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Why your company should have a page on Quora




Every business is interested in attracting new customers. Technology does not stand still, and to be competitive, businesses need to think about new ways and channels to attract users. The usual social networks are no longer generating the same growth as before, so marketers are constantly looking for solutions. One such solution could be a company page on Quora. 

This article will answer the following questions:

  1. Why does a business need a page on Quora?
  2. How to run a page and what to write about
  3. Benefits of a page or Space on Quora

This article will be useful to founders of small and large businesses, as well as marketers and anyone interested in a new channel for engaging consumers. 

Why does a business need a page on Quora?

Quora remains one of the most visited sites with a multimillion-dollar target audience from various countries and with a variety of interests. Do you agree that this is impressive? It allows you not only to attract users from different countries to your page, but also to get traffic. Questions from Quora are more likely to be on the first page of search results, which will also have a positive effect on your business.

It’s worth clarifying: you can register a profile on Quora or create a Space for your company. These are different pages in terms of function. From a company profile, you can answer or ask questions under your company’s name and engage directly with potential customers. I talked about how to register for Quora in my article on how to generate leads and traffic on Quora. In a Space you can share useful content and invite subscribers to join the conversation.

Before registering a profile or creating a Space on Quora, think about your goals. They can be different:

  • Attracting new customers/subscribers 
  • Developing an executives personal brand
  • Demonstrating the company’s expertise
  • Consumer and market research, entering a new market

Depending on these goals, you’ll need to think about a marketing and content strategy for maintaining your page on Quora.

How to run a Quora page and what to write about?

As I wrote earlier, you have two options: create a company profile and create a company Space. But in both cases, you need to think through your content strategy and decide on your target audience.

If you want to attract new customers, the content you share on Quora should talk about how you can be helpful. Don’t go overboard with advertising: your page can be blocked for that. Also, don’t be intrusive: share useful information and use visual content — for example, infographics — to attract attention.

If you are a business founder and want to develop your personal brand, you can maintain your own profile, answering questions in your field. I wrote earlier about how to build a personal brand using Quora. Developing your personal brand will have a ripple effect for your business as well: you’ll be a household name and associated with your business, which will attract new consumers and stakeholders.

If your company provides consulting services, or you have a story to tell, then create Space and share useful articles, guides, and selections by framing them in presentations or infographics and attaching short videos. Statistics show that visual content is one of the most impactful ways to deliver information. Short-form video is very popular at this point, and video is becoming more crucial for brands.

With videos, you can talk about your products (and, if possible, show how to use them, for example, if you have any software or technology), give advice, or give short lessons. All this increases your expertise in the field and makes you a prominent market player.

In addition, Quora is a great way to interact with potential and existing consumers. You can learn about their experiences with your products and services firsthand, and adjust your strategy accordingly—because businesses can’t do anything without feedback from consumers. 

Benefits of a page or Space on Quora

I’ll highlight some of the benefits you get when you create a company profile or Space on Quora.


  1. Attracting users to your site from different countries: an increase in traffic (including referral traffic if you sell something through your site)
  2. The opportunity to enter another market and conduct consumer analysis, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of your products and services
  3. Developing a personal brand, demonstrating the expertise of your company
  4. Improving communication skills by communicating with different people
  5. Another channel for disseminating information and community

To summarize

Don’t be afraid to try new opportunities. Maintaining a company page on Quora is one such opportunity. You’ll get amazing results that will lead you to new figures and take you to the next level.

Julia Voloshchenko
Public Relations Manager, Usetech
Julia is a Public Relations Manager at Usetech with 4+ years of experience in PR and marketing in IT.

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