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The Quora Pixel measures conversion data for campaigns in the Quora Ads Manager, driving insights that can help optimize performance and meet goals.

It is a tool key to understanding the true value of a click and which campaigns, ad sets, and ads drive the best ROI. While it is optional to install, the pixel is strongly recommended so that you can fully utilize the features available on the Quora Ads Manager.

This includes:

Performance and conversion data

Analyze performance to see what campaigns, ad sets, and ads are driving conversions for next steps.

Multi-event conversion tracking

Track multiple conversion events for ad campaigns and further optimize campaigns with this data.

Website traffic retargeting

Create an audience based on traffic to your website in order to retarget that audience of website users.

Lookalike audiences

Create an audience of high-value customers based on an existing audience in the Quora Ads Manager.

Measurement partner integrations

Quora has partnered with measurement partners to allow easy tracking of campaign performance.

To install the pixel, visit the “Pixel & Events” tab in your Ads Manager and click “Setup Pixel.” A prompt with instructions will appear. You have the option of installing the pixel directly on your website or through Google Tag Manager.

Quora Pixel Terminology

The Quora Pixel comprises of several components, including features not covered in this installation guide. The following breaks down terminology you may encounter while setting up your Quora Pixel:

Base Pixel

The Base Pixel measures website traffic, and it is required to measure conversions and create Website Traffic Audiences. This code should be installed on every page of your website, usually into the header code.

Event Pixel (Standard Events)

The Event Pixel is installed on the specific page, or inline action event, of your website where a conversion event occurs. This is usually a thank-you page or order confirmation page. Advertisers can install multiple Event Pixels into their website. To help you distinguish your pixels, you can choose from 9 pre-set labels (ex. Generic, Purchase, etc.). These will appear in your Pixels & Events tab as Standard Events.

Custom Events

Custom Events measure conversions based on URL page loads. An Event Pixel is not needed, but the Base Pixel is still required to be on every page of your website. This is ideal for advertisers with limited coding experience.

Advanced Match

Advanced Match passes back hashed user emails to Quora’s system to help us better match your conversion events to Quora users when a cookie is not present.

Quora Pixel Troubleshooting

Most of the issues that arise with the Quora Pixel have to do with improper code installation. To ensure your pixel is set up properly and that conversions from Quora will appear in the Quora Ads Manager, check the following:

The Base Pixel code is installed on every page of your website.

Standard and Custom conversion events will not be recorded without the Base Pixel.

The Event Pixel is only installed on the conversion page/action.

    • Do not install Event Pixels (ex. “Generic”) on every page of your website.
    • Do not install Event Pixels on your landing page.
    • Do not install Event Pixels on the first page of a form.

Base and Event Pixel codes should not be edited.

Changing the codes will prevent conversions from being recorded on your Ads Manager.

All domains should be accounted for.

Businesses may direct users to forms, quizzes, or registration pages hosted on another domain. If you have a conversion event on a different domain, ensure the Base Pixel is installed across domains.

Quora Pixel FAQs

How do I know where to install the event code?

If you load a new page after a user has completed your desired conversion action (such as an order confirmation or thank-you page), the event code can be installed on this specific page load. If your conversion action is signified by an in-page action that doesn’t necessarily result in a new page load (such as clicking a button), the event code should be installed on the page for this action.

What does it mean if my Pixel status is “unavailable” in the Ads Manager?

Make sure that the base Pixel code and event code are properly installed on the correct pages. Go into each page of your website, bring up the code for that site, and check to ensure that the code on the page is in the right place.

What does the message “Your pixel may not be installed properly” mean?

Check to make sure that you are not using an unsupported tag on your page.

This blog post is a chapter from our Marketing on Quora Playbook. Read on to the next chapter, Quora Ads Success Checklist.

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