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Quora Internal Data


Quora Internal Data

About Arden University
Arden University is a private, for-profit teaching university in the United Kingdom. It offers a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with both blended and online distance learning delivery options. Its head office is in Coventry with study centres in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Berlin.




Their Goal

Connect directly with individuals looking for education options

Arden University is a leading provider of online higher education with the goal of providing quality education irrespective of people’s geographical location, financial means, and prior academics. Global University Systems (GUS), Arden’s parent network, manages Arden’s social media marketing and aimed to promote a sense of community by procuring high-level engagement that positively extends the university’s reach and visibility.
Quora is unique in that it offers us the ability to build credibility in the eyes of students during the most important research phase. We were able to establish Arden’s brand presence, understand the target audience, and act upon their key areas of motivation.
Iffath Unisa

Iffath Unisa

Deputy Head of Paid Social


Their Solution

Enhance interactions by identifying audience needs

GUS targeted individuals interested in obtaining their degrees online. Particularly users seeking advice to assist in their decision-making process. GUS took the opportunity to answer questions and comments posted by potential students on Quora. Their personal level of engagement contributed to the university’s increased lead volume.
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Their Creative

Engaging users with Ads & Promoted Answers

GUS used Text Ads and Image Ads to promote specific highlights of Arden’s online university courses. They later included Promoted Answers to drive lead conversions and engage with prospective students’ comments.

Their Results

A notable rise in leads & high levels of positive engagement

Arden University generated over 3 million content views, 800+ leads, and 400+ additional re-inquiries through Promoted Answers. Quora aided their growth and exposure in target regions of Africa and the Middle East, whilst also making their courses readily available to those ready to enroll online or in person.
Quora's platform is of high value and instrumental in decision making among the student community. Having the opportunity to simultaneously develop brand awareness, engagement, and conversions makes it a truly end-to-end advertising platform for us.
Nikhil Patwardhan

Nikhil Patwardhan

Senior Director of Client Services

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