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Quora Ads now accepts the most common image sizes



Great news! We’ve made it even easier for you to run ad campaigns on Quora. Now you can re-use creative assets you’re running on other channels because we have expanded our Image Ad specifications to accept the most common sizes.

Previously, Quora Ads hero images required an aspect ratio of 16:9. Our team has broadened this requirement to accept a wider range of aspect ratios—anywhere from 4:5 (mobile), 5:4 (desktop), up to 16:9. As long as your image falls within this range, we will automatically pad it to fit a variety of placements on the platform.

Now, if you’re already running image ads on Facebook or another platform, you can easily repurpose those assets to launch a campaign on Quora.

Quora Image Ad Specifications

Accepted image formats: PNG, JPG
Recommended aspect ratio: 16:9 to 4:5
Recommended minimum width: 580 pixels

Note: Images may be displayed differently depending on placement.

Mobile Image Ad Display

Desktop Image Ad Display

Check out this update for yourself!

To learn more about Quora Image Ads and campaign best practices, see our Overview of Image Ads Help Center article.


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