying our position as the go-to profile on Quora.
Kailash Kulkarni

Kailash Kulkarni


HSBC Mutual Fund
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